Killer Mike Explains LP Pushback [Video]

The release of Killer Mike’s fifth album, PL3DGE, has been pushed back a month so label executives can invest more money in what they’ve christened a “cultural classic,” the ATLien told yesterday (March 30) during our live UStream show, Spotlight.

Originally slated to drop on April 19, PL3DGE is now scheduled for a May 17 release. Killer Mike a.k.a. Mike Bigga learned of the decision during a 3 a.m. conversation with Ron Spaulding, president of Fontana Distribution.

The Atlanta native and Outkast affiliate said he was “lighting up in one of the best hotels in New York” when Spaulding contacted him in the early morning via Twitter.

“I’m like, ‘Am I high?’” Mike told XXL. “And then I answer, ‘Yes motherfucker, you are.’ I say, ‘Is he high?’ So he’s like ‘Hit me with your number.’ So I DM the number. And he calls me at 3 in the morning … and he just talks to me for like an hour. He tells me his background, his history. He comes out of Priority, so he’s used to working with [Ice] Cube – my rap God, Master P, Eazy E. He gave me a history lesson. He said rap went pop in the late ‘90s. Budgets, videos, everything went pop. And now you have this dichotomy in rap where you have rappers that’s pop acts who are only as good as their last song, and then you have cultural artists who make music that pushes and extends the culture forward. And he said ‘PL3DGE, man, is a cultural classic.’ He said, ‘This record, it defines hip-hop in 2011.’”

At that point, Mike waited for the letdown.

“You know, you’re kind of hearing that, you’re like OK, when’s the bad news [gonna] happen?” he said. “At the end of the conversation and them just inflating my ego an enormous amount … [Ron] says, ‘And I want to push your album back … But before I do that, I want to give you more money to make that sure we have the radio life we need, and I want to double your promo budgets in radio. And I want to make sure that you get the press that you need.’ And at the point I said ‘God bless you, white man. God bless your seed.’”

Mike said it was the first time he’d gotten that kind of feedback – and budget boost – from a label exec.

“It’s very interesting,” he said. “Five years into this process, [for them] to say ‘You’ve made a record that the corporation wants to put money in and push forward, because we think it progresses,’ it’s just fucking dope. And Ron Spaulding is the fucking man. He’s the man right now. My next daughter might be named Ronnie.” —Lauren Carter

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  • HU

    I hope this album is more along the lines of Monch’s W.A.R. than Lupe’s Losers. I wonder what the white man sees in this album that is worth doubling the budget. Typically that is done when an album is filled with coonery.


    “And at the point i said “God bless you,white man.God bless your seed.-Mike Bigga quote from above.

    This is the same nigga that used to come on here talkin about the white man and how Black people need to rise up and now he’s soundin like a slave who just received his freedom papers.

    Everybody knows it’s not a good sign when your album get pushed back unless you had a say so about it.

    Damn,first it was lookin like a fool on MTV’s Made and now you’re thanking the white man for pushing your album back.
    How sad and desperate have rappers become nowadays?
    Ill O’REILLY was right about this dude when they were going at it in Mike’s blog he wrote on here last year. SMH

    • alderman j

      Naw dummy, the WHITEMAN just gave that man the buget he needed to do something FOR HIS CULTURE!!! The HIP HOP CULTURE!! stay hating and worrying about record sales!! YOU CLOWNS KNOW NOTHING ABOUT HIP HOP!

  • southcakc23

    SMDH @ dumbass YOUNGINS! If your distribution label DOUBLES YOUR FUCKING PROMO BUDGET, CLEARLY it’s a good sign they are supporting your project!

    Mike has consistently blasted CRACKERS! God forbid he be a little comedic with showing gratitude for a label exec personally calling him to notify him that they are going to push his album back BUT double his promo budget…….what, is he supposed to say “fuck you white man; I hope you burn in hell”? Really, some of you fucks need to get a grip on reality.

    That shit was hilarious…….

    as for what’s in this album that makes the label wanna double the budget? It’s a Killer Mike album; what other reason do they need?


    Who cares,it’s gonna flop anyways.
    There was no promotion the first time around,it’ll be the same the next time around.

  • DarthH8ter

    Somethin New, that was funny as hell. Maybe Mike B realizes this is a good thing. We are trying to elp you sell more records. Should he call him a white devil?

    Either way, I can deal with the wait if it will help Killa Masserati Mike Bigga.


      There are two points i want to make clear about the push back.

      1.The more the record company gives you for a promo budget,if the album doesn’t sell well,guess who’s in the red and has to pay it all back?

      2.Everybody knows that if you’re not on a big label which we all know are in tight with Clear Channel(that’s the reason why radio only plays the same 10 songs every hour on the hour).YOU ARE NOT GETTING ANY RADIO PLAY(unless it has featuring Lil Wayne attached to the tile.)

      So unless he’s droppin gold or platinum,that’s the only reason to celebrate the extra promo boost,if not,he’s just gonna pay that promo money all back,so why celebrate.The record company is playin some pimp and hoe shit with him by fuckin with his mind about being a cultural artist.In the end,they’ll just recoup their money back and he’ll be back in the studio with wet draws and a stick of bubble gum talkin about a new project.


        I need to make a correction in point number two.It should read attached to the title not tile,i was typing too fast,sorry.

      • alderman j

        They recoup the PROMO off the first week sales, then its usually a 50/50 split on the back end, and the label gets a percentage of the shows. I wonder why some people hate to see OTHER PEOPLE DOING GOOD?????

        • SOMETHIN NEW

          Doing Good???????
          This nigga hasn’t had any real hits or anything to make a nigga hate on him.
          Ya’ll groupie ass nigga always be throwin up his first album like it’s still brand new in this piece and it came out 7 years ago.

          I’m sorry that a person can’t have an opinion around here without dick ridin fags like alderman j slickin his hair back and greasin up his face tryin to come at me.I don’t care about his shit because it’s gonna flop anyway.

          We all know you bitch made,fool ass cowards are gonna download it for free anyways.Hip hop is dead and gone so get over it.All the new shit out is the same shit recycled over and over,year after year.And there’s always some clown thinking they can save it.Bitch nigga alderman needs to put his man pants on and see there’s more to the big picture.

          If the white man has to jump in to so called help the hip hop culture as you said yourself,you better believe the white man is gonna get his paper first and a nigga is gonna suffer.It’s a shame that some black people still have the slave mentality of the white man is gonna fix everything.White corporations is the reason why hip hop is dead and we have the corny ass shit you hear today.

          Alderman J,do me a favor,go suck out of Mike Bigga ass,groupie.

  • Mzbarbie69

    xxlmag stays with the exclusive! NICKI MINAJ SEX TAPE LEAKED!!