Ras Kass Clears the Air on Fight With Game

West Coast rappers Ras Kass and Game found themselves ringing in the New Year with a brawl in a Los Angeles nightclub. XXLMag.com connected with Kass to find out what happened.

The rappers, who fought back in September 2006, took to Twitter to talk about the incident with Game tweeting, “”Gave Rass Kass a 2-piece nugget meal in da club da otha night. He went down n da 1st round like last time. Same soft chin, Different clothes.”

Apparently, the two spitters ran into each other in the bathroom prior to the scuffle. Says Ras Kass, “He was saying, ‘Hey, what’s up?’ and kissing my ass. If he had a problem with me, he could have talked to me in the bathroom. Game’s stories never add up. When you cross-examine him just ask him didn’t ya’ll see each other in the bathroom?”

The tension escalated in the club when allegedly Game had an issue with a friend of Ras Kass. “I was telling my boy like, ‘not in here, let’s not do this here,’” he said. “I’m not going to be responsible for fucking up a New Years Eve’s party. I already told him I’m not trippin’ off you in here. Then I said you lied the first time.” Ras Kass was referring to the last time the rappers clashed back in September, which resulted in a few diss tracks.

After a few words, Ras Kass says Game threw a punch and ran. “He’s stuck on stupid,” Kass said. “He knows we have pictures. He punched and then ran behind a pool table. You don’t call the police. There was no knockout. No one even got a bruise. He came around through the back and he called the police. He got me in the nose. Then he ran and I socked his friend. Game is about 6’4. I’m 5’6. Throw a punch and fight me. Don’t throw a punch and run. He’s a runner. He’s a trackstar. “

XXL reached out to a rep for Game, but as of press time he has yet to respond.

What reignited the beef is unclear but may have something to do with Ras Kas signing with fellow West Coast rapper and Game rival, 40 Glocc. –Nicole LoPresti

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    who cares…what matters is who makes better music…and thats GAME

    • Sekoya Savage

      Have you ever heard Rass? your dumb as fuck, Game copys style and makes Gangsta Pop, obviously you like it, you should stop watchin Disney Channel, BITCH!

    • L


  • Russell

    Ras Kass, you got knocked the f*** out five years ago, made a little youtube video talking shit with your black eye showing and all, and once again you run into Game and the same shit happens again, YET YOU STILL TALK!!

    Retire already… MTV and BET don’t give a shit about you so do us all a favor and quit while you’re still ahead. I wouldn’t be surprised if Game came around and knocked out your Little Man Syndrome having ass for a third time!!

    You’re a little punk who only talks crap when he has a group of people with him. Real G’s keep it gangsta 24/7/365 even when they’re by themselves. Actions speak louder than words, homie… and your actions say you ain’t a gangsta!

  • Stephen X

    Fo sho lmao can’t believe this Ras Kass still be talkin shit. The nigga Game already won this beef.

    Funny shit tho.


  • http://www.zeedubb.bandcamp.com ZeeDubb

    both rappers are dope as shit! they just need to leave the bullshit alone and do good music


    They need to just scrap on camera and get all the sissy shit over with. Truthfully I dont really believe Rass any way, seeing as there are many other reports of game bein a head buster.

  • Tru Talk

    Sick of these idiots…. Games a bipolar diva, Officer Ross only boss in the squad car, Gay-Z is as arrogant as they come, Kanye a homo sexual, Drake nothing but a pop star, T.I a snitch, Wayne fucked up his mind with all the Drugs, Dre’s Detox is gonna disappoint unless its the greatest album of all time, and Nicki Minaj a hoe y else her last name Minaj?? o yea and Gucci is just a retard…. Rap sucks these dayz

    • L


    • General Era

      HAhahahaha!!!!! NO DOUBT!!!

      WTF HAPPENED!? Where the real raw heads at?

  • Game

    DAMN this homie lyin they both good rappers but Game is superior. Games a real ass nigga he beat ass all the time ras kass lyin so he dont seem like a pussy its the truth he did this last time sayin game ran to escape the fact he got his ass knocked out twice GIVE IT THE FUCK UP RAS GLASS KASS

  • EReal

    These two hoes should get a room.

  • alderman j

    I smell a RAS, I mean a RAT!!!!

  • Gfromstart

    this is so dumb both of these niggas need to either stop punching and running or take yo ass whooping like a man. lets just say they should have a public fight where everyone can see and no one can run or just shut the hell up cause this is old

  • Los Angelez Angelz

    I was there, Game walked up to dude, said “what’s up now?” and Bam! Rass said “Yo, I ain’t trying to fight here”, but it was too late. He got smashed on, game walked back to his area and that was that. Rass got bombed on with no retaliation. Dude is funny though, he’s trying to save face. He got put to sleep on New Years eve and all the chicks was looking at get knocked out. NOW he wants to talk that mess. Dude was mute at the party though. Str8 mute. No Raps, no tweets, no you tubing…nothing like that, he was mute and hurt. Disgusting, the nerve of people.

  • Rick

    WHO GIVES A FUCK!!!! I’d rather hear Game’s music than Ras….Ras just sucks periOD!! Dude has a horrible choice in beats! Dudes career is done..Why does he still try to be in the limelight….He’s lucky Game even acknowledges him.,,,,Yo Ras youre a has been. …….

  • Q461

    Wish Game would put that energy into making better tracks and getting RED album off the ground….Save the tweets nigga and hit the booth.

    I fuck with Ras kass. Soul on Ice still my shit.

    Who cares about these niggaz fighting? I’ll check for MMA shit or Mayweather if I wanna see a fight….lets stick to the music yall.