Havoc Talks Prodigy’s Release on March 7

XXLMag.com has learned that on Monday, March 7 Prodigy will be released from Mid State Correctional Facility in New York after serving three years for criminal possession of a weapon. Havoc, his longtime partner in Mobb Deep, phoned into XXL to speak on the group’s plans once P is back on the scene.

Hav said the Queens-bred MC has a “real positive attitude” and is excited to get back in the booth. “[Prodigy] is ready is touch the town, go home, get to work [and] catch up on a lot of shit that he missed,” he said.

And V.I.P. apparently has a new, more meaningful outlook when it comes to penning in his rhyme book. “Instead of writing records recklessly, he wants them to mean something,” Hav said.

Understandably H-A-V wants to give the Infamous rapper time to adjust, but he said he has a stack of beats set to the side once Prodigy is ready to record. “An album is definitely in the sights,” he said.

Although the disc’s home is uncertain as of know. Havoc said, while they are still cool with 50 Cent, the group is no longer on G-Unit Records. “It was a problem for Interscope, where I guess they felt that we didn’t sell enough records for them at that time,” he explained. “So they let us go off the roster and we was like, the stipulations in contracts was real technical so after that I think the G-unit contracts just expired.”

“[But] we [won’t] stay homeless for long,” the free agent added.

Prodigy was arrested in October 2006. During a traffic stop, following an illegal U-turn, the rapper’s bulletproof Chevy Suburban was searched and a.22 caliber firearm was found. The rapper pleaded guilty to the charges and began a mandatory three and a half year sentence on March 18, 2008.

A month after his release this Monday, his memoir, My Infamous Life: The Autobiography of Mobb Deep’s Prodigy, will be released through Touchstone/Simon and Shuster books on April 19.—Jesse Gissen

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  • alderman j

    meanwhile back in queens the realness and foudation/if i day i couldnt find a better location/when the slug penetrates, feel a burning sensation/ feeling closer to god, in a tight situation/ now take these rhymes down and think them through/ or the next rhyme i write might be about you!!!!!! SHOOK ONES PT2

    • matty

      * meanwhile back in Queens the realness is foundation
      if I die I couldn’t choose a better location
      when the slugs penetrate you feel a burning sensation
      getting closer to God in a tight situation
      now, take these words home and think it through
      or the next rhyme I write might be about you

  • that nigga

    Bandana P…..One of the most underrated M.C’s ever.

  • Mitch 3K

    I’m happy he’s home but he hasnt been worthwhile on the mic since HNIC in 2001…….Hopefully he gets back with focus but I’m not too excited to hear new music, 10 albums of whack juice in a row how you expect me to concentrate on Hell On Earth like it was yesterday

    Infamy – Trash
    Free Agents Mixtape- Trash
    Amerikaz Nightmare- afew good songs, but mostly, trash
    Blood Money – Trash
    The Safe Is Cracked – Trash
    Return Of The Mac – Good Beats with a Bunch of Trash Lyrics
    HNIC 2 – ^^^^

    • EReal

      You have no idea what you’re talking about bitch, I mean Mitch.


    • Karim

      You don’t have a clue what you talkin’ about, bogus ass hip-hop analyst. Mobb or “get dropped offa dat bridge” faggot…

  • C.R.

    I want to start a label and sign Hav and Prodigy, really bad!!! I would say they are the most up and coming, again, And That mans beats are incredible. Prodigy can take you anywhere with his storytellin magellan. Yo Hav or Prod, If you readin this, best believe I am going to try to set this up in about a year , no bullshit!

  • DV

    Honestly they should have never signed with G-Unit in the first place. As a Mobb fan I was hurt when they did that.It deminished the Mobb Deep brand. Ill definetly check them out on GP but the thrill is gone. Hopefully they go indie and can salvage whats left of theyre careers.

    • EReal

      They were on stuck and couldn’t drop an album. They signed as a group, but were still able to do solo joints on their own. 50 did right by them.
      As far as diminishing their brand, fans like you and Bitch3k are the reason Blood Money didn’t sell. Anyone who says that album is trash has never listened to it, its criminally slept on. Everyone said “oh g-unit, hate hate hate” and didn’t even hear the ish.
      People build shiz up to tear it down, it’s funny to me.

      • Karim

        Co-sign fa shiz….

      • DV

        First off I own every MD album (even Juvenile Hell), and even that leftover track double cd with “Cobra” and “Gangsta’z Roll” on it.

        I liked Blood Money. I wasnt speaking in terms of the music. I was speaking in terms of MD being they own entity and how they gave that up for a check. Sure they probably made more money with 50 then they did in they whole career, but the Mobb Depp name took a hit. Just like MOP. As a matter of fact I wouldnt sign to someone who dissed me more then once. You aint see the LOX sign with 50 after squashing the beef did you? Nope. Sure the LOX could make a shedload of money, but at the end of the day,they still have they own identity.

  • http://www.dynamicproducer.com dynamicproducer

    dude is underrated in the game

  • yessir

    Good to see that P is coming home. Hopefully they will give us that MOBB shit without 50 cent input.

  • Tru Talk

    Im Prolly the Biggest Mobb Fan on this damn site ima str8 up sat fuck the hate I hope Mobb next album do come out on G-Unit… Queens Connection and good hip hop…. and I hope 50 on 2 songs for they next album… I hope Banks on there too… outside of that some cormega and Wu Tang on there would be nice

  • Q461

    Anyone else notice how 50′s whole signing spree went nowhere? Mobb Deep? Ma$e? M.O.P? Spider Loc?

    Mobb Deep would be better off goin the indy route. They got an established fan base and mad material to tour off of. Welcome Home P.

    * Turns Survival of the Fittest way the fuck up”

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  • pharoethegreatest

    I’m trying to figure out why folks flippin on Mitch 3k. The man is right. I cant comment on Blood money because I didn’t hear it. But I will say, prodigy track record before he got locked up WAS garbage. This is coming from a fan of all they old shit. Shook ones Pt2, temperatures risin, that era that was my shit. After that, shit was hot garbage flat out.

  • Autumn

    can’t wait to see what comes out. stay outta jail man. we wanna hear your music not hear about you getting locked up again. it’s time for better dayz.

  • http://www.spirituelezaken.com Medium

    You’re completely correct on this piece