Beyonce & Nicki Lose ‘Baddest Chick’ Tourney

We’re down to the Sweet 16 and as it’s usually the case with the NCAA, XXL‘s Baddest Chick in the Game Tournament, also known as March Badness, has all the makings of an epic tourney.

This weekend saw its share of upsets as Beyonce, the No.1 seed in the Wifeys and Exes bracket, became the first top seed to fall after losing to No.8 seed Kimbella. The match saw both beauties go through countless lead changes until Kimb edged out Ms. Knowles in the final moments. Kimbella is now slated to face off with No.4 seed Jennifer Lopez in the Sweet 16.

After surviving Lil’ Kim in the first round, Nicki Minaj became the second No.2 seed to see an early exit, having lost at the hands of Mya. Mya, a No.10 in the Rhythm & Booty bracket, will now compete against Cassie, a No.3 seed in the same bracket. Somaya Reece, a No.15 seed in the Hollyhood bracket, officially became the tournament’s Cinderalla story after pulverizing No. 10 seed Angela Simmons. Somaya has her work cut out for her in the next round, as she’s scheduled to face No.6 seed Meagan Good. The Waist Deep actress easily disposed of No.3 seed Selita Ebanks in the second round.

Amber Rose and Alicia Keys both continued their road to the Final Four. They’re now set to face off in the next round. Other upsets included No.11 seed Maliah Michel beating No.3 seed Angela Lola Luv in the Candy Shop bracket while No.10 seed Keyshia Dior beat No.2 seed Vida Guerra— making Vida the third No.3 seed to be eliminated. Dior and Michel are now set to compete in the next round while No.1 seed Melyssa Ford will take on No.5 seed Dollicia Bryan.

Make sure to tune in when March Badness’ Road to the Final Four continues Thursday March 24 at noon. —XXL Staff

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  • QMacc

    It’s getting hot up in this competition and I think I like it! (since No. 1 and 2 picks have fallen, could get interesting)

    • The187Worm

      Yo playa u get ur picture up on here?

  • Al

    How the fuck did Beyonce lose, there shouldn’t even be any competition… SMH

  • hunkE

    Slim Thug feat. Kanye West & Bun B – In The Streets

  • hunkE

    Big Boi feat. Erykah Badu & Big Tuck – Ain’t No Mistakin’, Somethin’ Gotta Give

  • zayzkidd

    How did Maya beat Nicki Minaj? The chick look like a slim bird.

    • Nunya

      Nicki Minaj is fuggly yo…for real…No kind of natural beauty. Take those wigs, 4.37 lbs of makeup, and stupid fuckin faces away-whaddya got? A bald headed big ass LaQuisha sittin on stairs freestylin to Lil Kim instrumentals. lmao…

    • McServe

      What the fuck u talkin about? Mya Bad as Shit!!!!

  • Nunya

    It’s because the hoes that wanna make a comeback go in and have friends and family vote for them a couple thousand times…lmao. This is a fact; because none of them finer than Beyonce.

    If Amber Rose or J-Lo wins-it should be the biggest sluts in the game…or chicks that can’t keep a relationship in ‘da’ game…lmao. Fuck this lame shit.

  • RMar

    @Nunya -

    ROTFLMAO…Amen to that sh!t! Damn those two comments funny as hell. Is this Mike Epps? Lol…

  • francis nasim

    beyonce…you are FIRED!WASSUP FANTASIA

  • Y2kceo

    Yall sensitive niggas are so funny. It’s just a made up competition for march madness. You bitch niggas grow some ballz……

  • MemeBlanco


  • kgurlballin

    wowwww how did Lil Kim lose?? she was hundreds of points ahead of Nicki????

  • Trego J

    Why is there a grammatical oversight in every article?

  • BeerGangsta

    They all number 1!! They have fat Azz and they look good. Beyonce and Nikki have not lost nothing. They are rich dum Azzes!!

  • puhleeze

    Both Nicki and Beyonce are overrated glad to see im not the only one that feels that way! Sick of these tired ass Hoes put sum Real THICK women up for it like Lady Thug or Fantasia. . . those are some Bad Bitches!!

    • http://xxlmag jayrucknyc

      Fantasia????? You joking right?

  • Jfresh

    How come Keri Hilson never was on this list? She is so fine

  • http://xxlmag jayrucknyc

    Mya is bad as hell. She got my vote. She the only celeb that seems humble. I fucks wit her!!!! I’m surprised she beat Nicki tho. These votings are all fixed tho. One minute a person is winning by thousands of votes and the next minute they losing. I still can’t figure how Lisa Raye ain’t in the tournament period but whatever.

  • http://xxlmag jayrucknyc

    Oh yeah Beyonce should still be in the tournament. I don’t even know who the chick she lost to is.