Wiz Khalifa Rolling Out With Major Label Debut on March 29

2010 XXL Freshman Wiz Khalifa has both titled his forthcoming major label debut album and revealed his release date . The Pittsburgh, PA MC took to his Twitter account earlier to announce: “Rolling Papers: March 29”

As previously reported, along with Stargate, who were responsible for his platinum selling hit, “Black & Yellow,” Wiz has gone into the studio with The Neptunes’s Pharrell Williams and Jim Jonsin. While the other producers are unknown, Young Khalifa is certain he has some bangers in store for fans.

“Everything that we drop after ‘Black and Yellow’ is going to do as well or better,” Khalifa told billboard.com. “‘Black & Yellow’ was just supposed to be a set-up record. We haven’t even gotten into the good stuff. So with ‘Black and Yellow’ taking off and people getting behind it and supporting it that much, that’s just great, great for what’s going to happen after that. I mean, I just feel that good about it.”

Last Sunday Wiz performed his hometown theme song at the Pittsburgh Steelers Vs. NY Jets AFC Championship game. —Elan Mancini

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  • T-Mac

    Yo Wiz, you really think you going to have song bigger than Black & Yellow ?

    • matthew

      yea it gonna be interesting

    • antman

      his mixtapes r so much better then mainstream black and yellow is worst song!!!!!

      • bostonsboiii

        naaa black&yellow isnt his worst song its just not his best, i mean how could you hate on a song like that?

      • Andres Mendez

        yea man see i like that you know your. Stuff people only only know bout black and yellow he has way better songs out than that

        • TaylorGangDoo

          Your Right Black & Yellow is a “Play Play” Song To me Cause All The “Taylors” Aint Know Wiz When Grow Season or Star Power And Ish Came Out They Just BandWagin’ But its All Good Cause Wiz Still Gets his Probs

    • rikosuve

      nigga wtf black and yelllow is AIGHT

    • http://dxxlmag.com ally

      WIz .
      I mean kno one is better !!!!!

    • runGfordays

      I like some of what Wiz puts out and black and yellow has to be one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard. Song is 95% chorus what a good rap!

  • BigV

    Considerin Black & Yellow was one of his worst songs to date im sure better things to come…

    • crimson

      x mah fucken 2! i don’t get this black and yellow shit, bring back the prince of the city shit.

    • Young J

      Big V you a hater get your shit right

      • AREALWizFAN

        Glad to see Wiz is dropping a new album…but all you dumbass’ who say Black & Yellow or Big Screen was his best, are whaaaack. Wiz is about rollin’ j’s and getting blowed….hope he stays true to that with this new album. Either way, I’ll bang it out…

        • cleto

          of course wiz is gona stay true to smoking js havent you heard “that good” by him and snoop dogg and of course the album is tittle “rollin papers” dont be stupid now

    • nickb

      yea fsure. hopefully well see some potc an star power type shit. AN HOW FLY 2

  • Jim

    This guys an idiot^

  • Black and yellow is a bad song

    As my name says i didnt like that song and thats the only song people know him off of it sad how his older work (BAR, Flight School Etc.) is his best work and no one hardly listens to it. but ill rep wiz all day.

    • 410wizFan

      heard the big screen snippet way back i couldnt wait til the day that he finished the song…but is it really his fault that radios overplya black and yellow? its far from a terrible song..but anyway if u think about it wiz is a lot differnt from potc days its great music but he’s changed face it…

      comin from a legit wiz head . smoke weed evrydayy

      • taylorgang

        wiz cant decide if his song gonna get played on the radio yall stupid. if i had a song id want it played all the time. black and yellow was and still is a jam stop hatin. he just got better songs. ill still say tho that wen flight school came out it was the shit still is. watch out for mac miller tho bitchesss

  • bigvsux

    sure bigv.
    too bad wiz doesn’t have time to give a shit, or isn’t poor enough to give a fuck.

  • http://www.yahoo.com Jay Boss

    Yea he gon have songs bigger than black & Yellow dat aint no question homie Im Copin dat New Album Too!!!!!!!


  • mike

    Yo taylor gang is doin it big forreal, best shit to ever hit the game. If i was wayne or any other wack ass rapper i would try and colab with his ass and learn somethin. His style is my shit and he is CONSISTENT. Not one good hit here, wait 6 months then another… Most of his songs are dope as shit and will continue to be i know it. k+oj was a tight ass album it’ll be hard to beat wiz but i know you got it. Im sure this album will fuggin bang to. cant wait to roll a couple doobies and chill to it. BITCH

  • al-wiz

    he allready has a song bigger and better then black and yellow its called big screeen listen

  • Frosty Deville

    Damn.. I see some haters showin up early. Wiz do yo thang man. I like to see anyone tryna come up make it. Just be yourself, and good things will follow. much love from down south. and if any of you haters don’t like what I said.. well.. you can find me runnin with the Ghosts in northeast Georgia. We real men with it out here.

