Eminem: More Popular Than MJ on Facebook

Move over Michael Jackson, Eminem is now the most popular artist on Facebook; alive or dead.

AOL News reports that the Detroit lyricist officially claimed the title over the weekend when he surpassed the King of Pop with the most likes on the social networking site. As of press time Em has 30,339,050 likes, while MJ has 29,889,0268.

Last month, the Detroit bred superstar made headlines after he exceeded Lady Gaga’s status on Facebook. She is currently in second place with 30,150,676 likes. This battle is sure to be ongoing, as both Gaga and Jackson are known to have very supportive fanbases.

In related news, Em’s third solo album for Interscope, The Eminem Show, was recently certified diamond by the the Recording Institute Association of America (RIAA). This isn’t the first time he shipped over  10,000,000 copies of one of his discs. 2001’s The Marshall Mathers LP also earned the Em a diamond plaque.—Elan Mancini

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  • Lesotho

    You guys have no tact. How do you say “move over Michael Jackson”?. I think XXL must be staffed by some high school kids. Do you even have a story editor?

    • gfxcg

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  • Sha

    Yeah…. Eminem is more popular than a dead plastic-surgery-addict.

    Yall can say what yall want. Eminem is the definition of a Pop Artist. He has become what he most vehemently boycotted against. And this article is confirmation of that.

    It’s not only Eminem….. Kanye too…. Jay-Z three….

    Why do we elevate the most dysfunctional people in our society? Kanye for his “stamp-my-feet and love me world mentality”…. Eminem for his bully/homosexual leanings/drug addictions….. Jay-Z for his “Money first, poor people eat a dick” mentality.

    I don’t know….

    We’re all guilty of even giving this type of shit story the time of day. But that’s America for you.

    • jimmyjam

      i agree ems a pop star but hes always been a pop star if anything i think he gt less poppy than 1999 when he was on teen choice magazine. but he never boycotted the pop stars he boycotted there gay image and music and the act he was being grouped in with them.

  • friend

    MANY Michael Jackson fans, no actually a LARGE number of Michael Jackson fans do not have access to the internet.

    Die hard fans like me who do have access have never opened a Facebook account and I never will so I can’t vote.

    I do not like Eminem nor do I enjoy his music.

    He means nothing to me.

    • mB

      ur reply is stupid

      • Wow

        @mB, you’re stupid.
        This article is stupid too. Michael ain’t going anywhere, Eminem can enjoy his little 15 minutes of fame while he’s got it. He’ll be forgotten in a few years. He probably doesn’t even care anyway, every time you see him he’s got this permanent “mad” look on his face…This isn’t even news anyway lmao..MIKE JOE JACKSON IS THE KING OF POP FOREVER! 750 million albums…can’t beat that, can you Eminem?? HAHAHAHA!

        • matthew

          eminem is the best selling artist of the decade i doubt people forget him and 15 mins of fame?shit they guy has 80 million albums sold and has been in the music buisness since 1999 so learn some facts :P

        • Rakim69

          “He’ll be forgotten in a few years”

          That’s what I read sometimes in 1999. Now it’s 2011 and Eminem has become the biggest seller of the decade.

          You mad ?

        • Barisua

          You are a stupid gay ass hater. Em sold more albums than “ANY” other act across “ALL” music genre in the 2000′s. MJ is dead and gone. Em is the new thing.

          • susan

            @ Barisua

            If eminem surpasses MJ’s THRILLER album, then, only then shall i consider debating with you.

        • Ralosm

          No man MJ never sold 750 million album. He sold records that’s not the same thing : record = albums + singles and all that shit. MJ sold like 200 million album

  • heylove

    Nah. Michael is still the King of music.

  • the kid frankie

    GTFOH! how do yall even post some shit like this as ‘news’?

  • 905

    Wow going diamond ain’t no joke…



  • SyKe

    You must be joking! How can u even compare the two?? Em is a rapper Michael was an ARTIST thats like putting a cat against a Lion!!

  • racist

    hating on a successful white rappers is so fun

  • Record sales aren’t everything

    Yeah because selling massive amounts of records before the internet age is still relevant. smh I don’t care how many records ANYONE sold before the internet age. You were literally forced to buy an entire album. Still pushing units when its more convenient and FREE to stay at home and download an artist, now thats impressive.

    • lesotho

      Yeah, one person used to buy an entire album and then everyone copied it. That’s how it was before the internet age. That’s the reason why there were blank tapes. Your argument has holes.

    • THE $ykotic Don mcCaine

      @ record sales

      it doesn’t matter if you care or not, you can’t take away from those recorded history accomplishments.

      but you can keep staying home and downloading for FREE and expect a business industry to survive.

  • Barisua

    You Guys are very stupid. MJ invincible sold only 10m worldwide, Em Marshall matters LP sold more than 22m worldwide, MJ selling 100m copies of Thriller was far back in the 80′s, he can’t sell shit anymore, Ya i acknowledge the fact that he is the king of pop but talking trash about Em is unaccepted. As far as the last decade is concern, Em was a far bigger and better pop star than MJ.

