DJ Megatron Murdered

DJ Megatron, a former Hot 97 personality and regular on BET’s 106 & Park, was gunned down in the Clifton section of Staten Island, New York early Sunday morning (March 27).

It has been reported that Megatron was down the street from his home when he was approached and shot in the torso. The 32-year-old DJ, whose real name was Corey McGriff, died on the street. So far, no witnesses have come forward.

New York’s Daily News reported on comments left on Megatron’s YouTube page about three months ago. The comments were left by a person claiming that Megatron owed them money, however police have said that Mega did not look to be a victim of a robbery and could not say whether the YouTube commenter was an actual suspect.

Police are asking anyone with information to come forward. —Rob Markman

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  • T

    This world is crazy. R.I.P. Megatron.

  • Ginia

    This is so sad, people have no value for life, my prayers go out for his family

  • A

    Heaven and hell is right here! Damn! that’s somebody son!

    R.I.P Mega

  • Dick B.

    “So far no witness have come forward”
    You tellin’ me nobody saw nothin’?

    • Biz Markie

      Black folk never see nothing, but always want justice. We have that ignorant “No Snitch” code-meanwhile, ignorant criminals get away with murder because they know no one will say anything. Someone saw it happen, they always do.


        I totally agree with you.
        And then we wonder why other races still treat us as only entertainment to amuse them or doormats to wipe their feet on.

        We need to rise up and start taking this life shit for real.
        That’s my opinion.

  • Bev

    May he rest in peace. Hopefully his death will not be in vain. I hope someone comes forward as a witness & not this crap about not wanting to be a snitch! His family needs closure.

  • Hades

    Optimus Rhyme is being held for questioning….

    • Ladedee

      That mess is not funny! Do you understand that someone is dead!!!!

    • Eric

      Hahaha I actually thought it was funny, he’s just trying to lighten the mood here, Yes it’s sad that he died but you can’t always be sad about death or else you be depressed. :)

    • Nunya

      On some real funny shit…you’re fuckin’ fag.

      • Hades

        Only for your pops

  • Nunya

    That’s str8 up fuckin’ bullshit! Fuck whoever did that shit…way to fuck up everyone’s day pussy…

  • Biz Markie

    “Died on the street”…..our young brothers are being gunned down in the streets and all hip hop can do is party in the club….we need help….

  • R

    shit, didn’t really know him. but still RIP

  • adrian smith birmingham england

    gun down for what its crazy r.i.p a lot of people out there need help

  • Rhyme N Radio

    R.I.P Mega!

  • http://brian brian

    shit, didn,t really know him . but still rip.


    Got what he deserved, should have paid his bills

  • wiz

    same thing happend with pac and big L i pray that they find the killa

  • tommy

    i love black people. i hate niggers.