Raekwon Explains Rza’s Absense on Wu-Tang Vs. Shaolin

Raekwon has a lot of collaborators on his forthcoming album, Wu-Tang Vs. Shaolin, but Wu mastermind and head producer The Rza is not one of them. XXLMag.com spoke to The Chef to find out why.

“Rza is not on the album,” Rae told XXL. “Being that he’s so die hard Wu-Tang, anything that sounds like it’s going at Wu-Tang wasn’t really up his alley.

“I aint mad at him [though],” Rae continued. “He’s doing his movie thing right now, he’s happy with that, and for me I’m just gonna keep the legacy alive. I think I’m a skillful artist that understands how to do things, so it wasn’t really a headache to not have him [involved]. He did things for me on Cuban Links II which I’m very grateful for, but I didn’t want to get him to start dealing with [Wu-Tang Vs. Shaolin] because I knew that at the end of the day he wasn’t fond about it.”

Fans may remember a split within the ranks of Wu following the release of the group’s LP, 8 Diagrams, in 2007. Shallah Raekwon publicly announced his displeasure with The Abbot’s contributions to the disc at the time, and plotted his own album, sharing the same title of his new album.

“It wasn’t about anybody trying to make this record to assassinate The Rza,” he said. “We love The Rza. The Rza is the one that found us in the street. But we don’t always gotta be in love with The Rza you know what I’m saying? So this album was definitely picked from that time.”

As previously reported, Wu-Tang Vs Shaolin will boasts cameos from Nas, Rick Ross, Lloyd Banks, Black Thought, Busta Rhymes and Jim Jones, as well as fellow Wu members Ghostface Killah and Method Man. On the production side, Rae enlisted the talents of DJ Khalil, Scram Jones, The Alchemist, Erick Sermon and longtime Wu beatsmith Allah Mathematics.

Wu-Tang Vs Shaolin hits stores on March 8. —Elan Mancini with reporting by Thomas Golianopoulos

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  • http://ww.twitter.com/ollie_montaine purp.kobain@yahoo.com

    1st….cant wait til it drops {wu 4 life}

  • mav

    i dont really fuck wit the wu but that guest list alone is gonna force me to check that out and on a sidenote how the hell did lloyd banks land on there?….i guess we he gon spit some of that 03 04 banks shit cuz he was fire then

  • http://xxl.com marcus bordeaux

    fuc the wu nigga

  • http://www.chicagovibealive.com mw

    @mav…..u don’t fuck with the wu???

    you just exposed your weak spot….

    • that nigga


  • mw

    marcus….jesus you hatin sob……get out the f out of here!

    no respect….go back to yr weak ass xxx web site and hope for them affiliate checks.

    and take bodeaux out yr name…france is mad at that

  • yeah

    Wu-Tang forever!

    You must be stupid not to like Wu-Tang Clan or any release from any of its members.

    • JJ Smith

      Really? Any of it’s member? I love the Wu but U-God couldn’t drop an album to save his life.

  • fuckit

    fuck you raekwon you sellout bitch, workin with bieber now with rick ross n khaled, man as of lately your shit is a huge disapointment to your solo image and to the Wu. make music for what it is not for money!

  • Corey Diggs

    “Absense” you fucking retard?



    And people say black folks are ignorant: a goddamn guinea and a greek together can’t spell!!

  • Don mcCaine

    I forgot the lil’ homies are home because of the snow…

    * leaves *

    • texus


  • http://facebook Williemack

    I can’t wait to add this to my collection of Wu bangers! Peace to the Gods!

  • joe p

    wu-tang clan aint nothing to fuck wit god

  • Die hard Wu fan

    Yo aint nobody fuckin wit WU. If u aint feelin them FINE but dont fucking dare to speak down on the WU you ignorant motherfuckers.

    This cool as fuck, like Wu experiment. I’ma cop this shit. Wu 4 life. These new cats only feel Lil Wayne and Gucci Mayne, dont be expectin nothin from them. Wu-tang 4 life. Peace.

  • http://www.pmdbasketball.com JJXCB

    Fam has to spar against each other in order for the unit to ultimately become stronger.

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  • dockevoc

    OB4CLII = banga
    Apollo kids = banga
    Grandmasters = banga

    RZA…where you been at homey? For real, you’ve had nothing to do with WU classics in like 10 years dunny…