Raekwon Confims Nas Collabo, Talks Wu-Tang Vs Shaolin Producers

Over the weekend, an alleged tracklist for Raekwon’s Wu-Tang vs Shaolin album leaked promising a reunion between The Chef and Nas. XXLMag.com chopped it up with the Wu-Tang vet to find out if God’s Son was indeed able to make it onto his new LP.

According to Rae, the tracklist, although not listed in the right sequence, is in fact correct, and will feature a track with the Queensbridge MC. Nas wasn’t able to make it onto Lex Diamond’s last project, 2009’s critically acclaimed CD Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II due to a scheduling conflict, but he made sure to come out this go-round. “It definitely sounds like vintage Rae and Nas again,” the Staten Island rep told XXLMag.com.

“I [saw] Nas across seas, we had a show together, and we talked about a lot of things,” Rae explained about how the two linked up. ”We went from A-Z how we felt about things what was goin on at the time, and by the grace of God we was able to get this thing happenin’ again.  That was definitely one of the surprise things that I wanted to alert the fans with, just to let em know that my brother came up to air for me and I know through his busy schedule I guess in the back of his mind he was like ‘Yo I gotta come up for Rae.’”

Along with Nas, Wu-Tang Vs Shaolin boasts cameos from Rick Ross, Lloyd Banks, Black Thought, Busta Rhymes and Jim Jones, as well as fellow Wu members Ghostface Killah and Method Man. On the production side, Rae enlisted the talents of DJ Khalil, Scram Jones, The Alchemist, Erick Sermon and longtime Wu beatsmith Allah Mathematics.

Wu-Tang Vs Shaolin hits stores on March 8. —Elan Mancini with reporting by Thomas Golianopoulos

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  • sealsaa

    And here I thought Nas snubbed him on OB4CL 2. Good to hear.

  • dockevoc

    Hope the rest of it is fire, I wasn’t really feeling Shaolin V WT or Butterknives…Bronze Naz if truly horrible…where did Cilvaringz go?

  • Worley

    Rae bought better promotion for himself than Def Jam bought for Ghostface. I hope you up and coming rapsters are paying attention.

  • D-Rob

    Rick Ross doesn’t belong on a Wu-Tang album, PERIOD. Unless there’s a song where they’re getting arrested.

  • john cochran

    D-knob you a hater. They already got a song together floating around the net and its not bad.

  • Tyrannical T

    not feeling the concept of the album too much. OBFCLII was dope though

  • No Name

    Eh, probably just some leftover from the OB4CL2 sessions. But I still expect it to deliver well.

  • Poindexter

    OMFG… Raekwon… come on??? RICK ROSS??? You kidding me??? wow….

  • http://xxlmag JayRuckNYC

    D-Rob is right. Ross is the most overrated rapper in the game rite now but you can’t hate on him and give Jim Jones a pass. I don’t see why Rae is working with either of them. I can go for another Beans collabo. Jadakiss would be cool too. Even Freeway. The last three are artist more on Rae’s level. Nas definitely snubbed him on OBFCLII.

  • Q461

    Waitin on this album. OB4CL2 was dope! and one of the few sequel records to actually stand along side the first one as a respectable part 2. Rae has had the resurgence most mc’s from the 90s can only hope for. Alot of dudes were workin with Rae last year including Ross, Ye, Banks and Spitta and the Wu-Massacre record also dropped last year. Yall should go cop that Apollo Kids album too if you havent yet.

    Audio Meth by Ross and Rae with that Mobb Deep sample was pretty dope…..

  • Dead President

    yo audio meth was tight an maybe nas was going thru personal/lawyer shit wit that gold-digger at time of OB4CL2 ???

  • Don mcCaine

    “Audio Meth by Ross and Rae with that Mobb Deep sample was pretty dope…..”

    ^ that NSYOSTFU be working huh?

    glad to see Eric Sermon get some work, sad to see Rza ain’t involved…

  • Q461

    yeah I’m down wit the naming tracks movement…Good way to help prove your points/opinions…

    Erick Sermon is an underated producer. As far as Rza, Rae had said that this album was originaly supposed to be a Wutang record but without Rza beats, before it changed to a Rae solo record. He says Rza doesn’t have to be on every album and theres no hate, but I remember alot of inner crew animosity over the last Wutang album between cats and Rza. Def is odd to see cats like Jim Jones, Ross, Banks etc instead of GZA, Deck, RZA etc. He does have Ghost and Meth on tere, but there has been a division within the clan for a minute, and they have been branching out in more recent years to collabos with other dudes, ( the Ghost and D-Block joints come to mind)

    Just so yall know Nas wasn’t dissing Rae , it just didnt work out on the last record, but there was supposed to be verbal intercourse 2. But there was no beef or nothin the song just never got made ( Nas could have been busy with Distant Relatives or the Kelis situation)

    • http://xxlmag JayRuckNYC

      idk kidd=…..I have read and seen interviews in where Rae seemed disappointed that Nas wasn’t involved especially since it appears Nas gave his word to appear on a song. It could of been the Kelis situation or maybe not. But he could have at least put a call in to Rae to explain. That’s what I would have did. AZ has been reaching out to Nas as well to be on Doe Or Die 2 and hasn’t gotten a response. Nas just seems kinda flakey sometimes. Great MC but flakey nevertheless.

  • jtm

    i am glad rae and nas are working with each other again but i don’t understand why officer ricky or jim jones are on the album.

  • http://www.dynamicproducer.com dynamicwayne

    This is gonna be big!!

  • swype-matic

    OB4CLII was fire, and Rae got all kinds of independent $$$ from that. I’m not bent out of shape about a Ross collabo cause they’ve had like 3 or 4 songs together since like 2007 (Ice Water mostly). Bronze Nazareth is dope btw to whoever said he was horrible.

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