XXLMag.com Presents Tech N9ne’s Bad Season Mixtape [Download Now]

XXL is proud to present Tech N9ne’s new mixtape, Bad Season. [Download here]

Hosted by DJ Whoo Kid and DJ Scream, Bad Season, features 15 brand new tracks. All of Tech’s Strange Music family including, Krizz Kaliko, Kutt Calhoun and his latest signee, 2010 XXL freshman Jay Rock, make cameos on the disc, while Dr. Dre, Travis Barker and Cookin Soul are among the producers holding it down behind the boards.

As previously reported, the tape was initially set for release on Christmas, but due to an alarming demand from Tech’s fans we had to push the date up.—XXL Staff

View the cover art & tracklisting below.

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  • Brian McG

    So huge. Props to XXL & Whoo Kid for getting down with it.

  • bakardee 51

    first…shits gonna be tight as fuck

  • j budd

    BAD SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bakardee 51

    shits gonna be tight as fuck…think i jus nutted myself…lol

  • J.Phatts

    Dawg, this shit is FREE!!!!!!!!!!! Fuck yes!!!! TECH N9NE ALL DAY GODAMMIT!!! Greatest muthafuckin rapper and human being of all time!

  • Josh


  • luke

    fuck yeah. this shit is banggin!! im diggin the album art work too. defiantly the best mixtape i have downloaded. this should be the new standard of how artists make their mixtapes

  • http://www.facebook.com/trilogymafiarecords DonTrilo

    Just as I expected nothing less than the BEST from TECH and his camp EVERY TIME!!!! If you STILL dont fuck with TECH your SNOOZIN on REAL FUCKING MUSIC!!! – Don Trilo of Trilogy Mafia Records.

    • KOD

      im with this guy

      • Corey

        hell ya

      • shamen

        is this kutt or krizz?

    • furz

      shit ya tech, and all the rollers. kick some fuckin ass

  • Bizzle

    Tech your the illest rapper alive. Just keep doing what youve been doing for years. I know ill keep listening.

  • HU

    Happy holidays to all! And props to XXL for representing real music for the first time in a long time.

    • Kate


    • Joe

      Awesome mixtape! Great comment too! Best fucking rapper alive!!!

    • Jimmy G-Rated

      True: “Thanks GOD for TECH9NE”

  • Mike Newman

    I’ve only in 4 songs and it’s already THE BEST mixtape i’ve ever heard.

    If you haven’t yet, DOWNLOAD IT!

  • DJ Peter Ounce


  • Jine

    Bout time they recognise. Tech N9ne for life

  • Frenchy

    love to xxl and whoo kid for finally gettin tech some recognition!!

  • justynh

    damn im gettin this ASAP…… this ring also? is this a new updated version of the old trk? cant wait, few minutes to go.

  • 00JBear

    this shit goes HARD!!!

  • Rusty

    From what ive heard this album is going to be dope

  • Juan


  • 3tch3r

    Hell Yes Tech BAD SEASON is SICK WIT IT!!!! STRANGE all day!!!!

  • Gunna

    Wake up EVERYBODY!!!!!! Tha future of Hip- Hop is here!!!!

    • @ri

      Real talk, you aint lyin Gunna……. Tech been doin his thang for a minute and now tha world can finally get a taste of some real music!

  • nick

    wow im sorry but jay rock kills tech kinda funny he’s signed with tech should be tech signed to jay rock more like it

    • DiamonD

      Nick, after reading your comment I can tell your either from the west coast or was born with a deaf ear? Not taking anything away from Jay Rock cuz he is dope & deserves his shine. But Tech N9ne signing with Jay Rock? They couldn’t afford signing Tech in any shape form or fashion at all. Tech’s Strange Music netted 15 million dollars last year & have annually grown by 10-15% every year. (I’ll let you do the math) Jay Rock’s career hasn’t earned a fraction of that in all the years he’s rapped. As for Tech not being as dope a Jay Rock, REALLY? I’ll let you read the comments to kinda let you see how the world perceives it. In fact YOUTUBE the freestyle Tech & Jay Rock did together & let you see where Jay Rock himself says who’s better. Anyway, keep supporting Tech movement. (Jay Rock is a soldier in it)




    YES!!! THANK YOU!!!

  • CRIV

    Will there be a hard copy of this mixtape available?

  • Mike m

    FUCK YES! Thanks for the early xmas present…..Let us Technicians know when a hard copy comes out cause 128bit just dont cut it for us hard core fans.

  • Turok

    YEAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sex to the beat is the song mayne!

  • dark man x

    I love this early XMAS present. Thank YOU!

  • http://WinWinGIN.com Matt Birdsell

    How the hell you gonna release a mixtape THIS dope for FREE?!?! Man, Strange done did it again….fuck standin by a bar…you raise the bar in the industry!

  • Christian Davila

    WOW Tech and STRANGE Music Inc. NEVER FAIL TO DISSAPOINT! Tech is in 11 FULL LENGTH ALBUMS and is BARELY doin his first Mixtape! All you other INDUSTRY Punks gotta listen and learn how to make real music! Underground for life! Im VERY PROUD to say, the INDUSTRY is goin STRANG!!!! TECHNICIAN4LIFE!!

  • luis

    straight fire on this mixtape! no better christmas present


  • Spohn

    Awesome we have some new Tech music to grab before Kabosh and All 6′s & 7′s come out. Any possibility we can get this on a physical CD as well?

  • Q Nasty

    Straight nasty….techs flow continues to impress me every day….5/5

  • ilovegoodrap

    cant wait for techs new album with deftones!!! this should hold me over… happy holidays :)

  • Wicked

    Mi Old Ass Computer Wont Even Show The Download I Have To Wait To Get The Virus Of The Other One To Get The Download. Salty As Fuck Right Now

  • JulianG

    Its amazing how good Tech is n how much fukin better he fukin gets with every release!!!



  • Ambie

    love it!!! this is the best christmas gift i got this year! showin <3 for Tech N9ne

  • Ed

    TECH is BACK!

  • Joe

    Thanks Tech & XXL this is def the best X-mas present i got this year, Ive been listen to tech for like 10yrs its nice to watch him finally receiving the respect he deserves, he has always been the one of the best rappers in my opinion an a lotta others, so get it going Strange Music B**ch!

  • Jake

    Tech this is the best gift you could give us…Strange Music All Day….Happy Holidays

  • amazing

    tech n9ne the the best mc of all time

  • Dawg

    The living legend Tech N9ne!!! Nobody can fuck with him or strange music!!! Straaaaaaange Music!!!

  • jerred

    damn tech im almost halfway thru da album…..lemme tell u dis……..i got my momz sayin this is pretty kool!!!!! haha

  • Tony

    Sweet, this just made the Holidays more “STRANGE”!!!!!

  • KC 2 Lethbridge Mr International

    Dope shit Tech and props for xxl forputtinit out there

  • bossco

    i hope everyone that never cheked out tech before opens there eyes to him. tech has been going hard sence 94

  • Hpnotic


  • acidg0d

    TECH N9NE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • acidg0d

    gonna bump this shit all day at work boi

  • Quemical

    128kbps Sucks ass! 320 PLEASE!!!!!!

  • Drastiq_J

    Thanks XXL and Tech! This is pretty much the only damn thing I’m getting for xmas. I know it’s gonna be awesome!

  • Ally

    Heyyy! This is where it’s at!

  • http://xxlmag.com ryan sugrue

    best rapper on the planet and any other planet yeaaaaaaa props to whoo kid and xxl fo real

  • naid

    downloading now.. cant wait. tech n9ne and krizz kaliko is the sickest rapper alive!!!

  • tecca nina

    tech n9ne all day all night this shit is sooo nasty!!! this is what the music industry needs.. 6688846993

  • naid

    btw tech.. ive been looking all over the place for a strange music poster.. i want a poster with you, kaliko, cognito, kutt, lynch, scoob and rock. does that exist?? i would pay so much money for it!!

  • Aaron Price

    WHOOP WHOOP!!!!! Tech is the fucking man. Solid that Irv is on this shit. I can’t wait to listen to it. STRANGE MUSIC! ALL DAY ALL NIGHT!

  • 9 and nothin else

    thank you xxl, thank you strange music!, thank you whoo kid, and thank you tech n9ne for gracing us with the most beautiful music ever.. tech n9ne is the king of rap… thank you

  • Joker


  • zach

    well…..i download it. try to open it…and it said file is currupt or invalid??? someone help me plz..

  • King Juelz

    WTF!!!!!…..Tech is on a whole nother level…No More Music By The Suckas, nuff said

  • B3CO

    Tech N9ne is the best rapper alive nobody can match his creativity!!! after tech we got Krizz Kaliko and Kutt Calhoun!!! Straaaaaange Music

  • BobbyCanBall

    “Livin Like I’m Dyin” is THE shit!!! Sign Ces Cru!! You all ripped that SHIT TO PIECES!!! Kutty Cal you’re a fuckin BEAST too bro!! THANK GOD FOR STRANGE MUSIC!! Merry Christmas, everyone. (in Tiny Tim voice)

  • Grave Biggzz

    WTF. I thought Tech was like “F#ck the Industry”? As a die hard almost 10 year fan, my heart is broken. Dj Whoo Kid? C’mon Tech … go back to your roots dog , it’s not too late. Im very disappointed man , the juggalo family helped make you, don’t forget that.

    • Killacity

      Shut the hell up. listen to the damn music and be happy. Whiny ass kid. Juggalos are so annoying.

    • Beez111

      Fuck The Industry doesn’t mean Fuck The Mainstream Artists
      It means fuck the corporate takeover of music and stifling creativity and the like. I’m a juggalo and people who have shallow ass thoughts like that piss me off.

    • JJ

      damn right he says FTI! but then joins it what a bitch hes a new lil wayne he can go suck mainstreams cocks cuz in the start all they did is laugh at him the only people that were there for him were psychopathic and now he dogs em for money FUCK THAT NOISE true lyricists r for the fans and love not the money but tech has changed and needs to quit being a hypocrite we dont wanna associate with the mainwave FTR!! Fuck The Radio and everyone on that shit!!!!

  • strange music

    tech n9ne is the best rapper ever!

  • MatriX

    Fuck yeah what a dope Mixtape! Christmas came early!! Tech Tech N9ne!!!!

  • cyruz

    Thank you very much for offering this mixtape… but even if the average XXL reader doesn’t notice, I do notice that the quality (I’m talking bitrate) of these tracks can’t be all you have. What the hell guys? Properly wrap up your xmas gifts or keep them, Tech deserves 320 if you’re not going to .flac. C’MON!

  • lidl ninja

    soopa fresh


    Crazy how it says all of the Strange Music fam is on here, but no Brotha Lynch.

    • 3tch3r

      Tech N Brother Lynch had a little argument and they haven’t been talking for like a month or so. but tech finally “text” Brotha Lynch and hopefully (not sure, dats all i know) things are all good with them now.

  • Lyssa

    DAMN TECH can’t WAIT to listen to this. No one can beat Strange in makin music! sometimes ur music is the only thing that gets me thru tha day. ya feel me? MUCH LOVE TO YOU!!! =)


    Best Mixtape out! Come on 5:00 so I can listen to the whole mixtape on the big speakers while sipping on some haaaaard liquor…

  • derek

    kansas city king.

  • http://www.masterpeace.webs.com TimothyS

    Where’s Brotha Lynch?! Not one appearance on the album?

    That is horrible. Him an Tech are a killer tag team.

  • http://www.masterpeace.webs.com TimothyS

    But still an amazing “mixtape”. Even if it was done by some mainstream DJ. XD

    Good job Tech. You have done it once again my fellow MC

  • http://www.facebook.com/UrbanKorruption Urban Korruption

    Yea boi

  • BuggD

    Soowoop Woop! Ohh My God! Every track I have heard so far is the dopest thing I have ever heard in my life! Strange For ever! MCL

  • Travis

    TECH TECH N9NE N9NE SHIT IM LOVING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This shit is awesome man!

  • CaribouLou620


  • http://soundclick.com/831beats 831beats

    stange msuic! bout to take a listen been waiting for this!
    get at me for free beats soundclick.com/831beats



  • jordn420

    this is the best mixtape ever. tech9 is the sh!ttttt and always will be

  • frockenbusch

    Happy Holidays!!! thanks a bunch to all who help make and get this mix tape out….

