Rapper’s Most Memorable Made Moments on MTV [VIDEO]

We were excited when we found out that Mike Bigga FKA Killer Mike would be the latest rap coach on MTV’s popular series Made, helping another White, geeky, suburban high school kid attain his or her dreams of becoming a bonafied MC. As fans of the show, we’ve seen experienced hip-hop vets like Talib Kweli, Homeboy Sandman, C-Rayz Walz and Quest Mcoy all share their tricks of the trade with the less than knowledgeable students. Here’s a look back at the show’s most memorable moments. It’s time to get awkward.

In an effort to teach the skateboarding class clown, Ryan Bowers the importance of winning over any crowd, underground NY rapper Homeboy Sandman takes the freckle faced sophomore from San Diego High School to the beach for an important assignment: hit on the bikini clad girls using only your freestyle skills. Not an easy task, but damn, does that make for great TV.

Model student Heather wanted to show her peers at Michigan’s Paw Paw High she wasn’t so square, so she decided to get a hip-hop makeover. Little did she know that would mean embarrassing herself in front of her classmates, by having to actually rap for them. To see what he was working with, Detroit battle MC Quest Mcody disguised himself at a substitute teacher and tricked the senior into reciting a poem to judge her skills. As you can see, she didn’t exactly make the grade. Ouch.

When former Def Jux rep C-Rayz Walz (dressed to impress in his kooky furry cap) took his underling Nile backstage at the Snoop Dogg and Game concert, the bespeckled Jewish 16-year old couldn’t seem more out of place, that is until Chuck Taylor lent his some bling and his Boston Red Sox fitted. Then the teen from Golden Valley—a suburb of Minneapolis, MN—was able to fully make the transition into his rap alter ego, Blizzard, as he spit a flurry of rhymes for West Coast star. Chilly Chill.

Talib Kweli had his work cut out for him when he was asked to teach Colin Colt—a nerdy 16 year old from Boston—how to rap. On a trip to the Arlington History Museum, Colin is asked to name five things that rhyme with “bird.” Unfortunately he only responds with two: “herd,” and “curd, as in the young cheese that isn’t aged.” Oh boy!

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