Foxy Brown Talks Lil’ Kim/Nicki Minaj Feud

When it comes to the ongoing beef between Nicki Minaj and Lil’ Kim, Foxy Brown isn’t afraid to pick sides. The BK rapstress recently spoke to about her thoughts on the highly-publicized feud.

“When you’re using that as a platform to bring your new album out…I don’t condone it at all,” Brown said, referring to Kim’s recently released mixtape, Black Friday. “It’s not cute.”

Although she shares a long history of problems with the Queen Bee, Fox Boogie said that she never had any issues with the Young Money Princess. “Nicki has always been cool with me,” Foxy said. “She and I have something online I did for her—it was a video shoot with Lil Wayne and Rick Ross, [when] she wasn’t signed yet. And she was like, ‘Foxy is the first female artist who ever embraced me.’ She was classy; she was articulate. I’m so proud of her.”

The Chyna Doll feels that Kim handled the Minaj situation poorly. “Had she let the people say, ‘Oh [Nicki], you’re trying to be Kim, you’re a fake Kim,’ then it doesn’t come directly from her,” she explained.

In related Foxy Brown news, the Brooklyn Don Diva is currently working on her long delayed album Black Roses. “It’s going to be the first double CD from any female rapper in history, so it’s going to be really big,” she said. “One side is going to be straight hip-hop and hardcore records, and a couple big radio joints, and then the other side is dancehall rock.

Foxy hopes to drop the disc sometime this summer.—Nicole LoPresti

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  • Sha

    Foxy seems to have a decent amount of intelligence. It’s a shame she doesn’t apply the same intellect to her personal life.

    • TBD since 1983

      Co-sign to the 10th power

    • Q461

      Between Foxy and DMX, I don’t know who has had a harder fall from grace. But she’s right, Kim puttin too much energy into this Minaj shit.

      “the Brooklyn Don Diva is currently working on her long delayed album Black Roses. “It’s going to be the first double CD from any female rapper in history, so it’s going to be really big,” she said. ”

      This shit ain’t happening. this album was supposed to be out 6 years ago for one. Secondly, the double album format is beyond dead and even if it wasn’t no label gonna give Foxy a double album in this day and age. If anything, that would go to Em or Ye, raps current sales powerhouses, but ain’t nobody doing a double album in 2011.

  • Manzz

    This bitch Foxy(Ugly) is a str8 fuckn hater!!!! Bitch make some music worth listening too, you had a few song that had other ppl on them, you aint did shit close to Kim. The bitch did, literally take Kims whole shit, I mean whole shit!!!! If a motherfucka take something from your ass in life, why the fuck would you wait for other ppl to call them on it, or do you man up and handle that shit your fuckin self!!!!??? Me and Nikki kool, ole dick riding bitch sound like somebody looking for some help!!!! Bitch we dont need no more of them wack ass, fake ass Jamican accent sounding song from you, you went def and music quality def along time ago!!!! And bitch for real for real you a Kim knockoff your damn self truth be told!!!! Like Kim said that whole team is a bunch of weirdo’s. Who cares what you think, you aint dropping shit worth hearing in yrssssss!!!! A do me a favor somebody give me Jackie-O number so we can trow this bitch a blanket party!!!!!!

    • Jack Tripper

      Lil Kim is that you?

    • ffff

      LOL nigga shut yo bitch ass…..u aint fuckin lil kim and u aint related to to her……hoe ass nigga u prolly that fag that cryin for brittany spears on youtube

  • Li

    I like Kim and Foxy and I don’t think no one can take their spots its sad that they don’t get along because they could of made some good music together. As far as Foxy saying Kim should of let the ppl say that she is trying to be Kim the streets did say she was copying Kim but most of Nicki’s young fans aren’t familiar with the Queen B. And I hate to say it but Foxy copied Kim as well. I remember both of their first albums and Foxy had on the same outfit inside the cassette and Foxy your second album you str8 jacked her sound and image and you lost alot of respect when you did that. You sounded exactly like her it was hard to tell that it was you! I still like you but u jacked the Queen as well as if you were paying homage when you knew the friendship was over!

  • britt

    wait isn’t this the same ratchet that was sayin first kim was hatin her on now she hatin on nicki in that wack ass song massacre. foxy sit down

  • britt

    wait isn’t this the same person that was dissin kim in her massacre track but now she wanna try to jump in and talk about the beef sit down

  • Mike

    Foxy says the same lame shit every year about dropping a album, but nothing ever comes out. All these old ass rappers trying to advance.

  • Tumi

    @Sha co-sign

  • http://xxlmag JayRuckNYC

    Fuck this bitch. No one was saying anything when she was hating on Eve when Eve was hot. Then she started hating on Charlie B more……Then she got her ass whipped by Jacki O. C’mon Fox. Mind your bizness and stop talikng about Kim for ONCE in your life!!!!!!

    • chris!

      first of all fuck all yall because foxy brown is the i’llest bitch in the game lil kim ain’t shit she alway’s hating on everybody two the bitch is talking about foxy brown has ghost writers when she is the queen so uless she writes her shit she ain’t she will never beat foxy in any battle and she won all disses toward kim and jacki o she ait’t did shit she keep on changin her story’s about the fight so if you was not there then you can’t say the jacki o whoop her and i doubt that jacki o can whoop foxy brown bk fuck out hear jacki o was mas mad she couldn’t get on a track and another thing her albums are wack talking about foxy but yet she wanted to get on a track jacki o will never sale album s like foxy and lil kim has lost respect for herself when she fuckled up her face all she talk about is sucking dick like bitch up grade your lyrics and eve started taking shots first at foxy and kim did too so know what the fuck ya’ll taking about before you open your mouths and she right kim needs too grow up



  • ha

    Well of course she’s going to side with Niki that’s no surprise there and ain’t she getting promoted at the same time ah foxy well then. “Foxy was the first person to embrace me” more like getting her fake ass back into the game not sure why as she wasn’t much of a good mc in the first place. She only stayed in cos this beef with Lil Kim so how can she not condemn something she was doing. Niki and Foxy don’t even make a whole rapper which is why she think’s she’s so cute?????.