[UPDATE] L.A. Reid Leaves Def Jam for X Factor

[Editor's note: This story has been changed since it's original version.]  

Rumors of Antonio “L.A.” Reid leaving his position as chairman of Island Def Jam has circulated for some time now but it has finally been confirmed.

A source revealed to Billboard that Reid will be leaving the label to become a judge on Simon Cowell’s upcoming TV show, The X Factor. The American version of the popular British series will begin airing on Fox in September.

Barry Weiss, who was previously in charge of RCA/Jive, will replace Reid. Weiss was named chairman and CEO of Island Def Jam Music and Universal Motown Republic today.

A spokesperson for Universal Music Group, IDJ’s parent company, offered XXLMag.com this statement on Reid’s move: “We wish him all the best with his new career choice and thank him for his contributions to UMG over the last several years.”

Many are speculating that Reid will eventually  join his former Universal boss Doug Morris at Sony Music. The industry heavyweight will become CEO of Sony on July 1.

Reid was appointed to the coveted role at Def Jam back in February of 2004, succeeding longtime label head Lyor Cohen. The record exec is responsible for signing such big name acts as Young Jeezy, Rick Ross and most recently Shyne. —Nicole LoPresti

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  • JDeal

    Who is Shyne again??

  • Sha

    Ummmm…. No offense L.A.Reid but Good Riddance.

    Hip-Hop has taken a serious blow while he tried to lead Def Jam. Maybe now Def Jam will seriously seek a die-hard hip-hop head to lead it. Reid did waaay too much damage to the house that Russell built.

    • AnteK


  • cliff

    THANK GOD! Maybe now Def Jam can go back to being trendsetters instead of followers with some tru hip hop!

    • f

      so you think a exec from jive is going to do a better job lol

  • Enigma Sept

    So Big Boi couldn’t get his solo album released under Jive so he went to his mentor L.A. Reid and got a deal at Def Jam. Now the same CEO at Jive that held up Big Boi’s album is now head of Def Jam. LOL Pure fuckery! Well maybe we can finally get a real Outkast recard. Its been 11 fuckin’ years now.
    SN: The Love Below/Spearkerboxx were two solo albums and Idlewild was a soundtrack. I want an authentic Outkast album. smh

  • oskamadison

    Really??!!!! Y’all thought Def Jam was screwed before?!! They would be better off with LA than this cat Barry Weiss. This is the dude that had The Clipse on the backburner, handcuffed Big Boi (as Enigma pointed out), had Mobb Deep when they were still semi-hot and couldn’t move any units and if I’m not mistaken, he was there when A Tribe Called Quest broke up because their deal with the label was so wack.
    Def Jam’s corporatre daddies officially don’t care about Def Jam or Hip-Hop in general. You really think they’re going to do their research and find someone who is really in tune with Hip-Hop music and culture to take the spot? All they see is the bottom line. The cat that should have got the position is Irv Gotti. LL, Redman, Meth, Ghost, any of those veterans that’s still signed there need to start packin’, for real.

  • E Up

    I see yall good peepz know ur buz,get at me and inlighten my mind,Peace


    execs play musical chairs.

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