Curren$y Signs to Warner, Preps EP With The Alchemist

Indie favorite Curren$y is back on a major. has learned that Spitta signed with Warner Bros. Records and is prepping his first release for April 20.

The New Orleans rapper’s manager confirmed with XXL that Curren$y’s first project on WB will be a 10-12 song EP, completely produced by The Alchemist called Covert Coup.

Spitta also secured a label deal with Warner for his imprint, Jets International. He has hopes to drop discs by his affiliates Fiend and Young Roddy, who have appeared on his Pilot Talk 1 & 2 albums, which both dropped in 2010 through a distribution deal with Def Jam. —Jesse Gissen

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  • denise

    well deserved….where havent we been yet?

  • New HarlemWorld Order

    I posted this 2 weeks ago

    quote me next time b

    • Alex

      No one cares b

      • Broz1p

        He did thats 1 of the sites I go on all the time… A @HarlemWorld what chu think about this???? Astroturfin???

  • dropgemz

    … hotspitta was dope on No Limit, i’m glad for him ! …

  • bakerboi

    Long time coming, man. you put a lot of work in and now it’s starting to pay off. Sometime we got to f@ck with WACK WORLD just a little to get to where we want or so we can Just Enjoy This Shit. J-E-T-S FOOL

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  • Nunya

    Damn son I thought 10-12 tracks was an LP these days! That’s an EEP. Can’t wait.

    • Eagle

      TRUE! haha

      But in all seriousness, im glad homey s gettin the major label recognition he deserves.

      Bout damn time

      Coppin “Cover Coup” for sure

  • dragonbear

    Good to see him getting some respect, but he always said he didn’t care about the label, as long as he was on his shit. Hopefully he doesn’t pull a wiz and go mainstream. Hot Spitta needs to stay in the JETStream

    • HyyerStandards

      I think Spitta is the last person who’s gonna let the label shape his movement. *crosses thumbs* He’s stayed fly so far, even through the YM deal, which I’m sure he was pressured to go with a more mainstream appeal.

  • TBD since 1983

    Dang, congrats to Spitta; but want about all that unity talk with Dame Dash. How will their relationship stand now that Spitta signed with Dame’s enemy, “Lyor Cohen” (yes!!!, Lyor runs Warner now)

  • Ernest

    4/20. Right on.

  • Ronald

    Coming soon…. Curren$y ft. the anamaniacs

  • aj

    jett set we here,clear the runway and the lane hoe.

  • casper662

    What ever happened to DDMG (Dame Dash Music Group) ?
    Dame is a smart dude.Thought he signed Curren$y?

  • casper662

    Dame,Hit me up.I know the real deal,homie.Get my e-mail from XXL.

  • dynamicwayne

    That’s whats up

  • Bird

    So happy for this dude….I have bought pilot talk 1 twice and pilot talk 2…..i wiill be purchasing covert coupe….stay ya self spitta…not like wiz and that auto tune crap….

  • jon b

    i wonder if spitta is still gonna be wit damon dash

  • Q461

    I got mixed feelings on this. I fucks with Spitta, but I was def into that whole shit him and Dame had goin on. I liked the whole us vs the machine attitude and the frequency dude was puttin records out as well as all the creative freedom and Ski Beatz production. Yall know Spitta caked about $750,000 fuckin with Dame and touring? Not bad for an indy artist.

    The thing is I think that all changes once dude goes major. I always worry about dudes being forced to change their style up, and now with both Wiz and Spitta goin major, this is a major possibility. Somehow I think sometimes labels just sign artists to get them off the market. Plus we all know Lyor hates Dame, but the one with the most to lose is Spitta. He has a strong following , but if he gets jerked again by a major thats the 3rd time for dude. Dame will be ok, it’s a huge hit for him yes, but he’s workin with other artists (Smoke Dza, Stalley, Tabi Bonney come to mind as well as a few rock artists)

    I’m hopin for the best for Spitta. Gonna def cop that new mixtape as well as the other 2 joints dudes got a deck.

  • Jordan

    You can tell this deal is on Spitta’s terms. He said in an interview that labels didn’t have the right terms that’s why he was grindin’ his own way. Now he has the major label backing him and he can still do his own thing. This dude is a business man. Stayed true to himself and his fans and it paid of.

    • Q461

      For Curren$y’s sake I hope u are right, but we’ve seen this story before many times… hopefully hes able to stay true to what as made him popular as well as stack some chips… its a fine line to walk so I’m hopin for the best for both Spitta and Wiz this year…

      Not for nothin, Muscle Car Chronicles was supposed to be a project with McKenzie Eddy/ Sean O Connell ( 2 non-rap artists from Dame’s camp). I heard trailers of it… it sounds dope but it’s wayyyyyy out there and indy.( kinda folksy, white soul/rock vibe)… that shit ain’t coming out on a major label unless they change the whole concept behind it.

  • Strate Crooked

    Sounds fishy. What happened to DD172 homie?
    And bringing back Roc a fella!


    well….i think if he went major that means he got some major shit fin to pop off cuz we all know how he feels about people in “suits”…

  • EmCDL

    Man he should have stayed independent

  • Dommi

    So hes not with dame dash anymore?

  • Young_Tony

    currensy a dope ass rapper… his album are going to be classics….. JET LIFE…….


  • http://youtube/astarvinartist Libz asap ent


  • Massxi

    Paper Plane to That!!!!!! Where Haven”t We Been Yet!!

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