Lil’ Kim & Nicki Minaj Squabble Over Mixtape Sales on Twitter

Lil’ Kim is breaking records once again.

According to one of Kim’s tweets, her new mixtape, Black Friday, was a record-setter. The Queen Bee claims that she set a PayPal record earlier this week by selling 113,000 copies of her new release. The tape was set at a $10 price point.

“Thanks to you guys!! #lilkimblackfridaymixtape sold 113,000 copies in 28 hours which made me the #1 seller on paypal ever =),” she wrote on the microblogging site on Tuesday (February 15).

Nicki Minaj, who reportedly is the subject of multiple shots on the new tape—which bares a similar name to Minaj’s November debut, Pink Friday—tweeted an indirect but seemingly subliminal message soon after Kim’s remark. “Bwaahhhhahhahahahahahahahahhahahhhaaahhhhhaaahahahahahahahhhaha!!!!!!!!!! *lifeless* *leaves on stretcher* *cant go on*” she wrote.

Kim took offense typing, “#twitterbeef This is not beef. Real beef is when someone gets shot 5 minutes later. CHILD PLEASE!!! #toomanytwittergangstas #teamlilkim LEGO.”

In this current climate, the Queen Bee’s claims of such high sales in such a short period of time seem like a rare feat. The veracity of the claims have been questioned by some. PayPal, however, will not comment on specifics of sales.

“I’m sorry, we can’t really comment on account status or sales figures for any merchant, no matter how big or small,” the official @AskPayPal account wrote in response to @HEYNICKI_ASTHMA, a user whose handle clearly suggest Minaj allegiances.

Stay tuned as more details unfold. —Adam Fleischer

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  • ms_spittuh

    How is that rare? On a spokesperson for Paypal said “they” (as in the company) cannot release figures because it violates their private policy and terms, but he also gave Lil Kim a congratulations on her success on Paypal. Shit that’s a sign right there. So who knows. I ordered mine so I don’t care =) can’t wait to hear it.

    • Lil Kim

      I would like to thank my one and only remaining fan. THANK YOUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!

      • ms spittuh

        I am stupid.

        • ms_spittuh

          Sweet face – Grow up. Have a great day. =)

          • tytg

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            Give it a try, you will have a d at e soon ;)

          • mr_spittuh

            bitch, shut ur hoe ass up and make me a sammich!

      • 2Pac


  • Don mcCaine

    “PayPal representative Charlotte Hill, however, can’t confirm or deny those claims.

    “We’re a payment processor – we don’t release specific sales numbers for our merchants because of our privacy policy,” Hill explained. “But we’re really happy that Lil’ Kim is having success with PayPal!””


  • D-Thorn

    Who fucking cares

  • Enlightened

    If Lil’ Kim really wants to dead all the talk, SHE can show the results herself.

    If she truly pulled some shit like that off, it would not only be historic, but it could show other veteran artists with plaques on they wall how they can take advantage of they fanbases to be “real” independent artists.

  • No Name

    Say what you will about the music, but these young cats have been schooling these legends by simply not caring what their “beefs” are about. And that’s the way it oughta be. Most of the cats popping off have had their day and need to stop the reckless sneak dissing because it only further solidifies their status as jealous has-beens.

    • Don mcCaine

      “but these young cats have been schooling these legends by simply not caring what their “beefs” are about.”

      “Thanks to you guys!! #lilkimblackfridaymixtape sold 113,000 copies in 28 hours which made me the #1 seller on paypal ever =),”

      “Nicki Minaj…………tweeted an indirect but seemingly subliminal message soon after Kim’s remark. “Bwaahhhhahhahahahahahahahahhahahhhaaahhhhhaaahahahahahahahhhaha!!!!!!!!!! *lifeless* *leaves on stretcher* *cant go on*” she wrote.”

      ^ that’s “schooling” a legend and not caring about a “beef”?

      k…ur right…

      “It doesn’t even matter!! Nicki ten times the buzz and sells way more than Lil Kim.

