Lil Kim Plans Attack on Nicki Minaj at NYC Concert

Lil Kim will continue her battle with rival Nicki Minaj next week, as she plans to call out Nicki Minaj during a concert in New York City.

The Queen Bee is set to perform her diss song, “Black Friday,” to the Young Money princess at Rockit on Friday, January 14. In addition to the controversial track, Kim is sure to grace fans with a set list including all of her greatest hits. Superstar DJ Enferno will be on the wheels of steel.

For more information on the show —Elan Mancini

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  • that nigga

    Wow, “his” diss song. Where do they get you guys from, high school?

  • Brooklyn

    Why all the rumors???????

  • Rockcity

    “Kim is sure to grace fans with a set list including all of her greatest hits”


    This child is so obnoxious. . . how come all this energy and hate didnt go toward big when he was shittin on u every chance he got????

  • http://sickltdtwitter adrian smith

    2011 rap beef still goin lil kim nicki minaj stiil waiting 4 the copy of xxlmag 2 arrive in england so late 2 hit shops just 2 read that dr dre interview DETOX IS COMING THIS YEAR

    • annie

      whuuut? they do xxl mag in england! :S wtf?! since when?

  • stamp

    Kim get a life
    nicki getin money
    and put a real single out, washed up clown

  • ughhhh

    Really kim? You too old to be doing this shit! Go take your ass back in to a surgeon and see if they can correct that monstrosity you call your fucking face. Why you mad about her taking a style you didn’t invent? We all know you copied your shit from Rupual and just the whole drag queen community. FAKE ASS!

  • swype-matic

    Who cares!?!?! La Bella Mafia >>> anything Kim & Nicki can ever make from here on out.

  • annie

    ugghh … now it just feels like lil kim’s draggin out this whole beef thing just to keep herself in the limelight
    i used to respect her so much, but im losing that now with the way she’s clutching on to this for her dear life

  • ItsBrittanyB*tch!!!!!

    I love Kim but she needs to stop, Nikki just went Plat in 6 weeks, announced today, just put out an album but I doubt it do those numbers, and Nikki’s album was WACK!!

  • sealsaa

    Ladies and gents, I give you the female Raz B.

  • Angel Heartooo1

    dear kim,
    get on ya grown woman sh-t kuz your losing more of your fan base even MORE then what you already lost. top that you dont see trina eve elliot remy ma (even in her circumstances) or ms.roq gettin pissy bout nicki. so shut the fukk up & let the new queen (aka nicki) shine.
    Angel from the NYC

    • http://xxlnews nee nee

      i agree thanx

  • texasmade

    *yawn* weed plates….if that. If they really want to make more money just put out a sextape together.

  • EReal

    Why are yall defending Nicki just because she sells records? Just because people like your music, doesn’t make it good.

    Kim has classics. Nicki is the one of the worst rappers, female or male, I’ve ever heard. Period.

    Kim should have kept it moving.

    • sealsaa

      They’re both trash you ask me, but niggas need to take their faces out of Kim’s surgically reconstructed puss. This shit is pathetic. She’s got some serious self-esteem issues, what with the plastic surgery, the tantrum she threw about Naturi Naughton playing her in Notorious, and now this beef.

      The industry machine has pumped out another sexually charged female rapper, and Kim’s time has gone. Bow out gracefully.

    • http://xxlnews nee nee

      fuck u

  • Don mcCaine

    “She’s got some serious self-esteem issues, what with the plastic surgery”

    ^ it’s out there that Nicki’s had “enhancements” too…

    regardless…Minaj should show up and they battle on stage…REAL HIP HOP there…

    • sealsaa

      “it’s out there that Nicki’s had “enhancements” too…”

      ^Which pale in comparison to Kim’s. Not that i’m co-signing one’s enhancements over the other, but Kim has gotten sad with hers. Her face is barely recognizable from her days with Biggie, which is tragic because she wasn’t bad looking to begin with. Maybe Big gave her a complex, maybe she always had one. I can’t call it.

      • Don mcCaine

        so ima let u call that seal…i’ve neva met Minaj but I’ve met Kim…Kim is good peeps…and u know “enhancements” need follow-up, so I need not go there…

  • muzicslyfe

    Dam I wonder Wtf she gon say. Nicki always gon come out on top tho beleeee dat!!!!!!!!!!! #TEAMMINAJ

  • L



    Lil Kim and Crew Please read this!!!!!!!

    Someone in her camp need to tell her da truth and that she is embrassing herself and ruining da little rep she did have. who is giving dis chick some advice. I mean da whole ” Micheal Jackson” plastic surgery shit. The dancing with the Stars stuff and now she wanna come back and claim hood again. And now her jealous self wanna hate on Nikki and grace us with a bunch of old 1996-2000 songs. Some old azz “All about bout the benjamins verse” Come on man. another mad rapper!!!

  • http://xxlnews nee nee

    i dont like lil kim she can suck on a dick choke and die!!!