Ja Rule Pleads Guilty To Tax Evasion

The legal woes continue to rack up for Ja Rule.

Yesterday (March 22), the Queens bred rapper pleaded guilty to three counts of tax evasion, a charge that comes along with a maximum one-year sentence and $100,000 fine for each instance, according to the Associated Press.

The former Def Jam hitmaker accepted a plea agreement that if met, will dismiss two counts against him for unpaid taxes on income earned in 2007 and 2008. He will be sentenced on June 13.

As previously reported, the 35-year-old will also begin a two-year sentence on June 8 for a separate gun charge. Back in December Rule pleaded guilty to a July 2007 incident where he was found with a loaded gun in his car. His lawyer is trying to have him serve all of the charges concurrently.

Ja announced on his Twitter account recently that the day before he begins his bid, he will drop two new albums, The Renaissance Project and Pain is Love 2. —Nicole LoPresti

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  • POKE

    Ja is a tale of not to fuck with 50 cuz dude fell off hard

    • LOX’d

      Bitch pleaze groupie nuccas like you keep fiddy thinkin he relevant, Ja’s downfall was his own doing

      • Los Angelez Angelz

        10-4 Copy that roscoe.

      • King Carter

        Ja Rule is getting what he deserves at this point. Ja was never a street nigga of any sort and never did Ja sell drugs, shoot anybody or has never been shot. Ja grew up a Jehovah’s witness and couldn’t even go outside with the neighborhood because the religion doesn’t permit you going outside with worldly people. He never celebrated holidays or birthdays and he was a momma’s boy. He went to a all white school and was the only black kid. He said this himself. Irv Gotti needed a big rapper for his label at the time and used Ja. All Murder Inc was doing was using mob like tactics and videos and recycled hit records to make them hits again.
        Murder Inc were all black artist portraying white mobsters in movies. Just check the music videos they made. They had 50 set up to get murdered by Preme because Ja and Irv were to chicken shit to do it themselves. They hired Preme for protection. 50 buried this fake ass gangster back in 2003. He’s now going out like those mobsters do in these mafia movies now. Either dead like his career or prison like he will be this summer

    • EReal

      50 didn’t end Ja’s career. Eminem did. (See: The Invasion Mixtapes) Those is facts.

  • ra

    50 killed his swag….he got punked out or he would have went hard at him like Ross and stayed relevant. Case closed.

    • jaji

      Nigga wtf you takin about?? Going hard like Rick fake-ass Ross?? GTFO!
      This fatass fake Motherfucker survived just because his fans are just a bunch of stupid kids, without any dignity!
      50 humiliated his fatass, but that doesn´t work on a guy without any dignity or proud. He is a bitch just like his fans!

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  • Switch

    jaji – you’re one stupid ass mofo!! Ross ENDED 50′s career!! Makes a million times better music. You must have never been to jail; if you’re still riding hard with this “C.O.” shit. They’re some of the grimiest in the game. Ross has and always will have more street cred than 50!! 50′s a wanksta

    • King Carter

      You making up excuses on Ross being a CO but why did he lie about it? Why hasn’t none of his albums gone platinum or even multi-platinum? OOH OKAY, like I thought. 50 is just better at Ross at everything! When Ross can go diamond, Holla! When Ross can sell 1 million albums in 4 days, Holla! When Ross can even sell more than 500K of an album, Holla! When Ross can be on Forbes every year instead of making only $5 million, Holla! When he can do shows at Yankee Stadium with Jay-Z and Eminem, Holla! When he can have 5 #1 hits on billboard, Holla! When Ross can have over 4 million followers on twitter or 11 million fans on Facebook, Holla! Ross has street cred? When did Ross ever own a Benz or Land Rover before a deal? When did Ross ever go to jail or ever shot or stab anybody? When did he sell drugs or move weight? When I ask you?

      • LC

        your an ignorant motherfcker king carter
        why you gotta get credit from doing those things?
        talib kweli has got more respect than both of them put together, but he never done none of that.
        your whats wrong with hiphop

      • issiah

        i love your comment. you bring up so much important things people overlook. fifty murked his ass

  • king karter is a pussyhole

    your a fuking dik head bro rick ross and ja rule are both fake ass niggaz

  • http://youtube.com/kidmus1c K.I.D

    fuck this site..i just wrote a long ass comment hit submit and i dont see it…so many fuckin bugs ..doesn’t anyone fix this shit?

  • ted debiase

    wow you nigga really need to check yall gangsta! switch you a bitch! how the fuck real niggas gonna co sign for an excop? thats the gayest police shit i ever herd! officer ricky nver ended fifs career! dude making way more money than offier ricky! rick ross aint even gangsta ! the only reason why he relavent because fag ass skinny jean wearing nigga like you! so check yo gangsta before you co sign for the police!


    all i know is 50 on another level than little ricky. ricky is a phony g who hangs out with other fake rappers real recognize real ricky ain’t real

  • RRR

    GGGGGG G-Unit on you Motherfuckers!
    FUCK Ja Rule
    FUCK Rick Ross (the fake one)
    FUCK all their stupid bitchmade fans!


  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4W6y4tq5hFc Adam

    someone isnt winning wtf…..

    click on my name and let me know what you think.