Nas Owes Over $6 Mil in Taxes

Nas is the latest rapper to make headlines for tax troubles. God’s Son reportedly owes the government over $6 million for properties he owns in Eagles Landing, Ga and Queens, NY.

According to The Detroit News, this isn’t the first time Nasir has has problems with Uncle Sam; for the last three years the IRS has filed liens against the rapper. In addition, the Queensbridge MC reportedly owes money for a condo in his home borough. Managers of the building claim he failed to pay his $420 a month assessment fee since January of last year, and have also filed a lien.

But its not all looking down for the Illmatic MC. Earlier this month his child and spousal support payments to ex-wife Kelis were cut in half. Originally ordered to pay about $51,000 a month, an L.A. Superior Court judge reduced Nas’s expenses to about $25,000.

Nas joins Lil Jon, Young Buck, Trick Daddy and many others who have all had problems with Uncle Sam in the past few months. —Elan Mancini

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  • New HarlemWorld Order

    Kelis done robbed Lil Homie without a gun

    the IRS finna lock him up now – unless he files bankruptcy

  • Jayhard

    C’mon God’s Son…. Did you not see what happened to Wesley??????? Especially Black Men pay your damn taxes!!!!!! they are waitin’ on a reason to get you!!!!!!!!! Luther said it best in “Set It Off” There are three people I don’t mess with………. That’s the I. R. S.!!!!! IRS= I will repo your SHIT!!!!!!!!!!

  • New HarlemWorld Order

    who the fuck is his accountant – they should have been on their job

    • phillipe

      maybe they’ll play “you owe me” on the ride to prison

  • Kid Cashier

    man… FUCK THE IRS! those greedy mutha fuckas!!!
    I swear that shit makes me embaressed to be an american sometimes… We’re supposed to be the land of freedom and opportunities, yet we throw people in prison who don’t hand over money they worked hard for.
    its not like these dudes committing real crimes or nothing.

    hey SAM, u ever think that some people ain’t tryin to fund your bullshit wars…some people dont give a fuck that u need money! Mutha fucka i need money! give me some revenue!

    haha damn… uncle snoop>>>>>>>uncle sam

  • HowardLAW

    Holla at me esco, I’m representing companies small and large in legal tax issues.

    • Nas

      Yo this is Esco,

      I tried to holla at you but you aint leave any contact details, what kind of businessman does that?

      Compared to Beans you wack, nigga.

  • Chyllmatic

    I feel like they’re trying to do the same thing they did to DMX … to Nas now … -.-



  • Rockcity

    I cant even feel bad, he dug his own grave. . .

  • moreffa

    this nigga is gonna have to tour for the next 10 years

  • dynamicwayne

    Dang IRS is after Nas now smh

  • Sha

    This shit reminds me of that episode of THE ACTOR’S STUDIO when DAVE CHAPPELLE was being interviewed. For those that didn’t see it Dave said,

    “How many of you students want to be in Hollywood? See… You guys are still idealists. You don’t yet know when art meets corporate interests. Prepare to have your heart BROKEN.”

    This whole situation is a cold-assed example of that statement. Nas is an artist. Gutter-raised and proud. And he should be. Definitely one of the top 5 hip-hop artists of all time. Pulled up by his own talent and art.

    Unfortunately, he’s dumb as shit….. And I don’t mean that as a personal attack. He’s dumb to professional and personal responsibility. There are lessons in the corporate world that you either learn quickly, or you burn quickly to. The streets can give you the foundation for it, but the streets can’t totally prepare you for THE CORPORATE HUSTLE.

    Looking at these different incidents and how Nas has handled them, I can pick apart 3 major rules he broke.

    1. There are only 2 things to fear. GOD…. and THE I.R.S.
    (Tax Problems)

    2. Vampires are real….. and they all have pussies and lawyers…….
    (Wifey and Child support issues)

    3. Bitch-slappin’ your supervisor in public is a dope fantasy, but gettin’ your Obama on is a better method of resolution.

    (Public spats with DEF JAM)

    Nas, you’re smart as hell at rhymin’. But I’d follow your example about as much as I’d follow DICK CHENEY on a hunting trip.

  • Don mcCaine

    I know cats wanna clown Nas, but Nicolas Cage owes WAAAYYYY more than Nas…Nas needs TaxMasters 2 handle this…and FYI, they LOWERED his support payments…1

  • Q461

    Yup they lowered his child support cause Kelis was wildin. lots of rappers falling into tax problems and bankruptcy these days, its almost kind of a trend these days sadly.

    lol Nicolas Cage is horrendous with money. Dude bought 22 cars including 9 Rolls Royce’s, a Gulfstream jet, a flotilla of yachts and 15 personal residences. Fuckin absurd even if you do make that much guap.

  • Damn………..

    probably, but he gonna be on tour for a WHILE………. right thru 30yr Illmatic Anniversary Tour for the year 2024

  • Aaliyah M

    Nasir Jones, I will always love you. Who cares if you owe 6 mil. Take care of that though. The only woman who will ever really love you.



  • Hector

    Damn nigga is supposed to be rich affter releasing so many albums wit platnum and gold cetifications oh well guess he done went broke afta unwise spending, what a shame.