Gucci Mane Ordered to Medical Treatment Facility

Gucci Mane started off the new year in a court room. has learned that the Brick Squad rapper had a probation hearing earlier today (January 3), stemming from a 2005 case, and a judge had ordered him to a medical treatment facility for the next 30 days until his next court appearance.

“The court ordered Mr. Davis into the custody of a medical treatment facility, pending a revocation hearing later this month.” Gooch’s lawyer, Michael Holmes told XXL.

When asked why he was sent to the center, Holmes said that information was “confidential.”

During the hearing a probation officer said Gucci will likely be sentenced to a 17 months of jail time.

Holmes said his client’s next court date will be at the end of the month.—Jesse Gissen

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  • Ayre

    Drugs are bad M’kay?

  • Don mcCaine

    anybody else think that body on his mind is fUxin’ son up? I keep seeing G-Dep reading about this Gucci sh^t…

    • yoprince

      true story.

      i been telling cats this for the longest. all that tough guy talk is basura.

      dude is an addict trying to use drugs to chase away demons, so to speak. and that’s just the psychological stress. for a while dude was also scared for his life. hard to get sober while you’re trying to get through that.

  • Don mcCaine

    smdh…just read that Waka turned himself in too…

  • sealsaa

    “I keep seeing G-Dep reading about this Gucci sh^t…”

    ^Funny, I keep seeing DMX…

  • The Change

    Honestly who cares, he sucks, his tracks is boring & hey has anyone else besides me notice all his tracks sound the same with that repitious drum beat pattern he does, boring. Anyone Him & his brick squad crew are lame too, can’t rap worth shit. It’s no wonder why they have any hype just cause there’s that many dumb kids out there that support this bull he puts out & is allowed. Damn.

    • hgdhg

      nigga shut yo nerd ass up this trap shit pussy nigga

  • ChinCheka

    Does he have an album about to drop?

  • jamel callaway

    free gucci!

  • Nunya

    Hey XXL,

    Let’s cover some rappers that aren’t coons. I hope every single one of them stay in jail…you’re only supposed to have ONE 2nd chance…this fuckin’ gay already.

    Official Coons…

    T.I. #1 dumbass coon in the world.
    Gucci Mane – “I’m taking my sobriety seriously..” lol
    Waka Flocka Flame – Name should be enough
    DMX – Like 3 dozen arrests…
    Wiz Khalifa – Because he laughs like a little bitch….and 5 is better than 4. (Sorry Wiz…you ain’t as cool as all the pothead bitches perceive…)

    One love. Rappers that stay outta jail…YOU keep YOUR head up. These prison lifers need to keep their heads down and stop making bullshit music anyway. Amen. Can I get a ‘Amen’?

  • Floats

    @Nunya – lmmfao.


  • JT

    Dumb retards just can’t stay outta the pokey

  • 9mm

    thank god gucci is gone.this means that hiphop has a chance 2 survive.

    i hope they let him out after i die so that i will never hear his voice again.

    lets be honest man no one is more wack than gucci main.

  • DP

    cant give people who never had nthng money !!!!looks what happens……they make us look bad

  • Calhoun

    Damn! These niggas must love jail , as stupid as that shit sounds. Fucking money must not be as long as its portrayed to be. Just my thoughts.

  • Ali

    ya’ll shut da fuck up dem niggaz human just like anybody else. haters..dats sad!

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