T.I. on Track to Sell 135-145K

T.I. is set to impact The Billboard 200 sales charts in a major way come next week.

According to the industry insiders at hitsdailydouble.com, based off the one-day sales, Tip’s new disc, No Mercy, is projected to sell around 135,00 to 145,000 on next Wednesday’s Nielsen SoundScan report.

The incarcerated rapper’s last disc, 2008’s multi- platinum-selling Paper Trail, topped The Billboard 200 when it was released and sold 568,00 in its first week on shelves.

Stay tuned to XXLMag.com for the official numbers next week. —Elan Mancini

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  • Tyrannical T

    This disc is alright, definitely worth the supporting T.I., this dude has been getting shit on lately

  • Mitch 3K

    T.I. is set to impact The Billboard 200 sales charts in a major way come next week.

    Motherfucker, dont sugar coat the shit, thats a F -L-O-P

    SMH, I aint hatin because I like Tip and this album aint bad to me, but lets call a spade a fuckin spade here, those numbers are a disaster and this record might not even go gold

    Them people over at Grand Hustle need to release that “Castle Walls” song and pray to god that some of Christinas fan spend for the single at least, lol

    • pap3rchazer

      I think an artist in this day n age doesnt flopped becuz on 1st week #s but for a consistency in week by week sales

      • pat

        complete opposite actually…first week sales now adays make up the bulk of the sales…record companies dont pump single after single like they did in the 90′s….. who cared about big and pac’s first week??!!..no one….cause they would go on to sale 5 milli….let’s not try to smoov over this is a FLOP

        • http://www.bboycult.com Don mcCaine

          “who cared about big and pac’s first week??!!..no one….cause they would go on to sale 5 milli….let’s not try to smoov over this is a FLOP”

          ^ bias…

          you’re not holding low opening week #s against BIG & Pac, who were around in a BUYING era, but you WILL hold them against TI in an UN-BUYING climate. BEP sold 11 milli off an album that had low opening #’s and flipped 25-30K a week, for almost 2 yrs. Ross went gold with similar #s…

          smh @ people actually trashing ASSUMPTIONS, PREDICTIONS, PROJECTIONS…it ain’t even a week out in the stores and it’s over for the project ALREADY.

    • http://XXLmag.com Datboi

      @Mitch 3K, RapMusic, Umad, Midas Touch & THA TRUTH – How about we call a dumbass a dumbass instead?

      Let’s not be ignorant now this dude has clearly been in jail for over a MONTH. If you know anything about album promotio the bulk of it is done in the final month before release. The week of release an artist does televised performances, album release parties, store/radio station appearances, concerts etc.

      I can’t believe people expect him to do HUGE numbers when the man isn’t even able to promote his own album (smh at dumbasses)

  • Sirsted

    This is about right. T.i. been trying to release this album just no big hit record to carry it. I expected these numbers.

    Ludacris did 137,000 the first week. If we haven’t realized hip hop doesn’t sell much no more.

    Drake and Nicki only sold that much was because of buzz.

    Kanye had all that promotion (movie, new song every friday, 4 singles, released on the biggest shopping week in the USA and only 495,000 first week.

  • cuzzo

    cd definitely straight..but Grand hustle handled the release of the cd all wrong, even with the other title king uncaged…timing is everything and they fucked up….even if the cd was garbage and they promoted and released it correctly, it would have done more….as a label you gotta think outside the box somnetimes and capatalize off of your buzz….this disc should have come out shortly after his release from prison with a video for all she wrote already on the air waves prior, and i guarantee it would have done better…..not a flop but fucked up


    T.I must think that he got a blind following…ur wave ran flat son…notice to ALL ARTIST, make good music and your CDs will be bought…the minute you stop being creative and hungry, WE KNOW…..

  • nicholasdelorejo

    To be honest these numbers are good. I don’t know if folks are watching the billboard charts but really nobody is selling major units unlease you put in over the top promotion. The Black eyed peas are rumored to debut with about 130K and they sold 11x platinum world wide. Shit B.o.B had two platinum singles and debuted #1 with 85K. In an age where the ten albums can sell at least 40-50K I think Tip album will be considered an accomplishment especially with him being absent to promote it.

  • umad

    Yeah these are bad numbers. a flop too. it’s like eacha lbum he release the numbers get lower. but this my main guy far as that thug type of music goes. Use to be 50 but that ngga aint going hard like on GRODT. after 50 I tried giving Banks a try but that CD he put out 2 weeks ago wasn’t fire like HFM1 but it was, it just didn’t have the same feeling as HFM1. But yeah Ima give T.I. a chance far as that real thug shlt you know.(hell who else out that’s on shlt like this instead of some pretty boy swag type of crap?) ain’t gon listen to Rawse fat fake ass……..

  • Midas Touch

    I said it was gonna flop. Shame because he’s actually a good rapper.

  • ZDEM

    I’m a huge T.I. fan and this tape is solid but not as good as paper trail. @cuzzo cudnt have said it any better. And he will sell more albums cuz atleast it’s around christmas time and i know, well at least i did, ask for it for xmas lol

  • RapMusic

    Kanye went from selling 500.000k the first week to only selling 100.000 this week.Thats a 80% loss from last week.Daaamn

  • ceezy4sheezy

    The label really did fuck up on this one cause T.i album is a decent effort not as good as paper Trail but decent they really did promo it wrong tho if they have kept the original release date which was in August (and the title) and not have waited till after he went back to jail the album would have did a lot better I didn’t even know it was out till it came out tuesday

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