Meek Mill Speaks on Signing With Rick Ross, New Mixtapes [Video]

Rick Ross is continuing to beef up his Maybach Music Group, having just added Meek Mill to the roster earlier today (February 8). [Watch below]

“I’m feelin’ good—feelin’ great, man,” Meek told shortly after letting the ink dry on the papers. “That’s why Twitter’s a good thing. You let people know what’s going on live and direct.”

After announcing the signing of Wale to the label earlier this week, Ross took to Twitter to announce his newest signee. “EVERYONE WELCOME @MEEKMILL TO THE EMPIRE!!! #MMG,” Rozay wrote on the microblogging site late Tuesday afternoon. Meek then expressed his excitement on his own Twitter account, posting, “had 2 take my talents 2 south beach!!! mamamamammaybach!!,” playing off of LeBron James’ decision over the summer, when the basketball star announced he’d be leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers and “taking my talents to South Beach,” to play for the Miami Heat.

There had been rumors for the last couple months that both Meek and Wale would sign on with the Teflon Don before it finally became official this week. Meek, however, knew that it was about to go down. “Personally, I knew probably about a month ago,” he explained. “But I got a team [and] we had to all come to an agreement and find out how we was gonna do this and how we was gonna make this happen. We sat down, everybody got behind my decision, and we ready to roll.”

The three traded verses on “Play Your Part,” off of Ross’ December mixtape Ashes to Ashes, as well as “Pandemonium,” a leak from January. In addition, Meek featured Ross on the remix to his single, “I’m A Boss.” The young spitter, who was a Show & Prove profile in the July/August 2010 issue of XXL, said that videos for all three of the songs have already been shot.

Now officially with a new team, the 23-year-old Philly native is ready to drop plenty of new music, saying he’s prepping two mixtapes for March—one over original production, and one over beats other rappers have already used. “I think the original one is gonna be called Dream Chasing,” he said, “and the mixtape on everyone else’s instrumentals is gonna be Flamerz 4. I’m supposed to be doing that with DJ Ill Will and DJ Drama, so we gonna try to make a movie out of that, too.”

“It’s a bidding war out here,” Meek said regarding the widespread interest that major labels have taken in Maybach Music Group. “This about to be the newest team. I’m Blake Griffin. I’m just slammin’ on people. Just think of Blake Griffin on a fast break.” —Adam Fleischer

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  • mutada mullah atari

    wow, this fucking guy just dont stop. everytime I turn around he’s shooting a new video, (music video), posting a new DSLR video blog, signing a new artist, working with the hottest producers and artists in the game, jumping on a high level feature, showing up at the super bowl or other high profile events, rubbing sholders with hip hop legends, high powered executive producers, or hight powered music label ceo’s…and on top of that the guy puts out good music, over and over again. will this dude ever earn any of the 87.5% of the failed late mid teens, late 20′s and 30 something rappers that hate on him all day long. Looks like he’s on his job from my point of view

  • king t

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  • A.Lee Legendary

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  • toneloc

    Meek Mills is corny! he made 1 good song, the only reason he is popular is because of those Jungle Beats! Meek is the same dude who said “i like my rozay red and my diamonds blue….plus keep a dime chick like 5×2″ wackest shit i ever heard in my life. i had to break his mixtape and throw it out the window. DJ Ill Will? hahahaha I respect Drama, but Ill Will is a lame dikrider lol

    • line4line

      @toneloc…dickhead meek gotta buzz like no other in the tri state area, nd like bul saId he got philly on lock….nd rose red was a old club jawn nigga get up on his other shit you late…i think this was a good move for rozay…meek bout to drop them flamers down in south beach

    • Tom

      mans soo dumb….its jahlil beatz jackass not jungle beats…asshole

  • Key

    That’s what’s up he sign Meek Millz from Philly young bul hot I put my money on him against any raper bar for bar..

  • mikechek

    Signing meek mill was the smartest business move Ross did cuz meek got Philly on lock and Philly had a tri state pa NJ de and there’s a huge market here and eybody rocking out to Meeks music out here and he young with alot of buzz and he started off on the street DVD scene and worked his way up really inspired and paving a way for Philly rappers such as myself so big ups to da bol meek get deez niggaz outtahere Witt day Philly wob

  • tizzy

    fucking haters meek that bull..yall prolly think gucci mane and waka flocka is the best HOMO’S 215 all day

  • MI717mil

    Yall hatter yall down south muther fuckers are wack dickheads meek is tough he got more bars then dove yall wack ass niggas

  • cory

    nigas is really smashin the streets 4really…keep making them hits n we goin kepp banging that hard shit!!

  • nick

    meek milli is a monster the fact that some jock addicted would come up and say my boy was wack well…. your buggin like you speak gas so shut the fuck up

  • Sherree

    I just started listening to Meek about a month. I like him, I think his lyrics have some substance but hes young so hes still talkin about what young rappers talk about. For me its different Im a 30 something lol year old female thats a RN but, a connisseur of rap. I listen to all kinds of music from rap to rock. I think its great that he finally made his dream come true. Remember DONT EVER STOP CHASIN UR DREAM!!!