  • Jine

    ironically hard liquor is the worst track. you don’t need those mainstream fags tech. Great mixtape though!

    Kutt Krizz and Tech killed it

    • Jine is dumb

      You are mentally retarded or you dont have a good taste in music because hard liquor is the best track on the mix tape

  • WicKed C

    Tech N9ne is one of the dopest rappers to ever do it. Thanks for the free mixtape man…Can’t wait to blast this shit in my car

  • Jesse


  • KaliKron

    Seems like the return of Tech to me….KC King…. Only half way through the mixtape and its already on my top Tech albums list.

  • tom

    Tech N9ne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is there anything else really to say?

  • jlmacn

    Glad to see XXL finally caught up to one of the best rappers alive….TECH N9NE. This dude been holdin Kansas City down. Great Mixtape…….Whoo Kidd did his thang too!

    Kansas City all damn Day!

  • klowndog420

    dwaaaam!! tight!

  • http://www.facebook.com/christsfollower Dustin

    For sure, sickest album in my opinion. He spittin some real shit there. No doubt he is takin over now. I can see him changin 50 n’ shit.

    His flow in this album is his best. If you like his twisted quickness flow this is the album to cop.

    If Strange Music is really changing mainstream, maybe we’ll start listening to mainstream then right?

  • Aaron Johnson

    Tech n9ne all day all night!

  • missjess

    Bad Season is dope…of course. tech is thee best. strange music is thee best.

  • Markee from da 916

    shit is hot fire for reals tech is the shit

  • http://www.deadndirty.com Gene “Lotus” Davis

    My Fav Song Is Livin Like I’m Dyin. Whoop Whoop!!!! Love Techanina!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sin-StAtE-Techn9cians/152590128105066 @BooGiEMuNStaH

    “it is HERE:!!!!!!!!!!: [Sin-StAtE TechN9Cian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

  • CousinKeiron

    This is too sick! Hip Hop is official back alive! In strange ways!

  • http://www.facebook.com/christsfollower Dustin

    I have to give you two thanks for the free album. Whatever spirits are in this CD I pray that I will be safe because you guys are TOO ILL!!!!!!!!

  • Doubla

    Shits dope, thanks for the free download!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000162364436 Brannon

    great mix tape. TECH, COME TO MICHIGAN MAN!!!!!

  • MichaelLIVESTRONGLynch

    it was funny the other day i seen this guy say hahah u guys all sittin here waitin for tech to reply u know he never replies

    then tech comes outta nowhere
    Tech N9ne: I wont!
    the dude shut up after he seen tech reply

  • Ryan

    i hate to get it for free but, i gotta have it. tech n9ne 4 life!!!

  • arma

    tech n9neeeeeeeeeeeeeeee <3



  • Josh

    this shit is tight

  • Scynfull

    Amazing Xmas gift from tech, I love it

  • yahtzee

    love this. only listened to 3 songs and it’s all goin hard.

  • Luke

    You killed it tech! keep that raw shit comin!


    Best Christamas Gift I’m gonna Get. Thanks XXl, Tech N9ne, Strange Music & DJ Whoo Kid. Tech N9ne!

  • big boi bee

    too sick my man just in time for christmas probs the best present i got

  • Sondre Frantzen


  • Scottynutz

    the muthafuckin shit. the team shines as bright as ever. It only gets better everytime. Props to XXL get back into real music and listen to the people. Free music that slams in out the park. I will be adding XXL to my reading agenda. love the tape everyone!! great job.

  • diesdas

    i hate this idea that tech is doing a mixtape but i will celebrate this like the other things :)…the rapper is still dog – backwards.

    there is a format error in the tracklist. the track number “15″ is in fat but it has to be normal :)

  • http://www.twitter.com/thee_kk KK

    Strange Music always goes over && beyond expectations. this is definitli ! hell ofa gift, Bad Season is mad dope! Tech yewv done it once again….always leavn peeps cravin for mor. Stay Blessed && Have a Merry Christmas!

  • MzTamiami

    On my momma I love STRANGE MUSIC!! Tech is the realest out there, Kali is a beast, Kutt ain’t no joke, Irv spits FIRE….do I need to continue?? Quit fighting it and become a TECHNICIAN TODAY for FREE!!

  • WiKKiD

    techs a beast.. love this shit

  • Raddenofx

    IM loving it loving it loving it, im loving it like that, SEXY FUCKING SHIT, i was like rocking like a motherfucker, good job guys, shove it down the throat of thoseeeeeee gay mainstream shitty bopatty music

  • frostydacoldkila

    Tech n9ne bringin the heat

  • PsychoB9tch


  • Rotten Steve

    Lyrics are Godly.

  • ajv785

    i love it. imma just sit back and watch the main stream go n9ne.


    Fuckin awesome, Tech ur the man fo’ real.

  • Jacob

    Killer Mixtape…that “WHOOOO KIDD” is fucking annoying interrupting the songs haha but i understand why it has to be there

  • Mike Live-Strong Lynch

    on hard liquor is that eminem that comes over and says god damn dj whoo kid run that shit back??

    • Jacob

      Yea thats what i was thinking, i mean dre was producing the beat so makes sense

      • Mike Livestrong Lynch

        i was thinking that to plus i thought i heard 50 on there as well

  • Katie W

    This is a wonderful Christmas present from Strange music! Loving this mixtape tech!!

  • kalikron

    I also gotta give props for them puttin my all time fav. song on here “This Ring” Finally people get to hear the greatness.

  • Jeremiah

    Shit was crazy like always tech keep em coming

  • Jeremiah

    Shit was tight like always tech keep em coming

  • Dennis

    Best Mixtape of the year! Best Rapper Ever! Real Shit!

  • stevywonda

    Dude rereleased songs is off the chain ….2 g for mainstream ears haha make their ear drums bleed tech woot woot

  • stevy.wonda

    Woot woot the re released tracks man fuckin lay it down time ta stomp those mainstream ears

  • Lori

    Tech we go back like you dont even know small town in Sd cruising back roads burnin and bumping to Vintage Thanks for the memories your music was everything to me. Ta let you know im DEVIL GIRL im my town man.


    awww shiittt!! Ill be waitin for relseasing date! Hopefully it wont be too long of a wait! ;)

  • GoddessDelDolor

    Love It Table And Chest Stress Is Killin.

  • Mark

    This is some fire shit, amazing download! thanks Tech and everyone involved!

  • Lx_Un1c0

    Finally! I had a doctor’s appointment this morning, but I was late cause I HAD to download this mixtape and put it on my iPod before I left. The doctor called me out on being late, and all I could say was, “Sorry n shit.”

  • Chris

    Been waiting for this forever!! Only a few minutes left to download. TECH N9NE = Best Rapper Alive. Merry Christmas to everyone, and Tech, thank you for letting us get this album for free. Best Christmas present ever!!! Keep it STRANGE!!!!

  • t9kcinnetloh

    sooooo sick! best christmas present everr.. HARD LIQUOR!

  • Dr Namelesz

    Tech your a god haha and dj’s way to slaughter beat after beat

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=512075834 Kyle KASH MONEY Schmutzler


  • http://www.reverbnation.com/dukesup Hunter

    this shit fire!!! SUPPORT UNDERGROUND MUSIC!!!!

  • J

    Loving this mixtape. The long time fans are gonna love this, & so should the new ones.

  • trystyl

    Tech and CesCru!! finally.

  • Addyfresh

    I dont know what dj scream did but he has workd with my 2 favorite rappers T-ROCK and TECH N9NE. luv the collabs. 2011 is techs year!

  • Nick

    Tech is the best doing it, no doubt. Realest rapper around and he keeps making that gangsta shit. Tech shits on these other rappers.

  • alex

    yoooooooooooooo!!!! that shit’s DOPE

  • http://www.MarvelousOne.com Marvelous One

    FLAMES. you KNOW you’re nice when you can put three OLD songs on a NEW mixtape and still be considered flames.

  • anghellic rieda

    Best fucking rapper alive. Props to XXL & Whoo Kid. Tech Tech N9ne! Strange music all day

  • ev8r

    mixtape is fantastic

  • jesse

    thanks to tech,dj whoo kid and xxl mag for this shit! this shit is dope as fuck!!!!!

  • Renegade210

    Ok first things first. The industry is about to be going STRANGE!!!!! This album is just proof of that ,Tech is already Huge be hes just about to get even bigger! This album is SICK!!!!=) Tech is the illest rapper out there with the sickest rappers in STRANGE AND IN THE GAME IN GENERAL! ITS STRANGE ALL DAY AND THE WORLD IS ABOUT TO KNOW IT! Lets see all the mainstream rappers try to make songs with tech now hahah

  • Eric

    Too good….

  • Kyle

    Blows my mind that Tech still isn’t the most popular musician in the world.

    Also, 128kbs? What is this 1998?

  • Trelion

    Huge !!!
    Mixtape is mad-crazy
    Baby can I leek your teeth ? DWAM )))))))))
    The last 3 are classics ))
    Tech Tech N9ne N9ne !!

  • Paul

    Tech N9ne never dissapoints! Constantly putting out elite shit and this time for free!? TECH N9NE!!!!

  • kry-sis

    Tech always goes harddddddd, he deserves a wayyyy bigger fan base, i think this mixtape is a huge step forward.. 2011 belongs to strange – tech tech n9ne n9ne sheeit im lovin it – Kali Baby AH HAA – KUTTTY

  • j e

    this is how its supposed to be done!!!!

  • http://fawnestes.com Fawn Estes

    Awesome!!! Thanks SO much for the free download…..

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  • alex144

    tech n9ne rips all day ,every day!

  • Andrung

    This exceeded all my expectations. Looks like I finally have some fresh Tech to listen to in the car.

  • pharnx

    perfect just like all ur other releases

  • x TI2AV1S x

    Awesome mixtape!!! Once again, Tech shreds to the sick beats! Tech Tech N9ne N9ne

  • Brian

    Tech N9ne, your amazing! I represent ya all the way and I got all your albums and the EPs too! I love you MAN!

  • http://therealtechn9ne.com RBM@831

    Thanks for this Christmas gift for the fans!!!! BAD SEASON MIXTAPE!!!!! LETS GO!!!!!!

  • 3tch3r

    @Krizz Kaliko-man I would have to say you singin’ the hook for “Hard Liquor” man the shiat you do witcho voice…KILLER!!!!

  • heinrich godinbond

    this is the illest!

  • Travis K

    When I say Tech you say N9ne! Tech… N9NE! When I say Tech Tech you say N9ne N9ne! Tech Tech… N9NE N9NE!!! Dope as fuck mixtape!!! The whole world is gonna be listenin to Tech!

  • Nick

    This shit is great. Tech, you never disappoint. Ever! Well, expect….oh wait, nvm :) NVER!

  • Danny Reyes


  • Connor

    This is sick man, 15 new tracks and there all for free? Damn, thanks tech and Whoo kid!

  • Tom

    Straight fire!

  • deleted33nc

    The illest shit ever put out but whoo kid and the other dj’s needed to shut the fuck up. if we wanted to hear them niggas we would by an whoo kid screaming like a bitch album, lol

    • D rick

      TRU DAT

  • http://www.nubomb.com Nubomb

    Finally a DJ Gets down with some real MC’s. BIG UP TO WHOOOOOOO KID!
    Nobody is fucking with Strange.
    Nobody ever could
    Nobody ever will!!!
    TECH N99999ne!!!

  • D rick

    shits goes hard got an early christmas gift its the bomb…. >>>>BOSS N9NE<<<< all the way..

  • kyle

    dude wtf it wont download

  • caveman

    mixtape is bad ass tech ur a beast the best rapper alive

  • http://www.knocc.us Zakk

    this ring and the rain are not new

  • kera

    WHAT!!!! Bad Season is everything i expected it to be!! iam defiantly NOT disappointed! yall defiantly brought it hard this time.Much love from tha south whoop,whoop!

  • joe

    this is probably the best mixtape i have ever downloaded thanks for the early christmas present tech.

  • milla

    best album yet! tech your the shit!

  • Miss Strictly*Strange

    special props to krizz Kaliko!! Livin like i’m dyin,is tha shit!whoop,whoop

  • ethan

    downloading now. can wait to hear this shit

  • Mat

    OK most of these songs are old as fu… but ok

  • @ri

    Yo XXL, Tech N9ne needs a cover! Front Page! It’s about time for Strange Music Inc. to get tha props they deserve!!!!!

