Ghostface Didn’t Diss Wiz, Says Wu CEO

Earlier this week, radio personalities Star and Buckwild mistakenly reported that Ghostface Killah dissed Wiz Khalifa, even speaking to the 2010 XXL Freshman to respond to the fake swipe. just got off the phone with Ghost’s management, who said that the statements that the radio hosts were referring to came from a blog that has no affiliation with Tony Starks or the Wu-Tang Clan.

“There is no beef with Ghostface or Wu-Tang with the young up-and-coming artist,” Wu CEO Mitchel “Divine” Diggs told XXL. “These young gentleman are doing what we’ve done, which is continuing to advance hip-hop.”

“Our brand is being used illegally out of the person who is using our logo is basically copying and pasting and [posting] on his site in Ghostface’s name and in this moment it is now stirring up issues to try to create controversy within the industry.,” he continud. “Wiz Khalifa is an artist that we respect. Personally I like his music. I remember when he was hanging out with my boy Domingo up at Frank 151s. We watched his career blossom up from that point and behind the scenes and we’ve always been encouraging to all artists that’s up-and-coming. But this personal attack from Ghostface to him has not taken place. It was never something done within our internal family.”

Divine told XXL he is currently in the process of getting the site in question,, shut down. “The lawyers are already making the call,” he said.

Stay tuned to as more on the story develops.—Jesse Gissen

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  • Justin Boland

    Their lawyers are making the call because Wiz is a functional retard? Really? This sounds a lot like that lady who sued McDonalds over hot coffee. That Big Ghost site is HILARIOUS and if dudes are too stupid to get that it’s a joke — like, immediately? — they shouldn’t be operating motor vehicles. Or having kids, ever.

    • kdef

      nigga shut yo bitch ass up

      • rtey

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  • dmfslimm

    some of the shit on that blog be on point. whoever it is that run the blog do a dead-on of starks. its like you hear him talk while you reading it. wiz fucked up by responding, like another site said, he made a rookie mistake. star is a crazy nigga for that, tho. ghost should check star.

  • Don mcCaine

    star played wiz and wiz took the bait and ran with it…the other sh^t is half of the comments on that site have lil’ cats talking mad reckless about ghost…


  • ms_spittuh

    LOL!!! This nigga don’t want to get it from Ghost’s son Sun God like how Budden got it from the Chef and his goons lol!!! He should of looked more into the situation first or said something like “i hope this statement isnt true and I would love to talk to starks to settle any issue that there may be”…but nope lol.

  • HK

    Apparently a new law was recently pass that made it illegal to impersonate peoples internet identities.

  • oskamadison

    I personally couldn’t see Ghost dissin’ that cat but if he did…so what. I don’t see what the big deal is about Wiz anyway.

  • freshyboi

    wiz is a bitch for that. everyone knew that wasnt ghostface but we still enjoyed reading it, now wu is going to shut it down cause khalifa got butt hurt even though he should have really thought about it and said “hey, maybe i am soft”

  • No Name

    Of course that blogspot article was bullshit. How can Rae co-sign on dude at the Hip-Hop Awards cypher and then his man comes out and disses him? No chance.

  • the scuNk

    That audio clip provides like, barely any substance for this story. They might as well have left it out.