Eminem: Most “Liked” Artist on Facebook

Eminem may have made his name by making fun of pop stars, but nowadays he is proving himself to be the most popular of them all. Today (February 24) the rapper made history on Facebook by surpassing Lady Gaga as the most liked, living artist on the social networking site.

As of press time Em’s page currently stands at 28,898,000+ likes, while Lady Gaga trails behind at 28,879,000+ likes. This battle is sure to be ongoing, as Gaga is known to have a very supportive fanbase, but this marks the first time XXL‘s March 2011 cover boy has taken the lead.

This news comes at a great time for the lyricist. In addition to his growing Facebook popularity, Shady is coming close to breaking yet another Gaga record. According to the The Detroit News, Em has become only the third artist in history to surpass 1 billion overall views on youtube. With 1.164 billion views as of this Monday, Em joins Lady Gaga (who has 1.189 billion views total) and Justin Bieber (who leads with 1.3 billion views).

If these two accomplishments weren’t huge enough, as we reported yesterday the rap superstar’s last album Recovery, surpassed Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday this week, to become the top selling rap album on the Billboard Top 200 charts. To date, Recovery, Em’s seventh solo studio album has sold over 3.6 million copies.—Tyrone Palmer

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  • N.U.E.

    eminem best rapper alive PERIOD

    • T

      I have to agree with you there.

    • xxlpost

      I know I know you’re wigger or a stupid nigga. A stupid drug addict gets all these wiggers intrigued. Garbage like this is why I hate hip hop and Eminem equally at this point.

  • Sha

    When a perfect marketing scheme comes together……

  • Rap.N.Y

    Eminem is breaking alot of records these days,respect for that.His fanbase is huge and loyal.He`s a great rapper

  • xxlpost

    How is this even important? Society has gotten so pathetic. I can’t imagine why people like this individual; I guess the world loves worthless drug addicts who should be where Proof is right now.

    • xxlpost

      I like little boys.

    • rogers27

      @NAPTOWNNUISANCE agreed. and @xxlpost fuck u you r gonna die. you are probably a fucked up crack baby

  • eraser

    xxlmag comments: most racist place on internet short of youtube


    @XXL POST.
    BITCH SHOW SOME RESPECT TO THE DEAD, AND QUIT FUCKIN HATIN BECAUSE THE WHITE BOY IS HEAD AND SHOULDERS DOPER THAN ANYONE YOU LISTEN TO. Maybe your the one who should be dead fuckin punk. Its one thing to dislike someone, but to show disrespect and flat out hate while disrespecting his dead best friend is about as low as you can go, I wouldnt be surprised if your another fuckin jealous juggalo.

    • xxlpost

      i’ll suck ur dick so hard u’ll wish i didn’t