Lil’ Boosie’s Murder Case Postponed

Baton Rouge, LA rapper Lil’ Boosie was scheduled to appear in court today (January 12) for a hearing related to his murder charge but it was postponed until a later date, according to

As previously reported, Boosie was indicted by an East Baton Rouge Parish grand jury on a first-degree murder charge on June 17, 2010. He is being accused of being one of three killers in the shooting death of Terry Boyd, in addition to two counts of conspiracy to introduce contraband into a penal institution, three counts of possession with intent to distribute narcotics, and three counts of conspiracy to commit possession with intent to distribute narcotics. Lil Boosie pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder in connection with Boyd’s death.

Boosie and three others, including Michael Louding, known as Marlo Mike, were scheduled to appear in court but their cases were moved to a later date as well. In addition to murder charges, they also face drug and conspiracy charges in the same case. If found guilty, Lil Boosie could face the death penalty. —Nicole LoPresti

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  • dynamicwayne

    Hope everything works out in your situation. #Freeboosie

  • PrinceInfamy666

    it’s a shame how the industry just forgot about this dude. Lil Boosie was rising 2 stardom pretty fast but i guess everyone was 2 worried about wayne doing that long & dangerous 1 year sentence lol…this rap game’s a joke #Freeboosie

    • Los Angelez Angelz

      No, It’s a shame that this idiot is not smart enough to disassociate himself from ghetto folk, and most apperent…Killas’. The nerve of you. Dude is slime, what some of these “entertainers” need to do is realized that the music is entertainment, not some free pass to get yo’ Scarface on. But, the police will just keep locking these fools up as long as they committ crimes.

      • batonrouge187

        man shut the fuck up. lil boosie is fuckin real. he raps his struggle and keeps it real unlike these fake ass homo like lil wayne woh has no street credibility so his music means jack shit besides him being a poser

        • 676767TECHNICIAN676767

          Man as real as he may be, you gotta be one stupid nigga to kill when you’re makin paper like that , Plus the fool got a family. How them kids gonna do without a father? Aint nobody that should fuck with someones life man. Dat nigga could have had the good life. Is da hood really mo important than paper, pussy, and yo kids?

  • 519

    mannn Fuk the POlice!


    • Los Angelez Angelz

      Until somebody kills one of your family members, then you will be screaming “Somebody call the POlice”! Of Course.

  • JDeal

    Free Boosie my slightly hairy ass……This is a prime example of when keepin it real goes wrong….Yall remember those Dave Chappelle skits…

    • fhdhh

      nigga shut yo bitch ass up. dat nigga was tryna take care of his family. hoe ass nigga u dont have no idea how we livin down here stay yo ass in new york or boston or where ever u from nigga

      • JDeal

        1st off cum catcher, Im from Indiana…..Next….Eat a dick&hiccup….Cats kill me with this coonery….Im a fan of Trill Ent…..But anybody with common sense can see that Boosie done fucked up…..Wheres all that $$$@ now????….White Man got his ass&aint letting go……smdh

      • Los Angelez Angelz

        Now you sound ignorant! It’s hard out here?! Really?! When you were pissing off class, you should have been getting your education, now you can’t even get a job at walmart. Dudes kill me with that ‘It’s hard out here” crap-so that gives you a reason to murder folk? Really? That’s dumb. So, if someone can’t pay they’re rent, then they should rob a bank or sell some cocaine? Dummy.

      • Mikey

        Why not use proper grammar when you talk? Are you afraid that people might accuse you of “sounding white”?

  • Schneed

    Im impressed, FREE BOOSIE AND MAKE HIM PRESIDENT! When need more real killers

  • LiL_weezy_ana

    Boosie straight…..they put him in there with C-Murder.

  • bunnie

    hu gave him to kill.?lt hm roost in prison

    • Los Angelez Angelz

      Please get off of this site and go back to school so you can learn to spell.

      “hu gave him to kill.?lt hm roost in prison” What?!