  • roll one

    wiz your music is so sick. your freestyle are too down.
    BLACK & YELLOW was a mad sick hit, but its aired to much on the radio stations. you hear it like every 5/ 10 min. just make sure your music dont get plaid out.

  • bluedevil4

    haters gonna hate
    shut the fuck up BigV

  • Michael

    I hate how all these new people think that Black & Yellow is his best song. Shutup and listen to some of his old stuff it’s so much better. Miles, The Thrill, B.A.R., This plane, I still remember, and the list goes on. Taylor gang for life.

  • wisco715

    yo al-wiz, stfu big screen ain’t a good song. its decent, but like everyone else is sayin’ wiz’s old music is better. prince of the city 2, flight school, how fly, those were dope mixtapes. course you can’t forget kush & oj. so stop callin niggas haters who are sayin’ black and yellow is just an alright song, cause it is. you best believe young khalifa when he says he has better music comin’ tgod

  • Rich

    “Black and yellow” wasnt as good as it gets.. any true wiz supporter would know that..

  • taylor gang reed

    I didnt really like black and yellow because to many people only know wiz by that song where im from the 412 and ive been listening to wiz for years his mixtapes are off the chain and “rolling papers’ is defanatily going to be a banger.

  • nuqqa

    shit, i love how everyone hates on black and yellow, if that shit did not blow up, yunz would love it and say “this shit needs to be big” fuckin hypocrites. just be glad he finally broke thru. (and by the way, i would not consider flight school his “old shit”) fuckin’ lames.

    • thegreat

      STFU, he broke thru with the Kush & OJ mixtape

  • Conflicted21

    You gave a great show at the El Rey in LA, CA… I Hope you keep fuckin with Germ…

  • listen to

    Thrill, dreamer, damn thing, then tell me Black and Yellow is a good wiz song. HAHA. its radio garbage.

  • nuqqa

    and if yunz do want to listen to some old shit, d/l show and prove, or prince of the city 1. wiz goes hard as fuck.

  • Eluzzion

    BigV get the hell outta here wit that…

  • b dub

    every wiz song is hot yah dig

  • Tailorgangrepresent

    im looking foward to his new stuff…but like the most of you i bump his older songs and tapes (flight school , how fly and B.A.R were classics…)

    and his style kinda turned mainstream but i still like it…as long the flow is smooth i’ll listen to him
    and i’ll support wiz till i die cuz im livin dat tailorred life hahah

  • Ant

    Black & Yellow is easily the MOST overrated song and not even that good. Lets try something like B.A.R, Star Power or Flight School.

  • TGOD

    agreeing with BigV black and yellow was not good at all he has wayyyy better things to come so excited for Rolling Papers to come out

  • thegreat

    @T-Mac What do you mean? The whole “How Fly” mixtape was better than that Black and Yellow single. Even though I dont listen to Wiz anymore, “Car Service” was tha shit

  • http://www.JMillie.com J-Millie

    Wiz is crazy . haha

  • kudos for wizzzz

    plenty people knew wiz way b4 black n yellow. its an alright song. i bet u cant do a better song than black n yellow. just admit anyone who hates are talentless hacks who suck the blood out of people with real ability. wiz is a beast respect his hustle. im from Cleveland so i should b da last guy sayin this.



  • Ceelo

    okay okay ya niggas are riding his dik too fuken much! im all for wiz he tight sick song but NOO NOO FUKEN WAY HES THE BEST or compare to WAYNE!! wiz cant even freestyle he hast even dropped a album out yet how the fuk can you idiots compare?????????? wayne is the best and Mr.Drake is right behind Mr.Carter. Young Money Cast Money,Taylor Gang and Jet$

  • Daniel

    Buy Official Wiz Khalifa Sunglasses before the album release at eyetique.com/wizkhalifa

  • duces12

    wooowwww so manyy haterrr. wiz is doing his than better than most rappers. black and yellow is one of the dopest songs out there right know.

  • dustin

    idk what you fools are talking about. black an yellow is good as fuck most of you are saying that because you know his older shit and all the “new” fans only know black an yellow.

  • Mikey2G


  • Juan

    I got on the Wiz bandwagon with Kush & OJ, and I can definitely relate that Black & Yellow is definitely not his best song.

  • Rollin doobies up!

    PPL said wiz would stay underground and he drops a main stream song to show everyone up… he still puttin out good music, anticipating the new album gonna be fire !

  • S-Khalifa

    Black and Yellow Isn’t even his best song IMO, I have been on Wiz since B.A.R., I thought some of his Kush and OJ songs were better

  • wizzle dizzle

    black and yellow is his worst song. download star power, flight school, still prince of the city 2 or kush & orange juice. those are mixtapes have some real songs on there.

