Ja Rule to Drop New LP Before Jail Bid

Before beginning a two-year jail sentence for gun possession, Ja Rule will be offering fans a departing gift.

The Queen-bred rap vet took to his Twitter account over the weekend to announce that his new album—his first disc since 2007’s The Mirror—will hit shelves just one day before he goes behind bars. “Breaking news,” he wrote on Sunday (March 13), “RENAISSANCE PROJECT JUNE 7th!!! Mpire Music…”

Last December Ja pled guilty to attempted criminal possession of a weapon stemming from an arrest that occurred four years ago. Just last week a judge allowed Rule to stay out of jail until June 8, in order to finish the album as well as resolve an outstanding tax issue.

As previously reported, Ja was cuffed on July 22, 2007 when police found an unlicensed.40 caliber handgun in the backseat of his Maybach, following a traffic stop. Hours before he was onstage with Lil Wayne at a concert at Manhattan’s Beacon Theater. Weezy was also picked up on the same day for possession of the same caliber pistol. He also pled guilty to the charges and served eight months at Rikers Island of a one year sentence, on good behavior.—Elan Mancini

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  • Beej

    This could be fire…. Dude still got some fight in him and see still 80% better than half these fake ass niggaz out there just now.

    It’s still Murda….

    • EReal


  • Sean Izzle

    Wonder what this album will be like, maybe some Brazilian themed shit? This dude love brazil so much

  • Mario

    Do you think its a coincidence that they both got busted the same day with the same type of gun? Sounds like a set up.

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    Beat this lame ass bitch bricks hahah, keep on singin like mike and imitatin pac. Hate or no hate I dont give a fuck dude is mockavelli straight up im just bearin the facts. He got rich tryin to re enact some one else, i never liked dude and never will. Im talkin since he first came out. Before the beef shit. Im a pac fan first and foremost, so I felt offended watchin him imitate him all these years.

  • Autumn

    haven’t really liked some of his more recent stuff, but i hope it is good.

  • Sabembay – Ghana

    Every living person on planet earth has got his or her negatives.
    So if Ja Rule`s negative has ended him in jail for only 2 years doesn`t mean his career in music has come to an end. Ja Rule will come out from jail and reign in the music industry. Ja Rule will forever live.

  • dimewar

    ja keep ya head up…im copping both albums


    ja is a fucking joke reallll shit and everybody knows it, nigga is the fakest wannabe gangsta ive ever heard. not to mention that if pac were still around noone would have ever heard of this nigga. hes a FUCKING FAGGOT.