  • BK

    I’m sick of people coming on public sites and acting like total fools. I will start by saying please cut and paste your comments to a word document and spell check it before posting. Use English, keep your post related to the topic and stop making black people look ignorant. Please stop with the Tom foolery, stop making excuses for not working. It hard out here is no excuse for robbing, stealing, and killing. My own brother kills me with this bullshit about he can’t find a job. I worked as a community re-entry coordinator for a prison in Arizona and 80% of the felons I worked with were able to find and maintain employment. No, you are not going to come out of prison and land a 50K a year gig, not the average inmate but it’s possible. I was involved in gang banging as a youngster and was able to go to college on a football scholarship and that changed my life. Stop making excuses and do something with the rest of your life. In closing, “Those who only talk, hear nothing. Those who only listen, do nothing. Get of your sorry ass and do something and stop talking about it, ONE!!!

  • OpenUReyes

    Ok first of believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see. In this Boosie court trail they have been going by songs, not to say that is the only evidence they have. In some songs he says he does, but in others he has said he has had no beef with Nussie he is just trying to get along in the game. If that is the case then they can only go by what Boosie says and he says, and he says he is innocent and these other murders he aparently commited, by hire, he must of had a a reason if he did. Also police can be dirty to people they steal, they kill, they cheat to make themselves seem great they can be down right dirty. In Boosie’s case they obviously were’nt helping him do one thing 10 to 1 they did’nt give 2 sh*ts about Boosie, only getting him in prison to give themselves a name and get money . So in my own words FREE BOOSIE! His words matter just as much as anyone else’s this is America he has the rights and in these days his words wont matter against the police and maybe a dirty judge who knows. I say Boosie is rising I agree in fact I listen to Boosie and Mos Def thats about it, but again FREE BOOSIE!

  • gangsta

    Free Boosie! Fuck All Pussy Niggaz! Dats What A Nigga Get For Stepping On A Nigga Toes! Death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lmarti2

    We love you Boosie! We prayin for you! #freeboosie

  • jayy moneyy

    mann that sound like some bullshit what the popo trying to build a case on this man and study possponing shit eigther he did it or he didnt get it right.

  • jayy moneyy

    free my nigga boosie am with trill fam i murder terry boyld lol

  • chris pourciau aka shorty

    im a 36 year old white male and you know what they just trying to put a gift young rap artist on trial out of jeliousy aganist him fuck them no good cracker motherfuckers thats just wrong got much love for ya boosie keep doin what you do shoove it in thier racists face free lil boosie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kaylee Roberts

    Free my nigga BOOSIE! Dats da realest nigga eva! Fuck dem white crackers! Fuck da death penalty! It speak da truth

  • Kaylee Roberts




  • manemane10

    Let my nigga make it
    I am just saying

    Free Boosie

  • dirtyred

    Personally it’s like this. Don’t nobody no what really went down. But as a rapper he is as real as it gets. If he did do it then he did it. But ask yourself why, cause living in the projects its one thing for sure. When a nigga get whacked out, he probably tried to snake another nigga out and snakes deserve to get there heads cut off. All you hating ass niggas who don’t believe this, fuck ya. Cause you haven’t ever lived in a jungle and wouldn’t know what a snake was if he was standing right next to you. Real niggas do real thangs and fuck boys get whacked out. If the niggas who was killed were snakes then the streets shouldn’t miss em at all.

  • Bob

    Hell yea……I agree with everything. Haha

  • Vincent Morante

    free lil boosie hes innocent… we need em out here

  • vin morante

    jail done made him worse haha free at last come on boosie come bak

  • real talk

    yall stupid as fuck if you dont no not eveyone kills cause they fuckin killas got do what you got to do its life fuck hater hey little tuff la guy shut yo mith up u jus a hater hater prob makin no cash flo yooo stfu u aint shit but a bitch boosie a real g livin the struggle hard for people livin the good life yu prob on your 1000 mac that daddy bought pff fagget

  • JB

    free my nigga boosie they trying to hold him in the pin because he diss they ass. stop trying to throw cases on my nigga and for all yall bitches that dislike my nigga boosie suck a dick and die quick bitch. Free Boosie