Tech N9ne Mixtape to Drop on Thursday, Tracklist Revealed

Tech N9ne’s Bad Season is coming earlier than expected. and Tech were initially going to release the Kansas City, Missouri rapper’s new mixtape, Bad Season, on Christmas day, but due to an alarming demand from fans, we will now be offering the disc, two days early, on Thursday, December 23.

Hosted by DJ Whoo Kid and DJ Scream, Bad Season will feature 15 brand new tracks. All of Tech’s Strange Music family including, Krizz Kaliko, Kutt Calhoun and his latest signee, 2010 XXL freshman Jay Rock, will share mic time with the independent star, while Dr. Dre, Travis Barker and Cookin Soul all also put in work behind the boards.

Be sure to visit on Thursday to download Bad Season for free. —XXL Staff

View the cover art & tracklisting below.

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  • Chase Gaddy

    Hell yea! This is gonna be dope.


  • biged

    where the fuck is brotha lynch hung???

  • yung clep

    @higed he got other new acts to push lynch already a vet in the game he got a fan base they letting the new cats get they shot good look if you ask me

  • Wilie Fresh

    FUCK JEA TECH!!! Lynch has got his own shit already poppin, now all of strange is bout ta be shinin, so stoked on Jay Rock signin. and the Dr. himself is fuckin wit strange. stop us now haters

  • Chad

    The Dr. Dre song is just a recycled Game song from 2007. Don’t fool yourselves and pretend Dr. Dre gave Tech a beat.

    • griptippzy

      Actually Dre did personally give the beat to WhooKid for this project and then WhooKid gave it to Barker to add his touch on it. You would probably know this if you had heard WhooKids interview on Shade45

  • HU

    Tech N9ne in this bitch! Not sure how demand makes a tape drop sooner but I’ll take it. Real music is making a comeback.

  • Doug

    Yeah….so Dre didn’t do a specific beat just for Tech, but a big name DJ (WhooKid) got another big name producer/drummer (Travis Barker) to amp it up a lil and put it on this mixtape and you dont think thats gonna make DRE and other big names check it out????? Stop hatin people, Tech is gettin the props he deserves from the industry without sellin out like your favorite rappers…..Im excited but I was hopin for more big names…..oh well, maybe on his next official CD

  • Dirty Dave KCMO

    Told all you haters and jealous ass dudes from KC especialy u better wake up. Some MC are special and most are just nothin at all. Now the world will know not jus the wanna be Bay KC hatin ass suckas who cant get on Strange. Panic is an exception hes the illest outta KC! What!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pharnx

    why isnt it up yet….come on xxl u got all the tech fans goin nuts

  • MAE

    I’m goin crazy. XXL need to put Bad Season up NOW!

  • Trevor

    do you need to subscribe to download bad season?

  • Shaun

    IM logged to the site since midnight where is the link to download bad season mixtape… im goin nuts Please!!!!

  • ryann

    DROpppp this shit already i cant wait no longer, im fiendin for some new tech. i fuck wit strange all day

  • Tom

    Man I wish they would release this already im dying to here it.

  • ev8r

    WHERE IS IT?!?!