G. Dep is currently in Manhattan's Detention Complex as he awaits legal action in his murder case, but in the meantime, his lawyer and support system is asking people to help them build their case.

"To those whom have had any contact with Trevell "G. Dep" Coleman; relatives friends, neighbors music industry representatives and artists, we ask that you consider writing a letter describing his positive character," said the Deputy's DJ/producer/co-manager Justin “DJ M-80” Bryd. "Typed letters can be emailed to Dj_M-80@live.com- fans we also need your support!! This would be a vital and positive influence on his case. Thank You."

As previously reported, the former Bad Boy rapper shockingly confessed to a 17 year old murder in mid December. After he admitted to the crime, police informed him that the man, John Henkel, died and charged him with murder. —Elan Mancini