  • JF

    LAME……zip file dont work!!!

  • David

    Im goin insane tryin to get this! everytime i try to download it it pulls up microsoft office. IM GOIN NUTTS.

  • Shawn F

    You can’t touch Tech. This Mixtape is the SHIT!


    Long Live KING TECH! Best motherfuckin rapper globally and Kansas City, Wherever nigga!

  • http://Twitter.com/ItsMeEps ItsMeEps

    Tech once again you have amazed me, nothing but love from here fam. I have spent the last 5 days loading your whole catalog into my new SERATO ha… This Dj Knows whats up

    The Leader of the Resistance

  • Tech

    Finally! I waited forever! :)

  • CowZ

    Techs the best alive. is there anyway to get a hard copy of this shit? for one my comp is kinda fucked up and the download isnt totally workin. also i geek out for that kinda shit

  • N9NJA

    This is just another piece in a mountain of evidence implicating Tech N9ne in the murder of every other artist out there. Keep killin’ em and keep it STRANGE!

  • Wikky

    the mixtape should be considered an album, its too sick! bangin this shit all day

  • Tye garden

    dis is da bomb tech. and thanx all who helped put this together you guyz are for real

  • Garnus

    Great Mixtape. Definitely a move into the right direction.

    • KuttyCal

      He has always been moving in the right direction! Just gotta give XXL props to looking under theyre noses and giving the world TECH N9NE!

  • mo

    tech is the best PERIOD!!!!

  • RichI

    Just download it, I hope it’s going to be a Banger :D

  • Cena

    bad season…hella good homie

  • KuttyCal

    MAN! They Killed this shit! . . . . This goes HARD! . . . . Props to DJ Whoo Kid for lining up these beats with Tech and everyone!

  • Rock_Chalk_Tech

    Tech, Once again pleasing US the fans! Props to DJ Whoo Kid AND Tech for making a “Killer” Mixtape!

  • Tyler

    Raw, thats all i got to say. Best rapper alive.

    • KuttyCal

      Enough said brother!!! You can’t put it out any better then that!

  • BigBuddha

    Tech!!!! All Day All Night it tight! And I’m totally diggin Travis Barker on Hard Liquor! Great album man!

  • Heinrich Godinbond

    I love Tech N9ne he is the greatest of all times!

  • Dom

    Waking up to Bad Season.. Couldn’t ask for more. This mixtape is sick as fuck!

  • Ricky

    Bad season is whats up been bumpin this shit all day all night STRAAANNGEE MUUSSIICC OR DIE!

  • Gurpz ‘Wee-Bey’ Birk

    Unparalleled master of rhyme, scientific blend of technique and numerology: nine is the number of completion. Nine months of pregnancy, nine lives, 360 degrees (a complete rotation, 3+6+0=9). The completeness is not ‘finished’ but ‘mastered’. The technique is complete heat.

    Every Strange artist on this mixtape SMASHED IT! The lyrics, flows, delivery, everything, is hella TIGHT. All the other featured artists killed it too. Mad props to everyone on this mixtape, and thanks for giving it away for nothing.

    Keep it Strange, y’all!

  • EagleTalon

    I am forever a Tech N9ne fan. Have been since calm before the storm. And I think the thing that keeps me listening to Tech and all of Strange’s roster is their ability to evolve and grow as artist but still stay hungry for success. I believe too many mainstream artists these days forget what got them where they are and thats why their success diminishes while Tech and Strange continue to grow. God bless Tech and Strange and much continued success!

  • Trelion

    The best track is All Day All Night – i think … don’t count the last ones …

  • Ecko

    Too sik! Thanks to XXLMag for the hookup on this mixtape and of course Tech N9ne for giving his fans a straight FIRE mixtape! Happy holidays ya’ll! TECH N99999NEE!!

  • Bleezy Bombay

    BADASSS!!! Tech N9ne never disapoints. Sick beats, nasty flow like period blood. EWWWW!

  • Rock_Chalk_Tech

    I gotta say! . . . .Nesto killed his verse! I was most surprised with him. . . (Outside of Tech, Kutt, and Krizz!)

  • Domonique

    The illist rapper alive, None of the so called “rappers” can touch Tech when it comes to lyrics……Kiss

  • Ronnie

    Tech you better not fuckin collab with that faggot Lil Wayne!! you dont need him to be heard!!

  • Elroy

    Aye Tech N9ne!!! Killer MIxtape and why did they put a couple of old tracks on there? they should of just kept it all new but fuck it its all good. N9NE!

  • funky_muzic

    DL this baby will be the first thing I do when I get home from work today!

  • pacman

    whats up with this ring, the rain, and come gangsta? are they like remixes or is it just to show his music off?

  • south dakota boy

    hell yea tech is one of few rappers that still give us love. and every year he comes back. yea he may not make as much as doing a show in LA or Miami but that just shows he has true heart for the game

    • Rock_Chalk_Tech

      AGREED! He has dropped great music for years!!! I just hope all the new comers come in and notice his old stuff too!!!!

  • TeccaNinna

    Down! Diwwit, Diwwit, Down Down For The Block!

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/yourdemizeyd YourDemize (YD)

    Tech N9ne always dropping straight up good music, shits always innovative and fresh. props to all the strange music team!!
    Your Demize (YD)
    Hoztyl Records

    • Rock_Chalk_Tech


  • Steph Tha Pothead

    Kick fuckin ass! WHoop!

  • nick


  • Rock_Chalk_Tech

    TechN9cians! Keep posting comments on this!. . Tech already broke and set the record yesterday for most comments on a post. . . and broke and is setting another one today!!!! Independent Ballin!!!! TECH N9NE!

  • Derrick Manion

    TECH TECH N9NE N9NE!!!! just listened to the mixtape it is THE SHIT!!!!!!!!! i love hearin that new new tech evrybody on that shit spit hard Tech Krizz Kutt Scoob Jay Rock all you motherfuckers killed it cant wait for another show in DENVER COLORADO!!!!!!!!
    WAITING FOR ALL 6′s & 7′s!!!!!!!!!!

  • EnervinE

    Drake said he dropped a mixtape that sounded like an album, but Tech shows him how to really do it…

    Definitely need a higher bitrate version though.

  • Desiree

    PIMP SHIT!!!

  • Derrick Manion


  • Rocky Bishop(Twisted Loc Productions

    Big Ups Tech. You’re Doin it Big Homie. Thats how the MiD WEST RIDEZ.. Keep It BAngin Big Dawg…..

  • MyDearAshley

    Tech N9NE has an endless sense of lyricism that continues to impress me more and more. Thanks XXL for hosting this mixtape and shout out to Tech for keeping it real and giving his fans great music year after year with strange music. love it!

  • Josh Walther

    Tech N9NE Ya Ya Yeeea ya ya Tech N9NE! Much Love From all the technitions in Seattle,WA this shit goes hard! Strange Music All Day All Night!

  • ruben from gtown colorado

    do your thang TECH ….fuck all the hatin bitches !!! COLORADO GOT YO BAK !!! thats the illest mixtape ive heard …STRANGE all day everyday …..when i say TECH you say N9NE !!!! much love from GTOWN TECH

  • phil

    dope mixtape…diggin the throwbacks at the end of the tape

  • Tru Talk

    TECH N9NE!!!

  • http://www.demencha.com DEMENCHA

    Big Ups to Tech N9ne and Ces Cru!!!

  • http://facebook? SWISS ONION

    Thanks for the album bro, easily the best legit free album ive seen

  • 313E

    good mix tape. nice to see a somewhat over-looked artist in a more mainstream spotlight.



  • chad_n_kc

    ok had to stop listing to planet rock 2k and listen to the new shit thanks for the new music and the fact that its free just makes shit all the better ….KC 4 life don’t get shit twisted kck make the planet rock

  • Jine

    Favourite track is All Day All Night at the moment…

    Also love No More Music By The Suckas

  • Xavier Benson

    Great mixtape ! Gotta love tech !!!!

  • Josh

    Can’t wait for this, When and where does it drop, cause I cant find it anywhere in stores?

    • travis

      The download link is on this page man! Up top you dont have to worry about finding it in a store.


  • Krazy

    hell yeah thanks XXL for showin tech so much love im bangin it til tech’s Album “All 6s and 7s” hits the streets. SSSSSSSSSSTTTTTTTRRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!


  • mike

    no such thing as a favorite song from TECH albums theyre all killers mcuh respect tech never stop rapping ur shit will always be the top standard

  • Sally

    Can’t pick a best song because there all the BEST EVER!

  • Amrit Singh

    KILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLED This mixtape…WHO KIDD you the shit..Tecca Nina will always be the best Emcee EVER..CHYEAA

    • Rock_Chalk_Tech

      AGREED! 100 Percent!

  • Came

    Thx tech for the free download. Shows you got luv for your fans. Merry christmas!

  • Rock_Chalk_Tech

    Tech, My favorite track has too be Down For The Block!. . NASTY Track!

  • dw

    yes tech is the best

  • MANG


  • Rock_Chalk_Tech

    This People is TECH N9NE! The rapper under your nose!!!. . . The Riot Maker! The Instructor of Sickology 101! TECH N9NE!

  • warlock

    sick as hell!! tech killin like always

  • bynx

    my nigga, tech n9ne!!!!! 2011 is gonna be all strange baby!

  • the denver kid

    shits dope as hell already 3rd song in

  • infantry928

    the mixtape of the fucken year!!!! this is gonna bring in the new year!!!!

  • Zakk

    This is hella hot, im so glad it came out today and not tom, couldn’t wait anymore. Strange Music For Life

  • Steven

    Sick ass mixtape Tech n9ne is without a doubt the bast rapper alive!!! “Ego Trippin” ill as fuck WHOOP WHOOP!!

  • Adam Pulido


  • MajorHatchet

    Tech you fuckin sick man. The money you coulda made off this and you just givin it out. Lo love nigga. Woo Woo

  • http://www.facebook.com/technizzle Aaron Ross

    Dude, this is so awesome. You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for Tech N9ne’s first mixtape. TEEECCCCCCHHHHHHHH NNNNNN999999NNNNNNNNNEEEEEE!!!!!!!

  • stevek

    All the songs were awesome. Love the fact some of the oldies were thrown on there for all the new listeners you’re gonna get from this mixtape. Whoo Kid shoulda threw more on the CD. Sex on the Beat was the first song I’ve heard since you made Blown Away that I actually enjoyed hearing Autotune.

    Only things I didn’t like about the CD is I wish Hard Liquor didn’t repeat itself and would have been a longer track you were killin it. I also wish Losin My Mind was a longer track too. You should get Hopsin on that one with Kali Baby on the hook in that reggae voice he does and throw that on All 6′s & 7′s.

    • stevek

      *Sex to the Beat

  • jeremy aka j wayne

    i love how teck can kill any beat.much love to teck ,but on some real shit the gun shots draws me away .
    its a mixx tape i know not hateing just saying .
    much love to strange music fuck the industry

  • Matt


  • technique#9

    tech n9ne is the greatest artist, independent or not. lil wayne should be begging to get on a track with tech

  • Lazy

    Best mixtape ever.

  • Oberon

    Honestly… I didn’t really enjoy it as much as I hoped.
    It was good, yeah.. but it wasn’t anything spectacular. I really prefer your solo albums.
    Out of all the song’s… Bad Season was probably my favorite.


    Man Tech has been killing this music for awhile and alot of the dont knows barely catching on to it –Strange Music–

  • Andy Zylla

    My favorite track is..ALL of them Tech you know what is up!!!

  • dan

    best rapper ever

  • Eddie

    Damn tech…. thanks for the free tape.. just going to add it to all the other Tech cds i have.. Thanks for bringing the total to 14..merry f**kin Christmas to me lol and all the rest of the tech fans out there! and again thanks Tech

  • techmotherfuckinn9ne

    TECH N99999999999999999NE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Troy

    shits real nice fav track at the moment is prolly sex to the beat and hard liqour.. but also love table and chest stress.. a bit confused as to why 3 already known songs were thrown on there too without explanation.. i guess to gain awareness for those not already down with tech .. anyways strange all day and all night

  • angelo

    this mix tape is tight as fuck keep it up

  • Rayrod747

    Amazing! Greatest Rapper Evar…. Tech N9ne~

  • Bloodstepp


  • RECK

    Mixtape is OFF THE HOOK. Tech NEVER disappoints.


    Props to Strange Music & XXL.

