40 Glocc Released on $100K Bail

After being arrested on gun charges this past Sunday (January 23), in San Bernardino, CA, 40 Glocc was released yesterday (January 25) on a $100,000 bail.

As soon as he was freed , the West Coast G-Unit affiliate headed straight for Twitter where he began telling his 33,000 plus followers that he was out, and it took less money than he expected. Below is a recap of Big Bad 40’s Twitter timeline upon his release from the Central Detention Center.


Glocc also announced that his next album, The Graveyard Shift, will drop March 22. —Amber McKynzie

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    Yo Glocc, why you aint ride that bid foe? you supposed to be this big time o.g? Nigga glocc dont want to take that ” L ” Now his ass got a court date and they going give him some time in the near future! Yo glocc, We dont care when you go down, but you going down!! Even if you lock your self in a steal vault, You still going down!! I want the Real G’s in Californias Correctionals to Give you that Fade, and you goin catch that fade too!!! its only a matter of time! streets been talking and watching!!

  • js

    hes so cool! i hope the youth look up to this guy

  • monco

    ill say, im going to go to my nearest gun store and perchase me a heat then unload on people so i get seriouse time where they just cant post bail! im that nigga!

  • Los Angelez Angelz

    He’s a loser. He’ll see soon just how much of a loser he is. The nerve of some losers.