Lupe Fiasco Recruits Trey Songz, Neptunes for Lasers

Lupe Fiasco is prepping the release of Lasers for this winter, and the details have finally been revealed on his long delayed third solo album.

The disc will feature guest spots from R&B singer and fellow Atlantic artist Trey Songz as well as British rapper Sway. On the production side, Lu has linked back up with Virgina duo The Neptunes.

The Modest Mouse sampled lead single, “The Show Goes On” just leaked last week [watch below]. “It’s a big controversial record, and a lot of ears should perk up on this song,” he told Billboard. “It really is what the direction of Lasers is all about.”

Lasers is set to drop on March 8. —Elan Mancini

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  • ptone814


  • Sha

    The Neptunes????? Didn’t Lupe learn from common that them dudes are history?

    • spence

      look up the horn synth snippet. it’s fire

  • Anon

    FUCK YOU SHA. you dont know shit.

  • tha real gangsta

    i hope this album be beater than the cool

  • Tommy V.


  • jtm

    trey songz? is he high?

    • http://xxlmag jayrucknyc

      It’s called selling out brother. lol. He knows if he doesn’t work with certain artist or make certain songs that album will never be released. That’s how these labels operate these days. He needs to just go independent and do his own thing as does all hip hop artist. Fuck these labels.

      • kang

        Erm… Lu worked with Trey before on an old ass song, “Blackout”… All Trey did was a hook, but it’s work and this will probably be the same. I really don’t think this is selling out…

  • Tru Talk

    Lasers is one of only a couple albums i will bother to buy this year…… I might have to buy 2 copies of Lasers to keep rap alive haha

  • Q461

    Been waitin on this album for a minute yall

  • Luella

    What’s wrong with collabing with Trey? That’s all MONEY!
    Guaranteed money.

  • blackkidfrombrooklyn

    @ jayrucknyc you know, if you followed what the dudes been going through the past2 years, you’d know his album is the exact opposite of selling out…helps to be informed before you speak on something bro lol. And in Trey Songz defense, he was pretty dope when he came out, and I doubt he’s doing a “Bottles Up” type song on LASERS… cant wait for the album

    • http://xxlmag jayrucknyc

      Did you read my whole point? I’m actually defending him. He has already blamed the label for the delay of the album and has said they want certain material in order for it to be released. Did YOU read up on it? I’m sure we both got points. Will the whole album consist of club bangers? No. But he will have to put a few songs cuz Atlantic Records is on some BS wit him. Dats my point. C’mon we both know Trey and Neptunes got no biz on a Lupe album. I doubt if it was his idea to work wit them. So maybe sellin out ain’t the right words but he’s definitely compromising a bit of his sound.

      • blackkidfrombrooklyn

        You realized the neptunes have been producing for Lu since food & liquor right? Or that Im beaming, which pretty much sets the tone of the album was produced by the neptunes right?

        …Neptunes got no biz being on a Lu album… smh…never heard something so dumb, thats like seeing Drake without Boi-1da, or Kweli without Kanye beat

        And if Im not your mistaken your point was “fuck labels” cuz they make artists compromise their sound. As I hear it Lu hasn’t compromised his sound for sake of the label, he hasnt dumbed down his shit, which is probably part of the reason why Lasers has been pushed back so hard, so I dont see the relevance of your advice guy

        • http://xxlmag jayrucknyc

          I kno neptunes did stuff on the first album but to me it’s not a good mixture. Sort of like when Common works with them. We’ll just agree to disagree.

      • The Coolest


        you know shit nigga

      • spence

        just saying who’s in CRS?

        • Donte

          Kanye Lupe and Pharell

  • Shawn Biggs




  • Tra

    @blackkidfrombrooklyn, Jayrucknyc has a point. While I won’t call Lupe a sell out, he definietely had to half-way satisfy the label for this album to be released. Let’s face: Trey Songz and Neptunes (but especially Trey) are pop. They lighten up the sound so it’s more radio friendly. The nuggets of knowledge, I believe, WILL still be on this album. Lupe isn’t going to change his message. But I also agree with whoever said that he should go the indepedent route next time around. Labels aren’t for REAL rappers.

    • http://xxlmag jayrucknyc

      Thank you!!!! The problem with some cats is they such big fans of the artist they don’t think objectively. I said he should go independent as should most rappers because labels try to dictate what your sound should be and what artist should be on the album. Ask Ras Kass. If Lupe was independent the album would be out already because you don’t gotta compromise.

  • Sincere

    did this guy @jayruck just say the neptunes don’t belong on a Lupe CD? SMFH. I swear people hate just to hate Chad and P have been doing their thing since Super Thug.

    • http://xxlmag jayrucknyc

      I like The Neptunes. They got classics. Especially with Jay-Z and Clipse. But I don’t think they a good mixture with Lupe. Just like they not a good mixture with Common.

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