New details have emerged in the murder of DJ Megatron, the former Hot 97 personality and regular on BET’s 106 & Park who was gunned down on Sunday morning (March 27).

Four men reportedly accosted Megatron, whose real name is Corey McGriff, while he was talking on his phone just down the street from his home in the Clifton section of Staten Island, New York.

Megatron’s mother, Louvenia McGriff, told the New York Post, "It was bad timing -- being in the wrong place at the wrong time." However, law enforcement officials have said that a random robbery is an unlikely scenario, considering that both Megatron’s wallet – containing a single dollar – and his phone were not taken.

According to The Post, investigators believe the murder may be the result of an unpaid debt. Several months ago, a user named “Megapayup” left veiled threats on Megatron’s YouTube page regarding the alleged debt:"Who hides and tries to dodge people they owe. . . . So u say ur not gonna pay the bill. . . Bad shyt will stay happening to u, cuz you do bad."

Police are checking Megatron’s cell phone records to see who he spoke with just before his murder.

They are also trying to figure out why Megatron was out, as he reportedly left his 4-year-old son, Zion, home alone. The Wall Street Journal reports that Megatron was buying marijuana just before he was shot.

Megatron’s rap sheet reportedly includes arrests for marijuana possession and sale, and probation in 2007 for a weapons charge in New Jersey.

He is survived by two other children: an 11-year-old daughter, Zaharia, and a 9-month-old son, Isaiah.

Former 106 & Park co-workers remember Mega as a positive personality who brought life to the show.

"Mega was the kind of person you would never catch in a bad mood,” said 106 & Park producer Stephanie Hodges on “His spirit was infectious. For a show like 106, where the energy of our audience is crucial, he was a very important part of our team. We will miss him as our co-worker and as our friend." —Lauren Carter