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  • SlimSlick

    These 2, woud make a banger togheter, forget kendrick lamar…Jay Rock ft Dr. Dre = baaaang baaang

  • Proffessah

    Dre and Jay Rock and Nipsey and Game… BOOOM! leave off snoop he’s wack now.

  • dynamicproducer

    would make a nice collab

  • king t

    yo cte 211 and yg would make a banger song with dre on the beat that would be nice to jeezy and dre would make a banger song to yadig me.

  • EminemLover

    If Dre & Jay Rock are planning a Collabo for Detox Dre at least needs to throw in Em!

    • asshole

      fuck mm

      • cunt twat

        4sure fuck mm

    • asshole

      fuck eminem keep kim n ‘him’ out of this shit

      • EminemHater

        eminem is a bitch who can’t hack it. plain and simple. exit stage 8…………. what a cunttwat. BITCH!!!!

    • asshole

      fuck eminem he’s a bitch. watch 8 mile. if you can stomach it. wah wah i got my ass beat wah wah

      • DAtruth

        Yeah, FUCK M&M that fool cant rap or act

  • Argument

    I think jay rock and Dr.Dre can do together best rap music on the west coast…. Kush was best rap song this year… with jay rocks flow and dre beats it can be a good featuring…

  • LabT3k

    Anything Dre touches turns platinum. He could lay a beat and Jay could just cough on the motherfucker and it would be a banger! Tech N9ne and Strange Music FOREVER!!!!!!

    • MyNoridee

      Yo Man, Tech N9ne Posted this either as a tweet or said it in an interview already. Get ur own feedback

  • strange1011

    I say Dr. Dre featuring Jay Rock, Tech N9ne, Kutt with Kali for a hook that would be a sick collab for Detox

  • Justin


  • Bromotion


  • Wigglez

    Jay Rock nd Dr. Dre should colab together nd start rappin together nd make a remix on Kush wit Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Jay Rock, nd Nate Dogg

  • yo momm


  • unknown

    a dre beat with kali on the hook would be fucking legit

  • InsanelyWicked (Juggalo)

    As long as they leave out Feminem it will be a good colab!!!

  • dirty

    this is dope!!!!! check this out, we are No joke, we just opened for d12 in front of thousands!

  • Gurpz ‘Wee-Bey’ Birk

    Jay be doing BIG things. Keep on that grind!

    STRANGE MUSIC ain’t a label, it’s a genre.

  • Sick Kid Th3 J3rk

    Dre Jay Rock Big Krizz with Tech N9ne. Ooooo!! make it bad ass and throw that Sac-Town hanible canniblistic nigga Brotha Lynch on there!!


    who the fuck is jay rock????

  • sway………

  • jp

    damn good shit jay, movin up in the hip hop game
    now drop a joint with Dre


    Its good to see Dre being open to artists on indie labels. Especially Strange Music.


    i thin k i feel a collab

  • Aaron Thomas

    I would love to be as smart as some… tsss in this Ignorant studio ass gangsta world, u’s think M&M is the most fake… haha wake up world its all the same just a matter of whos gonna spit about the most raw shit.. i bet even drake will start bringing out songs bout “now i slap a hoe, what i gotta do, makes these dreams come true, fake like me n you”… etc…
    think about it your livin in a pretty f***ing bright n colorful land of enchantment if you think any these people r who they say they are..
    so long story short.. eminem starts to speak up bout the higher-ups n now payin the price, n because of those who sit around listenin to the rap a magazine or tv tells them is REAL the higher-ups are gaining more control then ever..
    has anyone actually listened to the words rappers have been sayin the last 10-15yrs.. stop being idiotic drones n f***in actually have a listen to WORDS n NOT THE BEAT!!

    • GBleezy

      That’s the thing with Jay Rock seriously it’s crazy…but I swear to god you could be from Korea just learning english listening to some JayRo from Watts and hear nothing but every single word he spits more clear than if you were listening to Brian Williams on the 5:00pm news!! It’s crazy man…but I swear it’s like that! It’s like, dude sounds kinda like game..but that fool ain’t ever say shit worth anything at all and I think that’s just such a crazy thing bout this dude…maybe it’s the sentences he’s saying are real easy for one to understand like you ease dropping uncontrollably on a conversation or something? Or maybe just has the right tone? But idk…I think it’s dope and he stay describin’ a place where even though the signs tell you to sometimes it’s better not to stop, cause apparently it’s full of dudes that’ll run up on you and straight jack what’s on yo neck and your wrist? The jacker steez is like, crazy to me and it’s all i hear this fool talkin’ bout…sounds roudy as fuk..and I just hope he stays consistent on like he’s describing the same exact place amongst all his tracks ya know? I’m hopin’, cause the west coast needs some CPR and maybe the doctor’ll come through for us and himself once again (last time bein’ 2001, but wtf happened to Hitman his bling on, chain gleam? Maybe JayRo’ll be eligible for summer league team! lol)

  • Aaron Thomas

    90% Buisness, 10% Show!

  • http://yahoomail VELLI VELL


  • j dubbz

    its about time ..the west is is really bak now !!!!

  • GBleezy

    Oh Hellz Yes!! Dre better come correct and link him a proper ting!! Like hopefully he didn’t blow any of his good shit on Gettin’ American Money Easy!! Like…straight drop that fool off the label all the way and just lace up Jay Rock with all sorts of bangers that’ll sound good in my rider ya feel me? Like get familiar and Let’s Go! Ughhh…

  • RECK

    JAY ROCK is a BEAST.

    He is makin BIG MOVES. Much RESPECT to STRANGE Music.

    Bout time dre collabo’s wit a REAL artist from CALI.

  • Kristoff Bebo

    Hey well all I can say is that what is happening must be done in order for everything to make sense the truth must be defined and revealed. I know.