    • nicholasdelorejo

      Man please get the hell out of here with that stanery. Who has Em influenced? Other than selling a shit load of CDs, in what way has Em left a an imprint in music industry? Did he revolutionized videos, dance, and pop music? No. What songs has Em released that will be remembered pop culture the same way “Thriller”, “ABc’s” “Rock Your Body” or “Black or White”?

      Yes Em’s a great rapper but his legacy is no more bigger than Britney Spears. MJ impact was so big that he niched a subgenre in pop music that continues to inspire artists to this day (Usher, Justin Timberlake, Neyo, Chris Brown, Beiber, ect.). MJ is in the status of a universal icon the same way as Madonna or the Beatles.

      Em hasn’t defined a subgenre of hip-hop that inspiring rappers are trying to follow by emulating Em skills. Em’s past music resembled horrorcore And it was already present before him and still remains unpopular. And his current music now is as pop as Jay’s BP3 or anything Wayne can release. So Em, much like every other hip-hop artist is forgetable in the grand scale of music history.

      Will he be remembered? Yes. But so will Milli Vanilli, Vanilla Ice, and MC HAmmer as being characters of hip-hop. Not as an icon in all of music. No rapper will. I swear the only main thing I dislike about Em is his fans because they boarderline Jonas Brother fanatics.

    • WantsSlimShady

      U speak truth. Em 4ever:)

  • Barisua

    In 1999, Haters said Em will be forgotten. Here we are 12years later. HE IS THE BIGGEST. Stupid dumb haters. Surpass your addictions, Em surpassed his. The only rapper with two diamond plagues. KILL URSELF IF U HATE.

    • THE $ykotic Don mcCaine

      I can understand you like Em but you’re love for him has blinded you. Eminem would even tell you to be quiet, that MJ is the man. Bottom line.

      And y’all kids stop making excuses like the “that was then” crap. You can’t downplay those record selling accomplishments no matter what you try to do. Cut it out.

  • http://xxlmagazine getoverit

    if it wasnt for the internet , em would have surpassed thriller along time ago in wayh less time and miichael jackson period, em is not pop, he just made a pop album like all others do to show them what happens when he puts himself in the category with them, he destroys them all period , not cause of his fan base , but cause of his mad skills NOOONE can touch and probably never will, em will never be forgotten .

  • Kaliko

    Eminem: More Popular Than Michael Jackson On Facebook

    No one and i mean NO ONE said that eminem is biggest popstar ever lived….did you read the story.Eminem has the biggest fan base in FACEBOOk retards:) Not the biggest fanbase around the world….we all can say that Jackson is the popstar/artist ever lived right.And nobody in this story said that eminem has the biggest album sales in history but only said that his album has went diamond.No one can compare with Jacksons album sales period. So NO ONE in this story said anything about stuff you people argue right now.hahahaa why people so mad?

  • E

    fuck outta here with that bull crap man..comparing MJ to EM are u mad??? come on son!!! thriller,bad, beat it ..quincy jones goin wild and people around her is still tryin 2 compare this shit..im sure al those pro em comments have to come from some white kids man..em is a crazy mc skills and shit..but honkey please!!!

  • cdaddy

    yall have to be ignant…….so yall saying that em can sell more than michael joseph jackson???????yall can jump off the nearest bridge lol

  • bigray


  • Dmxej

    30 mil to 29 mil. Who really gives a shit about facebook likes anyway? Garbage article.

  • Nena

    “most popular artist….ON FACEBOOK”.

    What an accomplishment.

    He must be so proud of all the clicks, a big chunk of them probably from automated accounts created just for inflating his numbers. Woo doggie.

    The publicity machine disgusts me.

  • THE $ykotic Don mcCaine

    eminem is more popular than MJ on FACEBOOK

    eminem was out BEFORE the ‘net, and STILL is far away from MJ as being THE ARTIST, stop the EXCUSES and BLASPHEMY.

    this is not DEBATABLE, especially with young adults who do not know their MUSIC HISTORY, NOT JUST RAP EITHER.

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  • Malcy Dsouza

    MJ is dead. RIP MJ. Comparing with the dead is no big deal.

  • biggesteminemfan

    @Wow wtf u on about, 15 mins of fame??? hes had 12 years of fame, hes the best rapper in history. yeh even tho im a massive fan of Eminem i wudnt quite say hes bigger, but MJ has gone so eventually his popularity will die down like Elvis’s did he dnt really get spoken about now n tht will happen wit MJ someday then Eminem will be known as the greatest of all time trust

  • Anonymous

    I don’t agree with this topic. Michael is more popular than Eminem, and Eminem is very different to Michael, so I think Michael, is MORE popular than “Mr. Offensive”. Just think before saying it…. Please!

  • kumar

    How to compare with mj ..?
    Mj is a genius & legend forever…’
    ‘some bodies don’t don’t know be as polite with other great artist..’ mmmmm ,God bless u

  • sri

    he he he he he ..Em..’ is child 4r music but Mj is god of music and dance…why these peoples compare with this indecent guy…mmmmm what a world…’

    Mj’s Asia fan


    Eminem is a legend. Kig Of Hip Hop and te best-selling artist in the world. End of! :):)