Juvenile found himself back in handcuffs over the weekend for drug charges.

According to the Associated Press, the New Orleans rap vet was picked up on Saturday night (February 26) in Sterlington, Louisiana, after police pulled over his car for speeding. Once they approached his vehicle, officers smelled marijuana and when asked, Juvie handed over a small bag containing the drug. Officers also learned the former Hot Boy was driving on a suspended license when they ran his name through their records.

The “Back dat Azz Up” rapper was brought into custody and charged with the two misdemeanor drug and traffic offenses. Shortly thereafter he was released on $750 cash bond. He is expected to appear in Sterlington court on April 1 to address the charges.

Juvie was also arrested for marijuana possession last February. In August he plead guilty in the case and was sentenced to six months probation, a suspended jail sentence of three months and a fine of $250.—Elan Mancini