  • Mick Takeshi

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the song with Robert Plant.

  • Damien

    Props to Tech and XXL for posting this!!!

  • Jimmy G-Rated

    Thanks Tech! Merry Chrismass

  • Vernice

    Love it! Stay up tech +D

  • http://kristenatkinson.co.cc/ Kristen Atkinson

    Props to Tech and XXL for posting this!!!

  • Jenn

    Awesome cd…thanks for the download!!!

  • DavieD

    Tech N9ne you are the best rapper of all time.. Time to let the world know your skills and smash all those one hitter rappers out there

  • codey p.

    yo tech this shit is dope man keep doin what you do.SUUWOO!!!

  • shdwlesangel

    tech is the greatest that ever was…. we love you tech

  • Phil Brown

    Ive been waiting for this mixtape for so long and just like all the rest of Tech’s music it never disappoints…. Losin my Mind and All day All Night are def my new faves

  • DAVE

    Fuckin love it…. Strange Music Taking Over

  • bryan tarr

    tech bad season is the shit!!! “YOU WILL BE NOW AND YES YOU WIL BE AFTER!!

  • TwiztidKitti

    Awesome mix tape. Much Love to ya Tech. Keep it real. Merry Christmas to all at Strange Music. Ya’ll the shit!

  • http://www.facebook.com/getflatlined Flatline716

    Tech is showin his diversity on all levels & will conquer the game. Stay Strange!!! \m/

  • Rupert

    Best mixtape in the history of rapping. Tech stay on yur grind we love your concerts down here in tha ICT!!!

  • http://www.nwstoner.com nwstoner

    props for the freebie!
    by far tech is ahead of the pack. many thanks for droppin this.

  • techmotherfuckinn9ne

    let the TECH N9NE REVOLUTION begin! aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh

  • sierra

    love the old school technique in table and chest stress. tech, you never cease to amaze. keep it comin. love live 9!

  • J. Lane

    Happy Holidays, Tech and alll the KRAZY CREW!!


    Tech N9ne is the BEST! KEEP IT SICK AND STRANGE!

  • bigballaz

    Mixtape of the year!

  • Cavalry Scout

    Luckily internet was fast enough here in Iraq to download this new mixtape. Tech and Krizz, killa combo. Keep the flow’s comin. Strange baby

    • vanessa satten – xxl eic

      i love that u got it in iraq!!

  • BigDoe

    I know Lynch workin on the CHS album right now, but why he coudn’t get on Bad Season?

    • http://madesiCC.com JLOCCSTA

      real talk i thnk lynCh will shine more than most of em 4 some reason he deservez tha attention though Coathangastrangla they ll get chewd up Cuzz haha

  • KYLE

    TECH going hard as always. KCMO stand up and support your local artist


    Hell yeah best rapper evaaaarrrrr!!!!!!!!

  • http://kcartfactory.com Skrypta JT

    Tech is D0AP!

    i love the track where it’s got his son on there….dope concept!

    Can’t wait for the lil wayne tech n9ne duo album…

  • ChicagoJoe

    now this is a mixtape

  • http://instrudeo.com Garetto

    props to XXL for representing real music with STRANGE MUSIC !!
    Tech N9ne

  • cOLBY


  • Rock_Chalk_Tech

    This is some of Techs best music! If the industry doesn’t get at Tech NOW? Then they all are stuck the fuck up!

  • techn9nefan151

    dude. tech n9ne this is another one of them other ones for sure. gotta find me a girl to have sex to the beat. damn this shit is fucking fire.

  • Megan

    I downloaded Bad Season successfully and it’s not in my ITunes..how do I play it??

  • funky_muzic

    Tech N9NE!
    I’m finally home from work and donwloading now.

  • http://madesiCC.com Jloccsta

    it says all of the strange music family but wheres lynch at Cuzz xxl dont want it wit the Coathangastrangla hes to raw for magz and radio play that Cat jus remains slept on Cuzz nobody knows what real rap iz now a days props to tech though mixtapes dope strange

  • vanessa satten – xxl eic


    • Travis

      If you are the one who has been telling XXL and WHoo Kid about Tech, thank you sooooooo much!!!!!!!!!! I saw tech back in 03 and had never heard his name before. I was there to see 311. I have been bumpin him on a daily basis for the last 7 years and he continues to blow my mind. He is the sole reason I still listen to hip hop. Keep Tech around and let him do his thing. He is the Greatest of all time in my opinion when it comes to rap and his flow. Lyrics can be debated but voice control, switching his flow and his sound, puts tech on an untouchable level for now. BIG UPPPPSSSSSSSSSSS TECH YOU ARE THE MAN!!!!!!!!!

  • Shadow

    TECH N9NE!!!!!!! THATS HOW THE KILLER KLOWN DOES IT!!! Favorite song is “Table and Chest Stress” i love how he goes old skool like back in the day

  • Daze

    “By now everybody breathing should be into this” On da real Tech just raised da bar when it comes to mixtapes.I can only imagine how All 6′s and 7 is gon be.

  • http://www.bloodtoothrecords.com HatchetHead

    man this cd is tight but, why don’t they throw some Prozak up on it. Prozak rocks my face!lol.

  • CaseyStellar

    I didn’t get to hear it yet. However, I do hope it’s the same Strange Brand that made me claim the movement.

  • http://www.myspace.com/b80125 bliss

    This ish is off the joint but damn it wont lemme down load it!!!!

  • Rock_Chalk_Tech

    TECH N9NE! Greatest RAPPER ALIVE!!!!!!! . . . . . I DO NOT have too be LIL WAYNE too say it! My opinion means just as much as his!!! TECH N9NE!!!! ALL DAY EVERYDAY!

  • Luke

    Tech is GOD

  • 805Juggalo

    HO.LY. FUCK. This might be my new all-time favorite CD. Strange Music is puttin’ everyone else to shame…


  • http://yamjammusic.com BlindDog Meda

    Bad Season album has to be highlighted in Hawaii to get that presence. It’s nothing but good seasons over here. Just imagine…

  • tony lopez

    Tech N9ne the best f*cking rapper ever…… Bad Season the mixtape is f*cking hard good jod Tech 4 being your first mixtape ever f*ck it should had just been a album!!!!!

  • DJ

    Best. Christmas. Ever.

  • JMO

    Yo that shit is hot dude. Thanks for the download. Imma go get the disc to though i support yall. Keepin comin Tech.

  • anaru

    this hit is the shit god daoooom

  • The Langs

    Whatitdo Tech,showin some love from down here in Texas, this is “The Kritic”! Oh yea Lynch sent me!

    • http://madesiCC.com JLOCCSTA

      dats sup homie Catz iz sleepn on lynCh time to wake they game up ha MADESICC

  • hm?

    Lookin’ forward to hearing this. It’s sure to be tyte.

  • ethan

    shits fire is all i got to say

  • DAvid

    There is no way I am going to get a better Christmas present than this… Tech N9ne & the strange crew kill it every time.. This mixtape dominates all others!! STRAAAAAANGE MUSIC!!!!


    haven’t heard it yet,but sooo anxiouz 2!!…therez juz 1 ?…i got,y iz brotha lynch not on it??…..n..e way,can’t wait 2 hear tha 1 prod. by:dr.dre & travis barker….thatz gotta b hella fyre!!!!!!!!

  • http://256up.blogspot.com/ 256up

    Perfect way to wrap up this Hip hop year. True genius , Tecca Ninna , Strange music up biatch

  • Robert Bennett

    tech mofuckin n9ne, doin big things baby, corrupt the mofuckin mainstream, make it easier for the sick n twisted to get in n eat that cake baby, plus, i mean, u r the greates, baddest, illest rappin bastard out there, keep on keepin on, STRAAAANGGGEEE!!!!!

  • gus

    good looking out tech sick mixtape..its down you throw on this ring an come gangsta…thanks tech keep it fuck them haters

  • Chris venom

    How yo beefing gonna last when ya ass vegan ! – Tech N9ne just spits some some of the illest shit ever. Best Rapper alive

  • crazylady

    hellz yea homies.. N9NA’s tight as fuck

  • http://www.CRIP.BK.TechN9neKILLER.com EAST COAST CRIP BK

    Fucc Tech N9ne, youz a fake azz slob. you say “su-woop” but you scared, bitch nigga talkin bout lil weezy is your blood homie, nigga you aint a real blood, you only got fame cuz lil weezy said yo name. When have you ever put in work? If I ever catch you slippin Im a put the glocc to your head, then i wanna hear you talk about blood shit. FUCC SLObS, this ECC on mine nigga TechN9neKILLERZ

    • you are a fake

      hahaha you fake internet gangsta. get the fuck out of here. Tech is real shit unlike you homeboy.

  • Rock_Chalk_Tech

    Anyone know the old record for comments on a XXL post? . . . Tech just DESTROYED IT! . . .

  • Lame

    Please release that in 320 quality. It’s 2010 people, what’s up with that 128 bitrate? You want to make my ears bleed?

  • Craig

    fresh as ever u know this kills any other raper much much love

  • Luke

    Thank you tech n9ne you beast
    mixtape is the shiiiit.

  • http://streetgeek.net ODION


  • Elroy

    Gotta love this MIxtape!!

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  • Bobby

    wtf can’t i get this cd downloaded right?! wat do u hafta do… n e body else have difficulties?

  • Jacob Bailey

    “LOVE TECH N9NE” Been a fan since 99′ love your shit and i’m proud to be a fan!

  • Katlynn

    I’m lovin it….thanks for the early Christmas present strannngggeeeee MUSIC!

  • dialect303

    tech n9ne is at his best with bad season!!! i was blown away by the seepage ep than bad season started leaking by whoo kid and i was amazed how sick it was! beats and lyrics all were to fuckin dope! been a tech fan since 2002 and techs always been dope by far the best but he still brings it hard in a different way thats dope as fuck on every release!!!!! bad seasnon punks!!!!!!!!! TECH N9NE!!!!!!!!

  • wickedstrange12

    cant wait to hear this! but fuck DJ whoo kid for bein a bitch ass nigga callin Tech n9ne the king of white trash then dropping a mixtape for him. fake ass nigga

  • http://www.DaHipHopPlanet.Blogspot.com/ LoAlien


  • SETH


  • Justin

    Wow, I love this mixtape. Tech never dissapoints, he deserves all the recognition finally coming his way. Smart thinking putting some of his old tracks on here too. Only complaints are Krizz Kaliko on almost every single chorus and too many features. I feel like having so many others doing verses inhibited Tech from shining to the fullest. I think that’s why I love Losin’ My Mind so much, it feels like a breath of fresh air. Overall great mixtape though; I’d give it a 9/10

  • ghostofmarz

    keep it up tech an get that shit fixed wit lynch plz strange needs a nigga like him in the lite u bout to b shinnin in

  • Acernas6

    TECH TECH!! N9NE N9NE!!!

  • Acernas6

    I burned this cd as a christmas gift for all my friends and cousins who love hip hop n havent heard of Tech…trying to get him name out more.

  • nm222

    this guy is the most skilled rapper ever!


    816 BOYZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WHOOP AREOLA!!!!!WHOOP AREOLA!!!

  • Hrusskar

    Ill raps.

  • 969

    i needed this shit

  • dat_guy


  • D.L.

    Best rapper alive!! keep reppin’ for the town

  • mUrPh

    this is FIRE! can’t wait for that TECH N9NE and Weezy mixtape. . .

  • JoJo

    Tech n9ne i$ a real bu$inE$$ man he confi$ate$ hi$ FAn$
    ive $upported every album, look at thi$ he get$ bak with a bad a$$ $ea$on album better to give then to recieve, he will out do you all fake rappers out there who hate
    “don;t hate the player hate the game………….”
    thxs to XXL finally reppin’ a reall arti$t at heart and mult-talent.
    keep it goin Tech n9ne and $trange mu$ic inc….

  • http://facebook.com/therealdeucedeuce Deuce Deuce

    FINALLY- Mr. Yates is getting some much deserved attention. Maybe now they’ll stop putting so much TRASH on the radio.

  • David H

    all killer no filler! tech n9ne climbin right up out this globe!!!

  • shineon

    the best xmas present eva! :))))

  • NickN9ne

    This mixtape is straight fire. Tech killed it like always. His flow, lyrics and overall presentation of this mixtape was unbelievable. This just goes to show Tech knows what his fans want, and that’s what makes him one of the best.