      ^ smDh…Nicki has to catch up to Kim if you go there with sales…but I’ma let y’all tell it…

      • DETROIT

        WHAT UP SYK! I have to disagree with you my dude. nicki already has the second highest first week sales of ANY female artist on her first time out! also, she’s bigger in the whole scheme of things (male or female rap) than kim ever was! kim wasn’t selling like wu-tang, jay-z, dmx, tupac, biggie, etc! nicki is outselling dudes! her wave is one of the biggest MALE OR FEMALE in the rap game…you can’t say that about kim. also, nicki is a new era rapper that came up in the mixtape game…in reality, she prolly has already made more material than kim has in her whole career! nicki rapped her way to the top…kim sucked her way to the top! she didn’t even write her own ish! she’s no legend. salt n peppa, mc lyte, lauren hill…those are legends, not lil kim! also, how is nicki talking trash, when all she did was laugh…after kim put out a whole mixtape dedicated to her? lil kim is a washed up bum…she need to sit her ass down. i think nicki has been pretty cool about the whole situation, she coulda went in on the fact that lil kim doesn’t even like lil kim, lol…all that ugly ass plastic surgery!

        • Truth B Told

          Second that!

          HAHA! Truth has been told: “lil kim doesn’t even like lil kim”

        • Ayre


        • Don mcCaine

          DETROIT whaddup!

          Nicki is doing it NOW, Kim already did it…this is actual fact. and as for the ghostwriting, alotta fave rapper dudes have ghostwritten hits, also actual fact. I’m not gonna take away what Kim did in the game because of her surgery or whatever.

  • Truth B Told

    It doesn’t even matter!! Nicki ten times the buzz and sells way more than Lil Kim.
    When did anyone boast their paypallnumbers?
    The only reason Lil Kim put this out there is cuz she knows nobody can check up on it, and I’ll give her that it’s smart.

  • avenger xl

    the real question is what compells lil kim to do this. She pioneer in the hoe hop/vixen rap game be she became the joan rivers of rap. Somebody should have informed her that beef is a marketing tool best used by 50 but it even run out of steam in his camp lately. Rappers who have lanes that have been developed tend to abandon them when they fall out of the spotlight which proves that they are not artists at all. They act like the lotto winners who spent all of there money and then turn into the character from the movie “the 5 heart beats” who gets strung out and is like I still got it. Which causes them to do the same trick over and over rather than evolving their stick.

  • Corbin

    nobody bought that mixtape. 113,000 copies ya right. The only people that buy mixtapes are hip hop fans not mainstream music fans, and while i would say Nicki has a following in both areas I don’t think Kim really does at the moment . in fact She doesn’t seem to be too hot in either group for a little while now.
    Both are great at what they do and i’m not really taking any side in this I’m just saying i don’t really believe those numbers.

    lets try an experiment. do you think 1% of the people that bought the little Kim mixtape keep up to date on the Nicki/Kim beef via XXL website?

    If so ( and mind you 1% is a pretty damn small number ) lets see if we can get that 1% to say that they bought and paid for the mixtape.

    lets see if we can get 1,130 people to comment they bought the mix. If we could get even 1% i would be shocked.

    • ms_spittuh

      Why would it shock you if some of us did buy it? I paid 9.99 for it and didn’t mind buying it. I bought it because I had an interest in buying it. And sometimes I think hip hop beef can be interesting. If one million mutha’fuckas can buy pink shit friday then i can buy a lil kim mixtape. Really why is that a problem? I always buy mixtapes so why is this one any different????

      • Corbin

        We got one so far folks!… keep em rolling in people, good work. Lol

        To answer your question – Why would it shock me some people bought the mix? It wouldn’t. I believe some people did buy it. I don’t believe 113,000 people bought it on the day it dropped though.

        Eminem’s Recovery album had the highest selling rap/hip hop album of the last year and it did 750 k its first week. Thats 107,400 a day roughly. You think Lil Kim is selling 113,000 units the first day. With little to no promotion, not being sold in stores, or itunes for that matter. c’mon dummy up.

        • Chez

          i agree with literally everything you sayin. ya she mightve sold a decent amount,maybe, but i honestly truly dont believe the numbers she tryin to throw out there. which is pretty sad on her part i think.

  • Sincere

    Kim just can’t compete with Nikki. Nikki is the better rapper, business woman, she got the better plastic surgery. But seriously Kim with no B.I.G. or even Maino writing is wack juice.