  • jess

    yayyy thats my birthdayyyy!!! i love u wiz <3

  • mindperson

    Pot heads have HUGE egos [most of em]. I mean look at snoop and ross. He wont get another black and yellow but hell drop great shit. Hes crazy with hooks and thats all most people listen to really. And with his hype and marketing hes hear to stay. Talyor gang.

  • tha flash

    why do they say wiz khalifa is a freshman? he has been in tha game now sometime. anyway wiz she keep doin your thing mann roll them papers and keep recordin can’t wait for the new album. it would be dope if kid cudi, curren$y, mac miller, the game, tyga, and some others would feat. in some songs on the album. other then that damn hurry up march i need that shit on my ipod

    • tha flash

      *anyway keep doin your thing

  • fug you

    big screen is old and was never supposed to be released. he made it before flight school.

  • patricia

    i have to say i just wish instead of knocking wiz down be happy that he is doing great and is enjoying life unlike some of you’s.he is young and just breaking thru. god bless you wiz and may you recieve all blessing that have come your way.like his songs states i guess some need to throw rocks not love.lol

  • ryan

    he should make some more shit like flight school or prince of the city

  • jordan j

    i agree that all of wiz’s mixtapes are better and black and yellow is honestly to me one of his worst songs….but don’t get me wrong its still live and im forever going to be a a wiz fan!!

  • Rich Boi

    To be honest, B & Y is a good song. I just don’t like it cause all the bandwagon fans do. TGOD

  • Wiz in his pants Khalifa

    Anything this child puts out is gonna be bad. Hes part of the problem in today’s youth. Smoke weed, do drugs, fuck it just go kill someone if you want, and have sex with as many women as you can and spread HIV. I’m ”Hood” fuck yeah. Half the “rappers” of today are illiterate niggers scamming people for money by there dancing, singing, banana eating acts. do yourself a favor go do something worth value.

    U.S. Naval lieutenant

  • kekelselkslke

    black and yellow is absolutely atrocious, your worst song. let’s go back to burn after rolling, kush & oj, flight school… don’t let them ruin you.

  • Swen702

    the question, “wiz, will you have a song bigger than black and yellow?”

    the answer, YES! obviously you guys have not heard the full version of Big Screen yet.

  • Just the tip…

    For real, that Big Screen joint was made like two years ago, Big Jerm said it himself. That said, it’d still be fuckin’ dope on the new record, if that auto-tune/vocoder got fixed.

  • ICE who ICE

    psh listenin to all u haters is some sucka shit get real wiz is the biggest thing poppin right now n black n yello got his shit on the radio so shut that shit

  • To tha haters

    bro who gives a fuck wat u ppl say…

    he making a million, smoking mad weed, and fucking mad hoes…



  • kta

    why would wiz steal domo’s album title? thats whack as hell. taylor gang needs to step up their originality. free earl. ofwgkta.

  • rexamillion

    Seen Wiz and Yelawolf on tour together and Wiz got mad better shit than “black and yellow”. Hit the flo, this plane and ink my whole body to just peel the scab back. Don’t let the radio feed you the b.s..

  • sheed

    big ups to wiz and curren$y stop hatin

  • TGOD

    wiz u dat nigga fuk wat everybody else say TGOD BIIIIIITTTTTTTTCHHHHHHHHHH

  • gmoney

    Black and yellow is a crazy track. Not his best but def. live. It is mainstream and thats where the money is at. Hopefully his album displays some mainstream and some REAL hip hop as well.

  • BigV

    lol its not hate its an opinion…if u think black n yellow is better than material or sky high from flight school or any of the songs from kush x oj, B.A.R. or even goin back to prince of the city 2 then idk wat to tell u …thats why im sure he has better to come if u a real Wiz fan u kno his past songs and not just black n yellow….TGOD X JETS Fool

  • Rmada

    i been fuckn wit wiz since he was like 16..you cant hate on Black n Yellow cos foreal if it wasnt for that track he’d still be searchn for big radio play..obviously his mixtapes are his best shit but POTC 1 and 2 doesnt have the type of tracks that the mainstream is lookn for..it sucks but thats just how it goes..and plus this is his debut album..yall really thnk he aint gona bring som major flame for his next CD come on now..yall know Wiz

  • maryam

    yo man yu r great..!

  • Newkhalifafan

    What his “real fans” don’t realize is people that didn’t listen to him before are starting to listen to him now and people like me go back and listen to his old stuff like Deal or No Deal,Kush and OJ,B.A.R,Prince of the city:Welcome to Pistolvania, and Starpower,and Flight School,and soon Rolling Papers,I even learned about Curren$y.Don’t hate on the new fans celebrate Taylor Gang or F****** KILL YOURSELF!!!!!!

  • Ariana

    ALL his songs before black and yellow are THA SHIIIIIIIIT!!!! Black and yellow is cool too…but its radio play….He shows his true talent on EVERYTHING