In celebration of T.I.'s new album, No Mercy, hitting shelves today, put together a Frequently Asked Questions post for those fans who need a refresher course on the King of the South's work. But we decided to put a little spin on it. Below is a fake interview with the man himself, using questions taken from his long list of song titles that end in a question. Get Familiar. —Jesse Gissen

What’s Yo' Name?
Clifford Harris AKA T.I. AKA Tip

What’s Up, What’s Happenin’?
My new album No Mercy, is what’s happenin patna. Go cop that now. I’m currently in jail so that’s why you ain’t see me in a min. But I’ll be back soon.

What Happened?
Maaaaaaan, I got popped for violatin’ my probation. Got caught with a couple ecstasy pills.

Why you wanna go and do that?
I didn’t think I was actually gonna get caught.

What They Do?
Gave me eight months in Forrest City.

What you know about that?
I was just there for my gun case. Did eight months patna.

Why I’m Serious?
Cause that shit sucks. Let me ask you a question now.

Why U Mad at Me?

We mad at you cause you got locked up again Tip. Keep your head up though homie, we’ll see you soon.