Funkmaster Flex Arrested for Harassment

Funkmaster Flex is back in the hot seat. According to the long time Hot 97 radip personality was arrested ealier today for an alleged incident with an unknown woman.

He was picked up on harassment, aggravated harassment and criminal mischief charges after a 40 year old woman claimed that Flex pushed her, sent her threatening messages and tried to break her phone.

The DJ has already been arraigned and released on $500 bail. He has been ordered to stay away from the accuser and has another court date for later this month.

This isn’t the first time Flex has been accused of assaulting a woman. Back in 2002 he was charged with the crime and pleaded guilty.

Stay tuned to as the story develops. —Elan Mancini

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  • Don mcCaine

    radip personality was arrested ealier today for an alleged incident with an unknown woman.”

    ^ edit please

    I read it was domestic violence. Flex has issues, no? And on that note…back to the music…

    @ jonny biz

    yeah family…I’m waiting for that…create a folder of mp3s, then attach the folder to the email…

    @ Q

    I’m putting together a drop on that Chuck/Flav sentiment…

    • Q461

      Word? Good looks fam I didnt get much of a response so I didnt think anyone saw that shit I said about PE…

      Flex don’t get no respect from me for beatin up on a woman…Gotta take a deep breath and cool out son

    • erdh

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      i met him via —– Bla c k’w h it e’F li rts. C” 0- M—-
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  • Jamal7Mile

    A 40 year old woman? C’mon man…

  • peor

    DUMBASS, You ain’t shit flex. Stop Bullying Women Bitch.

  • Mutada mullah atari

    He always came across as an under cover fruit to me, so I don’t believe it, unless she fucked his man or something and that’s why he went ape shit. Fuck flex.

  • Karim

    It’s the ghost of Tupac… Revenge from beyond the grave is a muhhhhhfucka Flex!

  • r.kelly

    lol !

  • Burn1e

    happens to us all f it

  • Redeyes

    Fuck this fool

  • Yo-career-smells-like-bin-laden-turban

    Flex?? what happpen u made it hard for us to get music played! You want to take money for play! Now every fuking station is going double hard playing the payola shit so answer this y u beating on hoes u scary ass bitch bet u didnt want it with me!

  • Lunatiksalterego

    Fuck FLex, dudes a bitchass Dj

  • nyking

    This pussy stay, STAY, STAY BEATING UP FEMALES FUNK FLEX IS A B_I_T_C_H! what “dude” goes around beating, pushing, grabbing etc. females? NIGGA if you want to hit females beat the shit out of your wife or your damn daughter.
    (spit) PUSSY!

  • Town Business

    Flex.. why don’t you grow up and don’t get butt hurt when a lady says no

  • I’m At Work And Bored

    ahahaha, after all that shit he said about R.kelly, this guy goes around punching woman when he’s 500 pounds. What a fagg*t. Go kill yourself Fatmaster Flex. At least R.kelly whores volunteered to get f*cked and got paid.

  • Uncle B

    I wish someone would gang assault his fat ass.

  • colin ortiz

    whats Up with PUNK MASTER FLEX.U got Tv shows,HOT 97GIG, a few albums, Dissin TUPAC.He did catch case back in in 02 beat up on Former Hot 97 DJ Steph Lova.Spin Yo records qiut smashing deeze Hoes DumbAss

  • nyking

    OOOOOh so a nigga was right! I posted on 02/05 that dude should beat the shit out of his wife or his damn daughter and come to find out (LMAO) this Big fat ass nigga was kickin his wife’s ass LMAO yeah FLEX u a idiot drop 2 bombs on that! LOL