50 Cent Hints at Feud With Dr. Dre Over Competing Headphones

It’s hard to imagine a feud between 50 Cent and Dr. Dre, but if Fif’s latest tweets are anything to go by, it could become a likely scenario.

50 has been airing some dirty laundry on Twitter. The root of the problem, according to 50, is Interscope chairman Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre’s displeasure at his competing line of headphones Sleek by 50.

“Jimmy [I]ovine and [D]re mad at me cause I’m doing [S]leek by 50,” the G-Unit honcho stated matter-of-factly on his account yesterday (February 14). He later added: “Would you faint if I told you I just wrote a verse about [J]immy and [D]re. Oh my god this is hard. This shit gonna kill.”

50 also seemed to suggest that he’s been left off Dre’s upcoming album Detox because of the drama. “I guess I’m not going to be on [D]etox Lol,” he wrote.

No word yet from either the Doc or Iovine—who are both partners in Beats by Dre headphones—on 50’s statements. Stay tuned to XXLMag.com as the story develops. —Henry Adaso

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  • jonny bizness

    It looks like 50 is done with Interscope but show some class and leave without dissing and by the sounds of it not being on Detox is not that big of a deal from what I’ve heard so far.

    • asknsee

      I have to agree that not being on Detox isn’t that big of deal – who knows what the hell thats going to sound like – however this may be a clever plot by Curtis to generate frenzy about his new product while giving more sales to his already Rich producer and richer CEO of interscope.

    • AT

      Exactly man^

  • pap3rchazer

    I say fuck dre n jimmy if their mad that fifs headphones deal. in reality fif should be the one mad at both of them! they told fif back in 04 to sign n put on Game becuz dre is too wack of a label exec to make it happen n look what that turned into. but the most important thing is that Em n fif are still tight

    • http://armyofzombies@blogger.com minusthecynic

      i agree bro fifty n eminem r the heart of shady aftermath shadys a beat maker now hes outgrown dre but he still needs fiftys marketing appeal

  • kenny


    • Don mcCaine

      you have both headphones? i have the Beats By Dre and the wire is already fUxed up. where did you get the Sleeks at? ’cause they seem to be not on sale as of yet…

    • Don mcCaine

      actually nevermind…looking at this must mean the headphones are probably ready to go…

      what better way is there to compete with audio equipment than by providing music to test it? put out a “diss track” (that dre probably produced) and see the results. clever…dude is going for his market share…


    50 thinks people care…he thinks he is relavant..you had your 15 minutes, now GET LOST..xxl stop posting things about this fool…

  • Wu Clanman

    50 the biggest bitch in the industry. Dre the one that put his ass on and made him what he is today. He’s not someone who would have made it regardless. I knew this would happen sooner or later. Dre just need to slap 50′s ass around a little bit. 50 IS THE MOST OVER-RATED fuck ever. He’s the Justin Beiber of rap…………. Fuckin faggot………..

  • mike

    you guys are idiots. 50 is clearly joking

    • kenny

      yea hes joking . but hes serious about competing

  • Kam

    50 is a bitch.

  • http://www.thisizgame.com fuck50

    fuck 50. 50 is a bitch

  • RTI

    FUCK Dre, FUCK Jimmy and all the motherfuking haters out there. 50 Cent is the realist dude in Hip Hop!
    He never loses, he always wins!!

  • dex


  • Qtha Great!

    I’m not sure how this will play out. why would it matter anyway? Just keep getting your money dude! Next he’ll be beefing with Em because of something. all that beefin in the media, over non-sense is really old now.

  • theTRUTH

    50 just tryin to creat buzz about his album, This is some WWE ish…

  • http://kiga.co.tz JOE KIGA


  • Waka Flocka

    Votin good

  • Hill

    Fif is a bitch ass mufucka; better watch his mouf b4 Dre get
    NWA on his NY ass!


  • Dj ID

    LOL… This stuff is too funny. The beats by Dre headphones were def no where close to being good headphones people only bought them because his name was on them and being as good as a producer as he is he should have never put his name on the product… Anyone that knows audio knows those headphones were garbage and expensive garbage at that along with monster being able to market audio like no one else can because their products aren’t really the best out or even make that much of a difference but marketing is everything. 50 doing this deal hopefully comes with quality not his name because i’m a fan of both but quality means more to me then a name does… These artist better be getting top dollar for these companies using them to sell less then top quality products. Like HP lol Dre did the deal and HP don’t make quality computers for this line of work… Everyone out there do your research, read your reviews, and remember in this business it’s quality and detail that matter not the name…

  • bylaw99

    What gets me is people r quick to say 50 a bitch, how cause he doesnt bite his tongue about shit. Look at how neither Dre, Em or Jimmy tried to assist their artist with marketing all because he wldnt share is pie with they ass like Em an Dre did. Erything Em and Dre does Jimmys eating off of but not 50 so thats why they are showing their true colors. The fact of the matter is 50 doesnt need them and he’s shown them..he’ll 50 has more money then all them at Interscope anyways maybe even Jimmy. Who else from that label has scored a huge multi million dollar deal outside of music? dnt worry I’ll wait.

  • Mark

    dre can not be angry over 50 cent line of headphone, because snoop,ice cube, jay have their own line. last time i check dre is cool with all dem dudes.

  • Q461

    You can tell Fif has flirted with dissing Dre and Em before in his head. I hope it doesnt come to this.

    He should try something new as far as building hype for his next record: how about quality tracks with beatsmiths and other artists he hasn’t yet collaborated with? A little unity might be good…he has played that beef shit to it’s death.

  • jtm

    please don’t tell me this is true.

  • Jay

    First, the guy who wrote 50 is the realest in hip hop has to be a mentally challenged individual who is on a lot of medication.

    Second, the people who said that being on detox is not that big a deal because they don’t think it’ll sound good from what they have heard so far are idiots. Yes, INAD is a pop song, but you guys forget that they do this with almost every album: put out a mainstream song to draw the mainstream crowd in…

    If you guys actually look at all the leaks and other tracks that were supposedly slated to be on DETOX, that album is going to be dope:
    1) Topless (could you imagine if this track was finished…fire!)
    2) So Bad
    3) Kush
    4) Under pressure (if this track was mastered and mixed and allowed to be finished with a chorus, it would be very, very good)

    Third, 50 is starting to dig his own grave in the music industry as he is already not doing too well in terms of music (last few albums were average) but now he’s starting to feud with the people that made GRODT which eventually made 50. So sad…

  • http://donm.com don m

    fuck 50 he z a snitch those guys put him on ,th bitch cant even understand th street codes ,bitch get lost if it wasn ‘t 4 these dudes u should have stil bn stayin at your granny”s house ,fuck 50 this nigga z killing hiphop

  • Dj Kingsley

    Don’t kno the planet u fools cum 4rm. Are u wacko’s comparing beats or headphones? Dre is like a god in this industry. y say 4k Dre when fif is trying 2create attention