  • james vaughan

    the greatest gift i got this year

  • Kelcie

    Dude thanks for the free download of your new music!

    I’m really excited to hear it! You are my favorite artist Tech!
    Keepin it real as ever! Keep up the fucking awesome music. I love it!

  • Hot Sauce

    Honestly this thing is the rawest real hip hop I’ve heard since the 90s.

  • drahfynova


  • TNEB

    I like DJ Chill

  • K.G.

    shits dope strange music all day all night yadadimean

  • t1mz1

    Tech N9ne! Strange Music! Bad Season!

  • http://facebook keenan martin

    jus got dat bad season thank bro when i makin 2 tha big boy i been call you first bro signin out as k-dizzle one love keep dat hot shit 4 tha people takeover wit pride they hate when u come from nuthin and u end up wit samethin hahahahaha

  • http://madesiCC.com JLOCCSTA

    where tha fuCC iz brotha lynch hung cuzz xxlz waCC they dont want it wit tha Coathangerstrangla ha he remains slept on Cuzz Catz dnt know what real rap iz now a dayz propz to teCh though mixtapez dope i jus dont understand ??????? lynCh iz fire Cuzz

  • http://madesiCC.com JLOCCSTA


  • http://www.mrtutone.magix.net/website tu-T0ne

    Tech come on now I’m still waiting over here in the Northern Cali. Now smell me I hit that Number to Travis but it’s either U’s fucking with Me or that was your way to say Fuck U. Regardless we Last conversated in Chico when you had told me you had met T-nutty an his click at one of ya’lls gigs. well you got my site I’ve give you the digits is you ain’t fucking with it. U could still CALL ME homie n Tell this Young BuckstandsAlone “I ain’t Fucking with you Native ghost” this Tu Dash Tone 4 Xornerz Xrozz Jettabases

  • Smoke-a-latta`

    that shit is dope

  • sarah dale

    Downloaded it for my hubby for xmas and he loves it! Says it is his favorite gift!

  • xavier

    something to see is dope tech. keep doin wat u do. T9 for life!

  • gideon91

    Losin´my mind is so fucking amazing! I fucking love that hook! Tech, trust me u can sing!

  • JDG


  • dannyp

    yes!! love it tech gettin exposure too :D

  • Muggy31

    Bad Season is the SHIT i love it!! Tech you the man, Strange Music #1 forever baby!!!

  • Weezy4Life

    I will forever support Tech and this hard ass grind hes got goin on…cant wait for the wayne collab

  • http://facebook.com/numbs-blackinc numbs-blackinc

    if it got tech n9ne’s name on it,its gonna shit on everyone FUCK THE INDUSTARY used them fuckers dont let them use you tech

  • tonytone209

    fuck everybody else Tech N9ne is the #1 rapper in the world i dont give a fuck what u say…… i even put on money that allday in everyday!!!!!! 209 MERCED California showin 816 KC MO love allday in everyday baby!!!!!! STRANGE MUSIC WHERE BULLSHIT AINT NOTHING!!!!!!!

  • Luc The Traclab Owner

    Once again T9 comes with another album that I can pop in and let it ride. We need more artists like this makin music bcuz it aint what it used to be! Show support and take Strange to the top! BOOYAKA!

  • Smokey

    Loving This Shit Always Been A Tech Fan(Im A Juggalo Its In Ma Blood) N This Jst Proves To All Them Mainstream Ppl Who Pay Attention To XXL To Not Sleep On This Nigga Hes Amazing

  • kyle kidd

    fxck yeah this shxt is OFF THA HOOK! i gotta say “down for the block” is my favorite; kutt calhoun, Big Scoob and jay rock all threw it down HARD on the independent grind tour {that shit was dope as fuck too] also like how u brought back two of my personal favorites, Come Gangsta and The Rain. keep doin wut u do TECH, seattle cant wait to have u back. i know u like how the shows are always sold out when u come to seattle, so do us BOTH a favor and come back soon ya dig?

  • R.G. Fatal

    my favorite track is Ego Trippin!!!!

  • DAvid

    Been listening to Bad Season constantly since it was released & I gotta say it gets better & better with every play. To all the people that are hearing Tech N9ne for the first time, go get ALL his albums you WILL NOT be disappointed.. Tech N9ne & the whole strange crew absolutely murder beats & I can’t get enough. Thank you for doing what you do, your music makes my life better!! Keep on keepin’ on!!!!!

  • EZ

    Very impressive mixtape, nice theme, and unique beats!

  • http://www.facebook.com/ivykilla Ivy Killa


  • ethan

    fire fire fire is all i got to say again

  • LC


  • Sondre Frantzen

    Table and chest stress is the best track on the mixtape!

  • pacman

    this is crazy. the mixtape killed anything ive heard in a long time. i have not stopped listening to this mixtape. much love to tech and everyone at strange. there is still hope for the industry if the let tech take over!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/The-Audio-Tapestries-Of-Caust-Draven-Realm-1018 CAUST DRAVEN

    Strange Music neva dissapoints… Anotha win 4 da team!!!! Undeniably so!!!! Aiight!-Draven Out

  • Anders


  • robinNZ

    wow great mixtape tech….i was starting to get over mixtapes……job well done

  • djfromthat480

    No one can compete wit tech nine he is the most envyed rapper in the world everyone in the industry cant fuck wit techanina and thats y i keep it strange for life and shout out to the whole strange music fam keep makin the one day i can be part of the strange fam STRANGE!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cody

    Shit’s dope.

  • Lowcoz

    Tech N9ne is one of the best Rappers that will ever exist.

  • RS23


  • Sonny J

    Tech Bad Season is where it’s at, and XXL and Whoo Kid thanks for slammin this shit together. I hope for more Strange Music mixtapes… Where is Bloody Kutty going to fall?? Tech N9ne and Strange thank you for good music again!

  • G-Dub

    Bad Season?! I think not! This one is worth its weight in gold and then some Tech! <3

  • B-Murray

    Tech Tech Tech N9ne!!!!

  • edodawg

    Bad Season is the best mixtape ever made!!! Straaaaaaaaange Music!!!

  • Lucas K

    tech you keep getting better and better. love the mixtape sounds like a album. much love and come back to toronto

  • Adam

    Tech, this is seriously fucking nasty. Keep it up man. Been with you since 2000 and AngHellic. KCMO

  • mike

    This shit is nassttyyyy. Tech goes hard on every song. been bumpin this shit since it came out. TECH N9NE!

  • Tken

    Raw as fuck tech! Everyone brings it on this tape man. can i get a cd quality version also please!!! too good for so low

  • T94L

    Tech N9ne is the best rapper alive. he killed this mixtape. he kills anything he touches. its not even fair. he murders life. TECH N9NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! much love brah. keep doin yo thang and raping the musiic industry… i think it likes it ;)

  • AndBrasil

    Tech N9ne is the very fucking best !!
    Throw a concert in RIO !!!!!
    Propz for the mixtape

  • Richard oliver


  • Tim Gilger

    in my opinion Tech is untouchable in the rap game. str8 skill, madness n empathy for people whos got it hard. im 4ever supportive. much luv

  • Meaghan

    love it baby

  • Mistabuddatah

    What it is. That Bad Season is much need for the reason, these wack rappers ain’t bring that old. Not much of a flow, Tech-a-nina spit like it he live it from the sole. Why they hate on that Kansas city flow + Krizz Kaliko & Kutt U other rappers need to get ya’ll lyrics up, put the book of rhymes on ya tunge an just hum a min…….lmbao ahh im done with it. On the real, Word Lyphe Much love to Tech N9ne an’ dem.

  • Marysvillain

    Everything tech drops is an instant classic man.. i love the direction strange music is goin. Mr. “Technique Number 9 The Complete Technique of Rhyme” if you read this just know i haven’t heard anybody from Everett, Washington questioning any of the moves you make. its all love around here god. take it easy keep your head up and Tech, Go head and do you ;)

  • jdl

    best rapper to touch the mic

  • vincent

    the entier album is sick

  • B-Murray

    Strange Music Forever!!!

  • http://www.wix.com/billz813/truetalentneverdies Billz

    My Favorite song was No More Music By The Suckas.

  • Mary From Bullhead

    Tech Nine is the best Rapper of the Time No one got shit on him

  • Mrs.Yates

    YES! I Fkin Love Tech! This Is SO Hot!! Hes The Best Rapper EVER!!!

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    i love how tech is gettin all this buzz now but honestly hes always spit just as much fire as he does now. xxl shoulda got on tech hardcore back during everready and even before that

  • X3R0102

    Tech N9NE!!!!! Album is fire man keep that shit going

  • http://hiphopforlife.forumotion.com Jeff Oliver

    Print copies! Shit is dope!

  • Branden

    Losing my mind yes i’m Listening to N9ne

  • Chris

    Love the mixtape, n9ne you’re the shit. Have all your albums, seen you live with Hed PE and KMK a few years back, can’t wait to see you again. One of the best rappers today, hands down.

  • Mani

    Keep it strange!!!!!!!!!!!

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    greatest mixtape i’ve ever heard! TECH N9NE!!!

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    Tech’s shit is always straight fire, no doubt

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    thank god 4 tech n9ne!

  • http://www.facebook.com Buddy laze

    Strange music in general is the best.

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    Yo the new CD is bad ass as shit homie. Loving the beats and the raps. Shits hard dude all the artists did bomb on that shit

  • Matt

    Bad Season is fucking amazing keep up the good work! Ego Trippin’ is one of my new favorite songs you killed those verses, especially the first!

  • Skankasaurus

    I just downloaded this….Shoulda named it “Epmixtape” Epic Mixtape… Can’t wait for you to shine on Wayne’s new album. Favorite artist right here TECH N9NE

  • Louisa209

    Tech N9ne is the best fuckin sexy rapper ever ill jump on his stick any day!!!!! im a strange bitch!!!!!

  • Lilia Rodriguez

    Bad Season is on FIRE :) I love all of the songs but my favs are COME GANGSTA, HARD LIQUOR, DOWN FOR THe BLOCK, EGO TRIPPIN, LOSING MY MIND AND LIVING LIKE I’m DYING :) great mixtape…. Thanks for the free album…. I already got it downloaded :) LOVE YA TECH NINA….. Your #1 fan….. MUAHHHHHhhhhhhh :)

  • http://xxxlmag Jared

    Fukin Sickknessss

  • Jakkee

    Tech, your the best, best there ever will be, best there ever has been, mad respect from British Colombia, Canada!

  • Daniel

    Losin my mind is raw as fuck and shows that Tech doesnt need kali on all his hooks, Hopefully this mixtape gets released without the dj screams in the near future.

  • mrsksierra

    Always waitin for the new new! lovin it

  • Natasha

    shits so dope… much love for the xmas present tech!!

  • Tim


  • TC

    Tech is the GOAT, great mixtape.

  • B-TECH

    About fucking time… Sad that it took till now for him to get the recognition he deserves

  • HiFive Joe

    thank u so much for this! i burned it off for all my friendz without computers so now evry1 i kno is bumpin that new tech nizzle!!

  • http://gofockyoselph.dealwithit.com J


  • MaZinX

    Damm nice mixetape mutch Respekt from Denmark !

  • http://twitter.com/mcgtre4 MCGtre4

    Dope. Everything I expected it to be. Tech never lets us down.


  • ian

    damn this shits fresh every song is fucking amazing keep doin your shit tech

  • jbenally

    This mix-tape is freaking so good to listen too. Props to Whoo Kid and strange Music for this A+ Mix-tape. TECH N99999NE…



  • http://www.facebook.com/George.The.Moon.Man george luna

    fuck yeah! badass bass!…..much love from yakima 509, wa

  • Hi Def 916

    yo, is it avalible in stores?

  • scrotheskum

    Damn tech killin it!! ive been a hardcore fan sinse everready and you havene’t let me down yet! only rapper alive that won’t loose his touch do to money! FTI fuck them all keep killin it tech!

  • Stevil DeTrash

    Love it Tech. You and Kali should come and play Scotland sometime. Keerp rockin… rappin… you can rock whilst rappin. Love it dude, Stay real

  • tom

    flawless flow. tech n9ne is my favorite rapper.

  • SPC Perkins

    Tech N9ne been following his career for like 12 years now, the only artist I have seen where you can pick up ANY album and listen to the ENTIRE thing! And somehow they are getting better and better. Bad Season no exception awesome and free? Tech is the man and should have been ruling the rap game YEARS ago!!!! If you dont know Tech N9ne you are wrong!

