Jay-Z Settles ‘40/40’ Suit W/David Ortiz

Rap mogul Jay-Z and Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz have reportedly reached a settlement over their ’40/40′ club name.

According to New York’s Daily News, a court date today (March 28) was cancelled, as the pair has informally resolved their dispute.

Jay-Z’s attorney, Peter Raymond, said, “the case has been settled in principle.”

“We have agreed on the outlines of a settlement and need to reduce it to writing,” Raymond said.

Jay-Z originally filed a $5 million lawsuit last April, claiming that Big Papi lifted the name of his 40/40 franchise and used it for a club he opened in his native Dominican Republic.

No official word yet on who emerged victorious in the God MC’s latest battle. Stay tuned to XXLMag.com for details. —Lauren Carter

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  • Sha

    Big Papi paid some cash and will undoubtedly change the name. His pockets are deep but not as deep as HOV’s. Plus he doesn’t have Jigga’s political connects. Pay attention students. Business 101. Fight in your weight class.

  • dg89

    G-d MC? Rakim is the G-d MC. You starting a new religion Lauren? Check your Hip Hop head. This is XXL, not The European Vogue…



  • crawlrawl

    @dg89 & @”REALHIPHOPPER” come on you two, it’s not like the article’s author is stating her opinion on who the “God MC” is. She is simply referring to Jigga/HOVA(another God reference)/S.Carter/S Dot/Jay-Z, etc. by one of the many monikers he has given himself. Maybe it’s you two who need to do your homework before posting ignorant comments. “The Takeover, the break’s over ni@@a, God MC, me Jay Hova”/”Young Hova the God, ni@@a blasphemy(blast fo’ me), I’m at the Trump International, ask fo’ me” are just a couple times that come to the top of my head where Jay refers to himself as the “God MC”.