360: What We Talkin About?

On the eve of the release of “H.A.M” the first single off Kanye West & Jay-Z’s Watch The Throne album, the Internet is still hard at work trying to decode the song’s acronym. XXLmag.com figured we’d take a stab at it as well. Hey, our guess is as good as yours.

1. Huge Asses Mof*cka: An Ode To Beyonce and Amber Rose.

Bottoms up

2. Hors d’oeuvres Among Men

Cause real men eat small plates

3. High And Mighty

Another weed anthem for hip-hop?

4. Hail Another Masterpiece

Look what we created

5. Hiccups Are Miserable

Well, they are, right?

What do you think Kanye West & Jay-Z’s “H.A.M” title means? Post your comments and send us tweets @XXLstaff with your best guess?

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  • http://www.twitter.com/Pierzy Pierzy

    Happy About Money

  • TheRoyale1

    High And Mighty

  • Don mcCaine


    i would presume…this is usually what the both of them rap about anyway, but I could make a joke and say they are…


    • avenger xl

      Got that right McCaine cause the only secret society that would take these two involve the original cast of the kissing game Nash!

      How about:

      Homos aren’t Metro

      Hollerin at men

      hoe actin men

      I hope this whole album isn’t waisted on them talking about the false tragedies of there current wealthy positions. They could save that shit for the solo. If Ye is going to be that art ninja I would like him to do a little more challenging work from time to time. especailly sense he already paid. He took a risk with 808s and Dark fantasy flirted with it but did quite turn the corner. Still Dark fantasy was a good album and a solid piece of Kanyes cataloge which is quietly becoming one of the most solid in hip-hop I might ad

      • Don mcCaine


        all of that fam…

  • Notorious AGC

    hacky ass magazine (XXL) LMAO

  • brand-new

    hoebag amber’s mouthjobs

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Hova And Mr.west

    • Ace112

      Thats sounds more like it & even Markpicken could be on point

  • Axeo

    Something random: Honor a Minority

  • Please

    ppl in the south have been saying HAM for sometime now. Since they follow the south so much now in hip hop it should be no wonder a holes! lol

    Hard as A Mutha***

    • Tom Benn

      Hard as a Muthafucka. I mean, come on, Jay says it in the damn song.

  • tego centeno

    It looks that the best duos are going to rap about the secret society or better yet the illuminati…

  • markpicken

    Honour Amongst Men ?

    a bit far fetched I know

  • Q461

    Hellraisers and Miscreants lol nah just playin

  • Star

    Hot A$$ Mess!! :D

  • East Atlanta

    Dude XXL listen to the song more clear!!! it say Hard As a Muthafucka in the chorus!!!
    and whats good with that bottle of tequila contest?? yall slippin

  • Heather Mayville

    Its stand for Heather Anne Mayville…….H.A.M.

  • Kid Cashier

    hard as a muthaf’ucka!

  • Abby

    Hard As a Motherf***er, listen do the song, Kanye says it.

  • Drew

    Hard As a Motherfucker