  • http://www.therealtechn9ne.com john meredith

    the 2 dopest tracks on badseason n my eyes r hard liquor and losin my mind keep it goin tech we bumpin it out n titty town

  • mike parra

    i seriously can not pick a favorite on this album

  • Colton

    Amazing Xmas present! Thanks Tech and Crew!!

  • Corpitos361

    Anything from Tech N9ne is the shit.

  • Kaleb

    Dwamn all the treason the “Bad Season” has went from “Seepage” to bleeding/but the “The Worst” has come inform “The Calm Before The Storm”,but my “Anghellic” mentality should give me “Absolute Power” as I’m “Everready” to perform ,ufk glow//and “Misery Loves Kompany” with a “Sickology” flow yadada know when I start this spark ist spitten with the “King Of Darkness” and the “Lost Scriptures” in the “Hidden Scriptures” Venture give you vivid discription as I paint a dark picture an turn a regular day ni$$a to a straight up “Killer” {Kj}

  • Rob

    Tech N9ne is by far the best rapper to ever walk this earth,eminem get the FUCK off the charts.WOOP WOOP!

  • FortyTilFive

    Tech N9ne!!! 39 is my favorite number. I have good vibes that you are going to keep killing it this year

  • Joe

    Unreal, Tech is outta this world….he is the best rapper alive and this mixtape is unreal. No more music for the suckas and down for the block are insane.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001035508992 northwesthustla MammaG

    it has been great to have been tech n9ne and the strange artist fan and friend over the year. It makes me so happy to see where they were and where they are now. I get my xxl magazine early in the mail and everytime latley i see Tech N9ne and the strange crew or someone i’ve been fortunate to meet during one og stranges tour. My hopes are that they all continue to prosper and stay B.L.E.S.T They have truely earned it, its techs time to shine and i am truely honored to know them all, they have brought nothing but good to my life, THANK YOU STRANGE FOR WHAT YOU HAVE GIVEN THE WORLD OF MUSIC

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001035508992 northwesthustla MammaG

    it has been great to have been tech n9ne and the strange artist fan and friend over the years. It makes me so happy to see where they were and where they are now. I get my xxl magazine early in the mail and everytime latley i see Tech N9ne and the strange crew or someone i’ve been fortunate to meet during one og stranges tour. My hopes are that they all continue to prosper and stay B.L.E.S.T They have truely earned it, its techs time to shine and i am truely honored to know them all, they have brought nothing but good to my life, THANK YOU STRANGE FOR WHAT YOU HAVE GIVEN THE WORLD OF MUSIC

  • julian

    not saying he ever lost it be he fo sho still has it.. been a tech listener since i herd calm before the storm.. fuck tech u dont know how u influenced my life. not just cuz i like what u say but because i can relate to it.. it motivates me to keep on doing my music.. joe virtigos fam from la.. stay up..nothing but hood love baby from la’s dopest crew known dck…mano

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001035508992 northwesthustla


  • AL-X

    Tech N9ne! No Body Better. Excellent Mixtape. Keep it up Tech. You rule the game.

  • http://www.myspace.com/camisado605 brenton

    this disc is the shit pretty dope u know dont know wut one is the best there all equal.pceout

  • Blink

    I would legitimately buy this. It’s that good of a mixtape. And I hardly buy albums!

  • nate

    The best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • T-Ro

    Bad Season brought it as hard as ever. Lyrical genius. This is gonna blow Strange up to tha top. Thanx 4 tha Xmas present lol.

  • Anthony Wierenga

    Downloaded this bitch right as you dropped it, typical tech freshness i love it!

  • Charro Jones

    Love it! Tech you know you the man and the rest of the world is starting to recognize!!! KC Tea & Caribou Lou my fav drinks in the world…much love from Baltimore Baby

  • Charro Jones

    wanted to be 500 too :)

  • WhiteBoy

    Tech is straight up phenomenal….. good mixtape, just wish some of the songs were longer, and not hear the dj self promote himself constantly

  • Dougie

    I would buy this, Tech you’re definately one of the greatest of all time and it’s great to see you finally gaining some, if just a small portion of the credit and recognition you deserve. Can’t wait for a very Strange 2011, Tech N9NEEEEE!

  • Fez

    Everybody wanna be killa but not forealla ’bout the method of makin’ money you gotta get the milla by doin’ it like I do it do the work and believe in it and when ya do it to the fullest ain’t no problem achievin’ it!

    Bad Seasons rips it all day, all night nigga!

  • Julian Thomas

    Table and chest stress & ego tripin are my two favorite songs on this CD and bang that shit LOUD …

  • Eric

    Love it, only the best rapper alive could pull off a mixtape of this caliber! KC KING make it WW KING aka WORLD WIDE KING!!! Beyond ready for all 6′s and 7′s to drop!!! keep doin what you do tech… and fuck all the haters!!!!! F.T.I.

  • StrangeFrenchBoy

    Supa dupa fuckin whoo-pa dope !!! haha aye Tech come 2 paris we got some serious skillz out there

  • Dannyb

    FINALLY, ive been craving some new tech, dopest mc in the game. still waiting on KABOSH TECH!

  • ninja

    this is not tech n9ne. tech n9ne doesnt suck this bad.

  • Carl

    Tecca ninaaa ! Loved the mixtape. Your music inspires me. Must say my favourite song on the mixtape is “The Rain”, & my favourite song of yours is “Leave Me Alone”. Strange Music forever !

  • Matt Mount

    Tech Tech N9ne N9NE! Dope mixtape homie! You’re gonna be on top REAL soon. Keep on pushing forward!

  • Ces

    Tech is by far the hottest mc in the game!!!

  • SteveBall

    TECH! Madd love for keepin it one hunit on that Bad Season but also for spreading strange noise with a little mainstream feel from whoo kid’s beats. VA STREET TEAM. Don’t EVER stop. I wanna be an old man waitin to hear your new shit haha. ALUCARDD EVERLASTINGG

  • http://www.myspace.com/ogitchidaaentertainment buggZ


  • mr.moneyman

    fuck brotha lynch hung hes a weenie i never wanted strange 2 sign him i knew there was going 2 be problems….. he has a differnt kind of fan bass then tech and he aint even crazy psycho like tech said!!!!!

  • Skankasaurus

    Ok, I’m done listening to it for the 11th time, and I just want to know if we the fans have an option to pay so we can shut up DJ Who Kid on every song…Maybe at the beginning and end? I don’t listen to specific songs off this, its from start to finish. Just sayin’…. I get that he helped on this but…every song? Multiple times every song? Does he own the beats? I Just don’t get it T-9.

  • segiroten

    Ultimate MC, entertainer and person. Music Buziness GI Joe


    just tatted the SM loggo on my arm

  • spine_swallowa

    ego trippin – my fav song! but the whole mixtape is crazy!!!

  • Jonas-K

    big props great tape and big thanks for give it for free

  • che grey

    shit goes hard!!!!!


  • che grey

    my fav is livin like im dyin

  • Jeremy

    SHIT IS FIRE!!!!! livin like im dyin is ill….keep up the great work tech

  • http://xxlmagazine tony

    Tha midwest is blessed with tha K.C. king, Straaaaange Music!

  • Josh a.k.a KC Wolf

    This was some of the best stuff i heard this year…. Great way to end 2010

  • Mike

    Tech is the man walking the road as only he can

    you guys ever get bored in the 313 come on over to the 616
    Michigan MMP i got you (>^_^)>

  • Ryan Coke

    Haha the Geroniho line in Losin’ my mind made me laugh cuz I used to say that shit all the time, God Damn this shit is nuts in so many ways, Livin like I’m Dying was dope as fuck, Table and Chest stress was nuts, it was wicked reminiscing on This Ring at the end of the album, First Tech song I ever heard back in the day haha, Great fuckin Mixtape all around. Props to all those invovled, And Get yourself back to Canada and tear this country up again! We all waitin on you homie

  • Jarasen

    Dope as fuck!! Thanks for the free download.

    I have to say if I hear “whooooo kiiiiiiid” one more time tho I wanna stab my ears with a butter knife.

  • Daz C

    That nigga nina is da illest

  • Travis Koehler

    Krayzie Bone went pretty hard on his latest mixtape, too! But, MAN Tech, i had been kind of disappointed with the music lately, i mean it was still awesomejust because it was you but YOU ARE BACK on top in my eyes. i cometo every show anywhere near dayton, ohio and have been spreading the word for years. Dayton, OH is straightTECHNICIANS!.. cant wait for the next project. Thanks for keeping my interest in rap music alive.

  • kwake santos

    Tech N9ne!!!! Better than the rest and still gettin better! all you suckas need to start with “the worst” til now and ull see what i mean. Tech N9ne will murder any rapper underground or otherwise.

  • seb a

    just dl’ed it, im sure its gonna be sick

  • mike

    TECH TECH N9NE N9NE SHIT IM LOVIN IT!!!!! strange music for life!

  • Zach

    Losinn my mind yes I’m

    Techa N9NA all day all night. Bad Season is dope. I hope Tech’s gettin new fans as he deserves it. TECH N9NEEEEEE

  • Zachary Ordo

    Happy Strange Year! Great album!! Thanks Tech!


    My favorite tracks are Table & Chest Stress, Sex to the Beat, All Day All Night, Hard Liquor, Losing my Mind, Hell they’re all AMAZING!!!

  • M7ofATC

    been bumpin bad season since it dropped almost reminds me of listening to an album when i was 10+ yrs old when shit like chronic 36 chambers n southernplayalistic was droppin

  • M7ofATC

    even tho its a mixtape

  • Josh

    Greatest Rapper EVER!!! STRAAANGE MUSIC! TECH N9NE!!!!

  • Tommy Heathen

    Never stop amazing us Tech. Time after time you prove you can swap styles and still excel. You truly have been earning Best Rapper Ever status to my ears. I don’t care about other people’s ears, especially if they are on some hateful shit. Keep it brutal!

  • kaluminati

    THAI IS THA FIRE but i have been down with tech seens Anghellic and even with out all the other shit he is still the most hardest raper the world got so from tha JUGGALO’s to XXL (its about time)

  • kluminaty

    losin my mind

  • http://www.gproducts.ca Techaninna

    wow…..tech is the best rapper alive…no question!

  • bigkilla4rilla

    Gotta drop this shit wid a dvd just like absolute power!!!!! this fuckin album is sick mad props to XXL n DJ WHOO KID for steppin up n throwin down wid tha underground!!!!

  • Rebecca

    I love Tech 9, I love Bad Season and everything that tech says i feel. Lil wayne was at my top but i believe that Tech took that spot. Best free styles and everything sounds good. Played bad season all the way thru and was like damn! Go TECH!! I cant wait to see what you come with next!! I know ur gonna COME GANGSTA!

  • andrew sal

    All Day All Night is the best song its sic as fuck

  • JG

    I freaking love Bad Season! thank god for Tech N9ne!!!!

  • scro

    Best song off bad session was ego trippin!!! krizz’s singing was perfect and you killed them lyrics

  • Andrey

    Sick mixtape. Favorite is either Livin like i’m dyin or Tables and chest stress.

  • FOCOTechnician

    Love the mixtape! Tech Starts out with Table and Chest Stress to show everyone what he can do then throws it down on every track and finishes by giving us some of his best old stuff so all those who didnt know about tech before can see what they have been missing. Great Mixtape!

  • Dirty Bon

    No more miusic by the suckas hands down!! Shits already my ringtone lol


    SICK!!!!!!!!! Cant wait for 6′s and 7′s! When that supposed to come out? By the way, that Worldwide Choppers is gonna be the best song of 2011.

  • APRedline

    TECH! Bad Season is bomb. Favorite track so far i would say “Sex to the Beat” and “Down for the Block” both sick as fuck. Im ready for you to come tear down the LK. This will be my 8th concert. Supporting STRANGE every day! Keep it up TECH! TECHNICIANS!!!

  • Gyls

    Down For The Block is so Raw !

