Lil Wayne Frisked by DEA Agents in Miami

Lil Wayne was stopped by the Drug Enforcement Agency last week, according to But fret not, Young Money disciples–he was able to walk away without a charge. The stop-and-search party greeted Weezy at Opa-Loca Airport in Miami.

Several DEA officials reportedly performed a contraband search on the rap superstar but he was squeaky clean, so the agents sent him walking.

As of press time reps for the New Orleans rep have not returned emails for comment.

Wayne is currently on felony probation stemming from his weapons and drug charges from a 2008 arrest. The terms of Weezy’s probation agreement prohibit him from consuming alcohol or illegal drugs for 36 months. He is also required to keep anyone with a criminal record at arm’s length for the duration of his probation.—Henry Adaso

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  • dropgemz

    … lil wayne got frisked by the DEA. wow.

  • Poindexter

    Hahahahah I hope they alcohol tested him! If he drinks anything in the nest 3 years he goin back to jail!

    • cashvilles don

      man fuck you gay azz punk wat you some type of hater or something lack people has it hard enough now they harrassing this man thats a law suit stand up punk so i can knock yo azz out

    • T

      Yeah for real. Hip hop needs more time away from that wack nigga.

    • Jenn

      he dosen’t drink nor even like the taste of alcohol. so he’ll be good, HATER!!

  • yogi22

    @ Poindexter ..Thats some weak ol hate’n ass shit u said. lame ass dude

  • Sha

    Everyone knows the Feds are gunning for Lil Wayne. Big time! The clock is seriously ticking on Weezy. I don’t wish the brother harm but everyone knows he’s drinking or snorting…. There’s just no way around that in hip-hop. Sooner or later they’ll give him a piss test and he’s off to the dungeon again.

    But at least he lucked out this time….


    3 years. yesss hes bound to go to jail at sometime and hopefully a long. @cash just cuz u may talk your your partally retarded in real life doesnt mean you have to type like it as well. No one with half a brain is going to respect your opinion then. And how come no one mentions that this kid sounds like hes choking on dog crap when ever he raps.

  • AV

    Not a big fan of his music or him but i dont really wish charges on people for the fuck of it. You wish bad shit on people and then bad shit happen to you

  • Asif

    The last sentence of this story doesn’t make sense at first read. On second read you realize it’s not written properly. The terms say he needs permission to associate with anyone that has a criminal record, not that he’s required to keep them around.

  • derrickclayborne