Curren$y’s MCC Album Pushed Back

Curren$y’s Muscle Car Chronicles apparently ran out of gas. Spitta’s film and accompanying nine-track soundtrack was scheduled to arrive on shelves today (March 15) through Damon Dash’s BluRoc imprint on Def Jam Recordings, but never made it into stores as planned. spoke to Spitta’s manager who said that there was a “slight slow down in the project’ but assured fans that “the album will drop,” and to “stay tuned for a new release date.”

The Jets Life leader echoed the sentiments on his Twitter account.  “Sorry bout the re scheduling,” he wrote. “Mcc coming soon tho.”

Reps for Def Jam and BluRoc have yet to return phone calls to XXL as of press time to explain the hold-up.

Last month a spokesperson for BluRoc told XXL that MCC will include eight original records that finds the New Orleans MC rhyming over live instrumentation produced by Dash’s folk artist Sean O’Connell, as well as drumming by The Mars Volta’s own Thomas Pridgen. The last song, “Fly Out (Part Tres),” is a remix that includes verses from Mikey Rocks of The Cool Kids and Tabi Bonney. Meanwhile, the 22-minute Coodie & Chike directed movie, documents the recording. [Watch preview below]

As previously reported, the 2009 XXL Freshman recently signed to Waner Bros Records. His first disc for the label,  Covert Coup, is an EP completely produced by The Alchemist, that is set to come out on April 19.—Jesse Gissen

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  • TreseyB

    Hella bootsey !

  • TBD since 1983

    Probably, because Spitta really saw Dame’s intentions of dealing with him. I’m watch these a-hem!!! “trailers” for “MCC” & I realized that more of a launching pad for Dame’s new artist (nephew) “Da$h”, then promoting the album. Also after seeing Mos Def pull away from the fray over at DD172, over creative differences (also a rapper from harlem name “Smiley” exposing Dame & Ski for being crooked); Spitta wised up & decided to make a stage left like snagglepuss.

    • Scuba

      i really dont think you know what you’re talking about. Mos Def still fucks with ski, he just couldnt get him on 24HKS cuz of Def’s label. and Curren$y & Ski make timeless music. I never want them to stop. pause

  • Blackaristocrat

    I think it had something to do with Curren$y going to Warner Bros. Lyor is over there, so you KNOW Dame ain’t feeling that.

    • TBD since 1983

      Yeah that too added the wedge btw Spitta/Dame’s relationship. Spitta had a huge, loyal fan-base before linking with Dame.

  • Trev412

    Yo what was Spitta thinking shouldnt he have talked to Wiz about trying to drop somthing while being wit warner like damn what was he thinkin?

    • JetMan

      Spitta dont need to talk to wiz bout nuttin. Spitta got dis shit in da bag sooo long he forgot about it.

  • bakerboi

    bad business man. who does that the day of? this is highly suspect, yo if they couldn’t get the shit done and out to the outlets then why keep pushing the shit. something that may never hit the stores anyway. everything surrounding this is wack to say the least. com on, son! don’t work on a project for almost a year and then at the last minute cuz you signed with WB pull out becuz Lyor doesn’t think you should do it and help out the man who has helped you out (Dame). but what the hell do i know, i’m on the outside looking in, but from my view point it looking like that. whatever dude, just drop some shit man.

  • Mr. Uda

    U people r as blind as a “THE 3 BLIND MICE”……….DA$H is Curren$y………look at the 2 names except put more emphasis on the DOLLAR SIGNs………..maybe this is what Dame and Mr. Dollar $ign agreed on, Da$h becomes Curren$y’s “grass hopper” N when it seems his ready they realease him………same weird Curren$y beats that were probably going to b used by Curren$y on the so called MCC n same topics n lazy flow (don’t get me wrong this is not a dis) that $ would have used……..this is an incredible Marketing technique n this is definetly a new age of kind of Marketing that I thought would have never exist, but mos def (no pun intended) I am happy to c this……..OPEN UR EYES

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  • Beezy

    Da$h is wack, Curren$y left because they had differences and of your a real fan of his music you’ll stick by his decision and just go with what he’s doing, this i the first time he has failed to put something out on the scheduled date so just suck it up and wait.

  • jet lazy

    It’s to get the people to get Da$h’s Caveman files. Came out that same day. Who’d actually do a double release on one day? It’s obviously to get the curren$y fanbase to DL the Caveman files. With that said Sean O Connell is a sick producer.

  • Judah

    This guy had the drive and the balls to leave a bad situation.
    Im looking forward to see him enjoy the fruits of his labor.


  • Jose Camargo

    Yo Da$h Should Be An XXL Freshmen
    Jets x Heir$

  • afone78

    yo,spitta knows what he is doing.he’s been in this game is eddie griffen was foolish!!!@!!!!!!!