  • Kassie

    i love it tech!!! you kill it everytime SLC LOVES YOU!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/KreeperWc Kreeper Wv’

    I love the whole mix-tape Tecca Nina, but my favourites got to be Down For the Block featured Jay Rock, Kutt Calhoun & Big Scoob, not only the lyrics are immense but the instrumental and the hook is just amazing, killing the game like a serial killer man! <3

  • techn9cians618

    N9NE!!!!!!!!!!! the whole bad season was fire my favs on there r tblle and chest stress,sex to the beat,hard liquor,all day all night loosin my mind…….u kno wut fuck it the whole shiza is my fav hahaha tech n9ne strange music adan

  • Jeremy

    there were too many features on BAD SEASON. People still might think Tech N9ne is a GROUP. I would have liked to have heard more Tech N9ne solo songs.

  • RottenBodyLandslide

    is Tech N9ne a GROUP?

    • funky_muzic

      Tech N9ne is just one man: Aaron Yates, but if you see him live, you’ll see him doing most songs with Krizz Kaliko and Kutt Calhoun.

  • Ak white boy

    Songs are hella legit!! table and chest stress the beat is just crazy, loosing my mind lyrics are mind fing, lick your teeth is hilarious, all around a damn good mixtape THANK YOU!!

  • Brannon

    THIS RING!!!!!!

  • Justin Schultz

    LOSING MY MIND definitly my favorite on the mixtape

  • Sincere N

    Man.. I’ll say that the “Table and Chest Stress” is the nicest track so far but I’m still on the fifth song so I got a long way to go before I decide which is the best. Thanks Tech for the years of music since Absolute Power! One Love

  • DocMabuse

    table and chest stress

    no spezial beat but flow like bämmm !!!

    TECH N9NE is my favorite rapper real talk :D

  • Jon-Erik

    sick mixtape my Fav song has to be Down For The Block

  • Crystal

    Favorite song off Bad Season, Down for the Block….awesome mix tape Tech N9ne…much props!

  • Sally

    I am lovin this mixtape, “Livin like I’m dyin” is my favorite track off it, nice work Tech & Crew

  • l-z

    favorite song hard liquor all the way sex to the beat a close second. this ring will always be my shit though

  • Zeus

    Tight ass mixtape homie !

  • William

    Hard liquor is my fav but table and chest stress is a close second. It’s a great mixtape Tech. Keep it up man. your the greatest

  • Kymberly Zitting

    Favorite song off “Bad Season” by far “Lick your Teeth”!

  • aleisha

    yo tech n9ne i love this mixtape ur the best rapper alive my fav song of this mixtape is come gangsta that was ill

  • BP

    Tech N9ne is the best, nobody can match him!!! Straaaaaange Music

  • Matthew Rennhack

    and yet another awesome album from the Strange Music Crew,,when r yall comin back to the Cain’s in Tulsa???

  • funky_muzic

    Big ups to Tech N9ne and DJ Whoo Kid for bringing us this year-end banger! Tech and Stange Music have done it again.

  • Justin

    All Day All Night FTW

  • Sincere N

    Alright I listened to the whole album and I gotta say… The whole album is sick! I love all the songs and the way it’s all put together. Thanks again!

  • http://therealtechn9ne.com lando801

    losin my mind.. Song is dope as fuck.. The whole mixtape is sick.. Tech N9ne baby all day all night..

    Keepin it strange

  • Bens

    Awesome drop. Hard Liquor is sick. Keep ‘em comin’.

  • Statik

    Really feeling “Living Like I’m Dying”. Thanks for the free music (again) Tech!


    All Day All Night i dont think the industry is ready for Strange Music

  • Joe Picco

    Table and Chest Stress is the dopeness. Thanks for the wonderful x-mas gift, Tech. Happy N9ne Year!

  • Matt aka savage


  • T9z1zie

    Bad Season.. Not Leavin My deck For a Min. THANKS TECH!! We Love It!!!

  • tom

    bad season is amazing. “living like im dying” is so crazy, tech should sign ces cru for sure. and i wanna hear the re-release of “losing my mind” with lynch on the hook. overall, shits amazing tech. keep it strange!

  • adam

    i wonder how many downloads this got if its at 600 comments.

  • kyle


  • derek

    fuck the mainstream, tech got the game on lock.

  • jake

    Best Rapper Alive period.

  • http://xxxlmag Jared

    table an Chest Stress, Ego Trippen

  • ian

    fuck there all great songs but the best is hard liquer

  • Mike V

    Sex to the Beat and Losin my Mind are insane ! much love tech

  • Alex Chapman


  • Austin Schunot


  • Hydro

    Losin My Mind has to be my favorite song of this mixtape. Awesome work Tech! Keep it up.

  • Timber

    Tech N9ne is the best! Bad season is the mixtape of the year!!!!!!!

  • Andrew

    my fav track is bad season, and so is down for the block. sweet tape

  • Austin Schunot

    favcorite song would prollly have to be hard liqour….cant drink like i wanna drink drink like i wanna NNNOOO!!

  • Austin Schunot


  • Steve Ball

    Favorite track of Bad Season : ALL DAY AND NIGHT

    It always about the fans! Continue to show your support for us and we will no dobut do the same. Never forget your core.
    The love weve shown. The heated discussions with peers over who the the illest is. NEVER forget.



  • Kristyne

    Rain is my favorite song!!! COME TO SACRAMENTO!!!

  • Nick

    keep puttin it down for KC tech. new mixtape is the shit.

  • Siouxicidal King

    No More Music By The Suckas!

  • Jake Stanley

    Yo that whole bad season is COLD!!! I like the sample from Eveready- bout to bubble for that Down For Tha Block joint!!!….. SICK
    Somethin to see and hard liquor are fire too!!!
    STRANGE MUZIK continues to blow it up son!!!!!

  • Htown816

    losin my mind is off tha fuckin hook tech came in and killed tha whole cd once again Tech keep doin wut u do cant wait for all 6′s and 7′s

  • ashley

    love it!!!!

  • bloody blane

    keep em coming tech love all your cds this ones the hotest yet only in my opinion though all your shits everything i have heard u in an the shit u done damn tech u crushin everyone on leaving blood gushin out they skulls

    bloody blane

  • stan187

    this is the fucking season mixtape, lol. bumping this through the fucken new years and beyond!!

  • N9NE


  • BiG DaDDiE D

    Best song on this mixtape is “Livin’ Like I’m Dyin”

  • vwboardr19

    been on rotation for 4 days now…..never going to get old….tech fan since 1999!!!!! tech for ever!!

  • Mizz Honey

    Tha mixtape is fire…Beautiful baby…Luv da music so keep it comin…Much luv n respect Tech…n da whole Strange Music clique…BTW…u need 2 come back 2 da Mil-Town…

  • taylor

    thank you tech!!!!!!!!!!

  • ISM

    Bad Season is what’s sizzlin’! Table & Chest Stress is raw bidness!!!

  • Juggalo James


    • Audreezy

      juggalo james i swear to god id FUCK you up if i ever saw yo ass. one person aint shit to all the fans tech has and is gaining as we speak you little punk bitch, come to a tech show…and get stomped CHUMP!

  • Shane Johnson(aka Slim Polo)

    It’s about damn time Tech bra! Muhfuckaz need 2 realize who the realist MC is man. Fuck all dis other shit they got us listenin 2. We need Strange Music man!!!! 1 on 1. 4real tho!

    • Shane Johnson(aka Slim Polo)

      I been with you since the VINTAGE bra, FUCK what everyone ELSE say man! Just cuz You MAINSTREAM now don’t mean you a sell-out to me bra! The economy fucked up right now homie. I know that, PLUS u been in it 2 long for nothin man. FUCK ALL YAW HATAZ OUT THERE, MUHFUCKAZ JUST GONNA MAKE IT EASIER 2 GET MOTIVATED HOEZ!!!!! EAT”EM TECH NINA!!!!!

  • darrell

    u guys are a bad a** band been listenin to ya for long time u rock

  • money mike

    tech ur a fuckin savage. love your new shit and ur old shit. get ur money bro!!!

  • Audreezy

    yet another wonderful release from the fucking king. all hail tecca nina<3 much love homie see u soon.

  • Stranger


  • B-Chill

    Doin’ work as usual great job Tech, awesome mixtape. TECH N9NE!

  • lino aguirre

    where can you buy this at also?

  • anaz

    sorry n shit

  • SifuDexStaR

    Thanks Tech!Thanks XXL! this is truly the best gift!

  • http://www.ninjalo.com Travis “Melinko” Owens

    Whoop Whoop Mad Love from Topeka Ninjas on this!!! We are all all over this. Keep up the work. Midwest Clowns Represent!!!!

  • PT-TN9ne-77

    Didn’t know it was free, we should be payin for this shit. Other rappers need to wake up and realize what a real rapper does can’t wait for the callaborate with Wayne. Tech keep doin yo thing and can’t wait to see you in Wenatchee. Holla at me
    Tech N9ne all day all night baby

  • jordy

    the haitian super heroes!!! losing my mind is the shit

  • O.G. Bigg BEAR

    hard liquor is my fav cut…it had a ring to it and i liked it as soon as i heard it…then i read the credits and found out dre produced it…that just proves to me dre is the best…real talk

  • http://FACEBOOK LT45


  • http://www.therealtechn9ne.com brent11us

    tech this mixtape is GODLY!

  • Mike M

    I do believe Tech Just shattered an XXL record 630+ comments! GOOD GOD! Now if only they’d release how many times this album was downloaded. I’m sure it’s 1mil+.

  • http://Facebook Rafael Aguilar

    This shit knocks hella hard. I gota give u props Tech u did it again. Honestly ur da best rapper out there today. Nobody got flow like u n rhymes like u do. No 1 is at ur level man.

  • Andrew

    Dr Dre all the way nobody is better than the Dr at producing beats the best producer got with the best rapper Chea

  • paperdraper

    Bad Season Is the Shit. Keep puttin out that heat for the streets we need it.

  • Resident Stevil

    best album in years.

  • AZtech

    best mixtape ive heard in a while wish krizz was in some of the songs a lil more! but overall great mix tape my favorite song on there is Ego Trippin. THANKS FOR THE FREE ALBUM TECH love ya brother

  • Joe

    Thanks. Great mixtape. I bump Tech N9ne loud enough for everyone to hear.

  • alex

    bad season is straight FIRE!! im looooooovin the strange music lyricism! nobody can hold it down the way strange does!! SOOO WOOOOOO!!!

  • darman

    DWAYUM! tech you never cease to awe my ears with every new thing i hear. bad season is what the fucks up

  • Alex

    “To my fans! I’ll never let you down, never let you Down, won’t stop rapping til i’m dead in the ground!” -Tech N9ne-

    As long as we keep listening and bumpin that strange music it will keep coming! If I could give an intro to this mixtape to people who have never heard tech it would simply be…. Ladies and Gentlemen, The King.. Tech N9ne! If you appreciate good music that requires your listening attention to fully comprehend, then look no further to Mr. Aaron Dontez Yates… him be the one they call Tech N9ne

  • adam a-team

    this mixtape continues the tradition–providing evidence of versatility in the music in which he makes come to life–that techn9ne has been putting out for years ever since trapped in a psycho’s body and big bad wolf. keepin that shit goin hard since day 1

  • ryan

    Tech N9ne rips it up again!!!! great album thanks for putting that one out!!!

  • cheryl

    hopefully xxl will be working with tech more often, this came together beautifully.

  • mike


  • Daniel Spinarski

    this is some raw shit! Bad Season is dope as hell! everyone that listens to anything from Strange Music should listen to this cd

  • zach g

    one of the best chrismas presents ever much love from the midwest! OMAHA NEBRASKA!

  • Jocquell

    dat nigga Tech N9ne always puttin out sum good shit!!!

  • Mark

    This was an awesome album. keep em comin.

  • Your Mom

    Better than i thought it would be. Props to Tech for being the shit. Show the world you the best on that wayne song. I wanna see your best verse to date. Punchlines man, punchlines…

  • Your Mom

    Better than i thought it would be. Props to Tech for being the shit. Show the world you the best on that wayne song. I wanna see your best verse to date. Punchlines man, punchlines…

    Also does anyone agree that Tech should sing more hooks? i love The P.A.S.E.O and Asshole

  • petkoto

    bad season!!!! crazy shit!!!

  • http://techn9ne Jack

    Tech is the best rapper in the world and i think he should do a collab with Necro, he is brutal !!! N9NE <3

  • Tracy

    Bad Ass Music!!!! Lovin it!!!!

  • Emily

    Tech this mixtape is the fucking shit! you never cease to amaze me :) <3 you're the best

  • Zach

    Bad Season was a great mixtape everything you do is awesome Tech N9ne!!!!!!

