Drake Escapes Arrest in Jamaica

Drake almost got himself tossed behind bars on Monday night (March 14) for testing Jamiaca’s strict policy on cursing onstage.

According to missinfo.tv, a hyped Drizzy let the word “blood clot”—considered an expletive in the country—fly out of his mouth during his brief appearance as Mavado’s special guest at Brit Jam 2011 concert. Luckily he was only issued a warning by police to not use that kind of language again.

“Jamaica is very strict [about it's no cursing policy],” Andrew Anguin, Brit Jam’s Marketing Manager, told XXLMag.com via a phone call from Montego Bay. “The officer just asked [Drake] that he not curse any more. He was just passing through. He wasn’t slated to perform, so he just stopped. He wasn’t in any trouble. He came off the stage and that was that.”

Snoop Dogg and Ja Rule weren’t so lucky. The two faced profanity charges for cursing onstage during the Sumfest music festival in the resort parts of Montego Bay back in 2001. Beenie Man has even faced similar charges in the past, demonstrating that even the island’s homegrown artists aren’t exempt from the rules.

A quick-witted Drake, though, avoided being added to that list. After cursing, he saluted Mavado—a friend of the Canadian-born star who played an important role in Drizzy’s video for “Find Your Love” last year—and his team, before getting off the stage.—Mark Lelinwalla

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  • HU

    Here’s an example of dishonest headline being used to draw readers into a worthless article. Fuck you.

    • gfdg

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    • Christian Lemus

      The headline is not dishonest. Drake DEFFINATLY could have been arrested in Jamaica but he wasn’t, thus “Drake escaped arrest in Jamaica.”

      And no its not worthless, as Jamaica has some interesting laws and censorship has always been a hot topic.

  • com

    Stuip kid trying to get the attention of the people, while dope mc”s dont get the front page.Fuck young money

  • Corbin

    Lame article, step up your journalism.

  • The187Worm

    YOU SEE XXL!! im not the only bitching bout your fucking magazine…you need to fire alot of ur employees! ..ur fucking ridiculous….and FUCK YOUNGMONEY AND DRAKE…

  • Sha

    Yet another reason why some entertainers need geography lessons….

    As a dude with deep family connects in Jamaica, I can definitely attest to this fact….. You don’t want to go to jail there.

    Come to think of it….. You don’t want to go to jail in any other country outside The United States or Canada. Jail systems abroad make our systems look like a country club. And that’s on some real ish…

  • tonyspeed

    I’m sure drake’s lame self pronounced it as spelt. “blood clot” which is a legitimate medical term and not a curse word. These dumb rappers need to learn to stop trying to use our cursewords and can’t even pronounce them right.


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