Lil’ Kim Takes Nicki Minaj Beef to YouTube [VIDEO]

Lil’ Kim will just not let up in her attacks on Nicki Minaj, recently posting a 15-minute clip aimed at the Young Money Princess on YouTube, entitled “Carbon Copy.”

The video employs a mixture of images, cartoons and man on the street interviews, bashing Minaj. There is an animated portion that shows the Brooklyn rapstress seemingly killing Nicki, as well as a slideshow that compare the similar outfits of the two, all while tracks from Kim’s Black Friday mixtape and recent interviews with radio DJs play in the background.

This comes amid a flood of recent press about the duo’s beef, including Minaj’s tweets parodying Black Friday’s PayPal sales and an interview that did with Kim foe Foxy Brown.

Fox had no trouble picking her side in the showdown. “When you’re using [beef] as a platform to bring your new album out…I don’t condone it at all,” she said. “It’s not cute.”

As of press time Nicki Minaj has yet to respond to the video.—Michael Naclerio

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  • T

    Lmao. This bitch…

  • sealsaa

    Again? Does her whole career post Biggie revolve around Nicki Minaj? Maybe that’s it. Maybe the only way she can be successful is by riding other people’s coat tails. What’s she going to do in a year when no one gives a fuck about Nicki Minaj? Oh I know, another season of Dancing with the “Stars”.

  • http://xxl maxwel

    nicki should show kim some respect,cos she is d real queen of rap.

    • Ah

      Really? over jean grey over mclyte really…..

    • Truth B Told

      C’mon son! She aint the queen of hip hop.
      She hasnt been in the game for a loooooong while! And look @ what sealsaa posted. She be riding (double-meaning) on other rappers publicity!

      Get real…

  • seriously

    LOL Kim is the grandmother of rap and Nicki is the queen

    • JAYE


  • Lil Kim

    yo yo yo. Im the hardest bitch. I be chillin wit louie riel back in the day.

  • fireforreal

    Kim is looking desperate like when Beans KEPT dissin Hov,after a while you say your piece then you have to move on if your really the shit move on and make hot music without focusing on that person. Kim was that bitch for mainstream rap but when big died her skills declined and after she came out from jail in 07 she has done dancing with the stars but NO good new music. To be the queen you have to stay on the throne and keep making that heat that got you the respect you have today. Stop being the bitter old bitch lol

  • VizualHeat

    Charging for a Mixtape? enough said

  • msthea

    WAIT A SECOND! i like pink too… omg that must make me a LilKimWannabe… u know what lilkim, UR OLD – AND UR THE ONE THAT NEEDS TO GROW UP! stfu and gtfu

  • Malik

    I’m sorry, legends wait for other people to come to their throne, not the other way around Kim. I couldn’t imagine KRS-One, Nas, Slick Rick, Big Daddy Kane, Scarface, Big Boi, Andre 3000, Snoop, Jay, Em, etc. going through all this effort for someone who is allegedly ‘beneath’ them.

    Just because Kim let Biggie go ass to mouth with her doesn’t make her special considering her discography is mediocre and the best bits were ghostwritten. I refuse to acknowledge anyone as a real hip hop head to suggest that she’s even in the top 20 best female rappers.

    The group HWA were 4 albums deep before we even knew who you were, so let’s not even pretend you’re super hoe shtick was new even when you were relevant.

  • Kid Pistol

    Lil’ Kim has a right to be mad, however, she is absolutely ending her own career by doing this.

    On the flipside, it does annoy the s**t out of me how Nicki Minaj has basically duplicated so much of the s**t that Kim has done.

  • No Name

    I won’t dignify this desperate cry for attention with a second of viewing. Shit or get off the pot, Kim. Simple as that.

  • alderman j

    I got put ya lighters up and magic stick on repeat, i dont have nothing NICKI MINAJ in the collection……if its about the MUSIC, IT AINT EVEN CLOSE!!!! SERIOUSLY.

  • Naked Truth

    It’s funny how the haters state false facts based on RUMOR. Get yo facts straight or shut the f*ck up!
    Nicki’s a wack industry puppet and her camp and her f*ckin with kim! All Kim is doin is Defending herself, quit hating! Kim is Def a household name and She did it ALL After BIG died, Alone! Check her Resume, biitchez!

  • kimacide

    you ppl are crazy how can you say kim is riding someone elses coat tale, all of the ppl commenting and just reading this all know if you worked hard the create and brand a image and you are the first to do it in that manner and things in life happen where u are not allowed to produce your product and some other person comes in with your product with your formula which is cool but at the same time they dissing you like you, the creator.nicki says what she want so kim has the right to say what she want and her career is far from over i say eat that girl for lunch she cant even spell her name without kim nicKIMinaj ///……….

  • bbb

    nicki is a copier

  • http://xxlnews Maiya

    just wanted to say Love them both but Lil Kim looking like Latoya Jackson..I miss her old face :]…and Black Friday and now Pink Friday….humm

  • most commented videos

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