  • http://N9neee Jack N9ne

    Tech your so good! You need to tour in the UK, everybodu loves you here <3 !! Keep up the good work and make sure you show wayne who the nina is !!!! N9NE <3 !!!!!!!!!!!11

  • http://N9neee Jack N9ne

    Tech your so good! You need to tour in the UK, everybody loves you here <3 !! Keep up the good work and make sure you show wayne who the nina is !!!! N9NE <3 !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Boe

    shit yeah dre production on “hard liquor” and tech spittin gonna be sick!

  • nick

    this shit is fire, thank you Vanessa and everybody else at xxl for showin this thing so much love

  • D-Dawg

    Tech N9ne!!! Finally getting the respect he deserves. The man is a lyrical genius.

  • JakeyJ

    w00t! mixtape is ill. tech you need to bring ur ass back to pops in stl ASAP. ppl be going crazy over this shit already hahaha. hell, bring wayne too if ya want, we got mad love for his ass too :D

  • Kimberly


  • strangetechfan708

    bad season is off the hook , and contains some “vintage tech” as i like to call it . keep it coming , fan for life !

  • eric t

    Tech= greatest of all time.

  • omahaBthizzin

    shits so sick. this man is on another level for real and now ppl finally startin to see that. keep the fire comin blood! STRANGE MUSIC

  • pacificgrove

    tech n9ne is the greatest rapper alive. when his career is done, he will be the greatest rapper alive or dead. he’s taking over the world dont sleep on this cat

  • Steven Carpenter

    Tech,this is a new approach that you have taken. But your still doing the same thing you always do. And thats being an amazing and unique artist. People hate yes but that goes with anybody. You did a great job on this and I’m glad to be a fan of yours. Can’t wait for All 6′s and 7′s. Keep it up. You influence me just like 2pac,Brotha Lynch Hung,Eminem,slipknot,deftones,ICP,twiztid and System of a Down. Keep it up man.

  • Rodney

    Tech is the shit!!!

  • Alfonso Murillo

    Much love Tech. Cant nobody fuck wit the King of Darkness, the Genious Krizz Kalico, and that Bloody Kutty, Kutt Calhoun. STRANGE MUSIC!!! all day!!!!!

  • B-RAND

    Never a disappointment, ALWAYZ DELIVERZ!!!! Once again, Tech N9ne, Kutty Cal, Kali Baby, & tha whole Strange Music does it bigga than ever!!!! Much Luv, & Keep it STRANGE!!!

  • RustyBlade

    yet more proof Tech is for his fans you never seze to amaze me
    I’m glad to see tech actually getting the respect and fame he deserves,, much love tech….
    peace out,
    Rusty wade

  • http://www.myspace.com/akathecrownholder LIL F.A.M.E.

    Whats good tech a nina good shit in da XXL I red dat homie…nigga saluting u all tha way out here in sunny Florida but my home will alwayz be dat 573….tell stone I said Fuck wit a boss…tell em I said I ant in a benz no more….BAD SEASON LETS GO….CHUUUUURCH!!

  • Gurpz ‘Wee-Bey’ Birk

    Thought I’d post another comment!

    Still bumping Bad Season almost a week later – SHIT GOES HARD! I love every track. I made sure I promoted it EVERYWHERE, so hopefully all my friends will check it out.

    STRANGE for life. Can’t wait for 2011!

  • deleted33nc

    This is should be the new mixtape standard right here. Puts all them uneducated niggas like gucci and flakka to shame.

  • BloodlineX4life

    Tech is the best rapper alive

  • Tiffany H

    Tech u go to hard…good shit.keep up the work. Come back to kc!

  • badaim

    Going for 750 bitch !!!!!!

  • Tristan_Hogue

    When i listened to the Bad season mixtape it’s like a baby giraffe that was created by Jesus had an orgasm in my ears

  • ComaBlack1969

    Bad Season is the sh*t AND it was FREE!

  • intrance

    fuuuck yea tech n9ne has done it again!! just keeps on gettin better

  • Be Warned!

    Techs been doin this shit for years! fuck all you mainstream haters that said it would never happen! if you liked bad season check out MLK,Absolute Power, calm b4 the storm, celcius, the worst, killer 1 &2 and everready. get it and spread it evereywhere! Tech N9ne!!!!!!

  • stan187

    when i listen to the bad season mixtape,i feel like a bronze god from greece with a moses beard having sex with an alien girl with 5 vaginas.

  • http://xxlmag Jared

    “Losin My Mind” Fukin siccness yo Cant wait For all 6′s and 7′s yees

  • cc928

    listening to the mixtape is like being born out of hallie berrys vagina

  • Sonny J

    I’m still bumping Bad Season, everyday since it’s been out! Shit is crazy epic!!

  • z

    This is better than the best shit I have ever taken

  • Kyle

    CASH! Everyone been sleepin on Tech for 15 years now



  • Justin

    Bad Season is the fuckin shit! Tech all day, all night, all year.

  • Josh Walther

    Tech your flow is so sick. Much love from the Technitions in Seattle, Wa.. Bad Season! Tecca N9na goes hard!

    “I Can’t stands no more like I was popeye, Then I got my spinach &and now the industry drpped by.” hahaha

    keepin it Strange!

  • Josh Walther

    6688846993 N9NA 2011 Strange Music Crashes The Industry’s World. Strange Music! Takin Over!
    Cant wait to see you back in Seattle

    When I Say Tech You Say? N9NE!

  • Kyle

    Damn tech you really killed it on this mixtape, shit is hype as hell, “Gotta be tech all day and all night”, props man u need to come back to michigan

  • Rock_Chalk_Tech

    This right here is THE SHIT! This is why I claim Tech N9ne the Greatest Alive/Ever!!!! What style can he NOT ROCK?!!

  • Rock_Chalk_Tech

    700TH Comment: This Mixtape is the first by Tech. And The BEST of ANY ARTIST too my ears!

  • techn9cian

    Tech N9ne is the best in the entire world of all time! Plain & simple. <3

  • Jenna Growingthunder

    love u tech :)

  • Jenna Growingthunder

    i had a dream a a few nights ago i was on stage flashin ur crowd lol…but anymways, Bad Season is sick as f*ck :) u never let us down.

  • Diondre Sanchez

    Good lookin Tech.

  • http://XXLMag.com broski2321

    where u get this tape?

  • Reno775

    This mixtape is the shit finally some real music

  • Joyce

    Man Tech I just had a Killer session and listened to Happy Ending. No doubt the acclaim you deserve is coming, but please don’t forgot your family and real fans when you start working with T-Pain and Lil Wayne.

    Seeing you sell out would break my heart

  • July Hardesty

    damn tech!!! never fail to amaze your fans~!!! the entire fukn mixtape is dope as shit runs shivers down my spine…

  • Hayley

    I have been on a 4 day binge to Lick your teeth/ Losin my mind.. can’t get enough of Bad Season!! Best Christmas present thank you nina

  • Fred the farmer

    This is toooo much !!!!! hhehehe thanks for the chrismas present Tech i love you!

  • T-Roy Da Clicksta

    My favorite track would have to be Livin like I’m Dyin…

  • jason

    Tech you doin it big!!! we got so much love for ya in reno all day evry day….bad season iz dope nigga !!!! bang n it all day all night TECH- TECH -N9NE !! N9NE!!

  • Eddy Boss

    This is definately one of the best mixtapes ive heard all year and without a doubt this has got the best songs ive heard since Mixed Plate.

  • steven

    Best tape of year. love strange music

  • cheph capone

    best track on album all day all night ,second best living like im dying

  • Stretch

    yo, im a clown, i love tech, im all about hardcore underground shit, but where the fuck is the download?

  • matty


  • Tmosbeatz

    Finally mags like xxxl is respecting this man and showcasing him. Ive been a tech fan for years and now others get to know his music

  • http://www.hustler.com real huzaband ov ur momz

    wat it don’t do… shut the fuck up fatman…..mcl 2 tech n9ne


    Tech N9ne is The Real Rapper! Tech N9ne is made of Rap! the King of RAP! TECh N9nnnnnnne! Cha! Cha! Errrrrrrrr!

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/BurnMyUndeadBrother?feature=mhum BADOR AL-QURASHI

    i was a huge fan of Eminem, 50 Cent, Jay z, Lil Wayne and many more but when i first listened to Tech N9ne(Psycho bitch II), i was like”!@_@! what the hell! what kind of super Rap is that?” then i listened to Sickology 101 album, after that i said”damn! he suppose to be the Hardest Rapper Alive! ” and couldn’t stop listening to his songs! after i listened to KOD!(King of Darkness), i was like “Damn! Damn! Damn! i can’t wait to listen to his new stuffs!” and Now i say it so loud: TECH N9NE is THE BEST! RAPPER! ALIVE! and for me the KING OF RAP..!

  • rizthasnowman


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000496409278 Karl Curr

    This shit is genius! Giving it for free is even better! But you dont need to do that, your shit is worth every cent! Cant wait to see you back here in portland!

    -Keep It Strange!

    -Karl Currs

  • laurie

    Bad Season is another Tech N9ne CD that we just let play for hours. Thank you for one of the best xmas presents i got this year!

  • mike de

    tank you merry x-mas !!!

  • Chandler

    I cant get it to download, it pulls up in winzip. anyone now how to fix that. i gotta have this mixtape!

  • jordan pTTERSON

    IM THE REALIST tech fan i no n no one puts it down like hit people be like oh tech doin it wit him n him n him naw muthafuckas they b doin it wit tech cant no one meet this cat on a personal level real talk

  • http://rymowblog.wordpress.com/ Ry Mow

    Very Excited for Tech N9ne in 2011!!

  • http://2012co.com Kennysg

    TECH N9NE and Strange Music…. modern day Beatles

  • 3tch3r

    Tech N9ne is a BEAST always has been always will be!!!!! Fuck THA INDUSTRY!!!!!

  • Paul ‘Tha Dawg’ Farmer

    Hell yea bout to bubble wiv this bad season shit fo sho

  • Shelly

    Will always be expecting the best from Tecca Nina, the number one independent rapper in the world! He’s got the wickedest flows! Xoxoxoxo. <3

  • Krystal

    Much love to the stange music fam.
    Hope all is well with you and yours I’ll always keep yall in pray
    Stay strange and wicked
    Much Clown Love

  • adrian juarez

    All day All Night #1 song and also agreat song from bad season is Down For The Block

  • http://poop poop

    wanna download

  • KLoNe

    Tech; Bad Season is ill as hell. I’ve been repping Strange like a plague – stay positive bro; the World will learn…

  • derrick

    how the hell do i download it when i click the link it just takes me to some random page

  • Bohn

    Why is nothing ever free??? this download link only leads to home page…thanks

  • angelo “G-LO” t

    where do i get this from for free

  • Stephenthedemon

    Tech is the illest rapper in the game, no doubt!
    But why the f*** can’t I download the tape?
    When I click the link it just sends me right back to xxlmag.com. Does anyone have a solution to this problem?

  • jason

    Great mixtape keep on making music tech i will always listen


    fuccin A tech n9ne is the fuccin realist….not afraid to be what the mutha fucc he wants I HAVE AND WILL BE HIS BEST NUMBER 1 FAN IN THE GODDAMN MUTHA FUCCIN WORLD!!!1`

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  • http://www.youtube.com/user/BurnMyUndeadBrother?feature=mhum BADOR AL-QURASHI

    Tech N9ne is the BEST Rapper Alive! Tech N9ne is the Hardest Rapper Alive
    A Lyrical Monster That Speaks the Truth from his Heart, Mind and Soul!

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/BurnMyUndeadBrother?feature=mhum BADOR AL-QURASHI

    All Hail to The N9NE!!!!

  • straight up dope

    is this still available for download cause when i click on the link it takes me back to this page. Keepp up the sick work tech can wait for all 6s and 7s

  • dante mcdougall

    tech n9ne is the best cant wait till he comes to montana!

  • DZ420

    is this not availble for download anymore? I had it but my hard drive crashed and now when i click download here it just takes me to hte xxlmag homepage? SADNESS this is the best mixtape evah!

  • DZ420

    PS to dante WHOOP WHOOP Independents day fest July 3&4 Helena MT my hometown lets do this

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  • BiancaBaby

    Hell yeah! :D

  • dre

    i keep pressing “download here” and it keeps going back to the front page. How do i download it please?