Soulja Boy Sells 13K in First Week on the Charts

Soulja Boy Tell’em debuted on The Billboard 200 sales chart this week, with his third album The DeAndre Way, but the Swag rapper failed to sell as many copies as expected.

Moving close to 13, 400 units in his first week, SB didn’t make a lot of noise on the Nielsen SoundScan report, released today (December 8). In comparison, Soulja’s last disc, 2008’s iSouljaboytellem, sold about 45,500 copies in week one.

Stay tuned to for the full Billboard 200 breakdown later today. —Elan Mancini

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    good….like ICE T said…soulja boy single handedly destroyed hip hop….punk…

  • umad

    I guess all the dumb little girls moved on to some one else to misguide them(Probably nicki)……damn SB 5 years ago you was iight but now erbody giving you the cold shoulders…. well don’t worry Nicki is pretty much next after a few months; her buzz is already gone :-)

  • EmCDL

    That Curren$y is crack….better than the last one

  • Allen York


    Soulja Boy not even from Atlanta.

    Also, the STUPIDEST think SB did was try to cross over BACK to appeal to hood niggas. How you gunna sing ‘blowing me kisses’ to white people with 4 tats on your face??

    Soulja Hustled backwards. Catering to the hood never progressed anyones sales.

    • umad

      I know yo. Just ask bow wow :-). These hood niggas really don’t buy albums unless it’s some raw str8 up “real ngga” type of shlt. not a poo putt doing lovy songs one min and the next hood shlt

  • Chandraisgreat

    I have nothing against Curren$y and really nothing for Soulja Boy. However, Curren$y no matter how much he sells compared to Soulja Boys current failing album, will not have the lasting impact on pop culture that Soulja Boy did. If he can only compete with SB’s failures then its really not a competition at all. I don’t think we will see anyone learning how to Curren$y. Sorry <3

    • swype-matic

      Probably singlehandedly the dumbest comment I ever read. The only buzz Currensy has is from the internet, and Pilot talk sold more than 10,000 independent, NO RADIO play and I rarely see him on tv. Soulja Boy is all over tv AND radio, with a youtube channel that has like 100s of millions of hits. And yet his album sold 13,400 copies. Seems like the only mark Soulja Boy left on pop culture is how to fall off hard.


    yea, sb is the sound of the future. he’s a dope producer, he hasn’t even begun to hit his peak. his new shit is a top 10 ringtone already. SB NEVER made his money off selling albums…kanye paid him 800k to help with dark twisted fantasy.

    • RapMusic24

      “Soulja boy is the sound of the future” Thats some dumb shit.He is young yes,but he is already over his peak as his album sales continues to drop from the first record he did.He is losing fans faster then a motherfucker,prolly because of all the dumb ass youtube videos he is releasing,bragging about money and his wack ass chains.Plus the guy is on coke,little girls dont want that.He is done and overwith.And thank god for that

    • Greatness

      do you suck dick for a livin? souljah boy is a fuckin faggot. he never contributed to hip hop he helped fuckin exploit hip hop with low brain dumb down idiot rap. im not sayin he gotta spit real lyrical shit but at least say somethin that matters. or get the fuckin basics of rappin down pack.

    • A-Rab


    • ThissaNo1

      how in the hell did SB help kanye on MBDTF??? did i miss sumthing? all kanye tweeted about was him being with SB in the booth wit cudi or sumthin…not MBDTF!!!! or what?

    • ruga

      stfu… he didn’t work on kanye’s album, stop talking shit, that little boy ain’t even worthy to work with kanye period.

  • charlie x brown

    Ain’t SB on a label? The HOT SPITTA is NOT…

    J.E.T.S. > *

    • EmCDL

      Jet Life, Michael/Leon Phelps

  • Chandraisgreat

    Detroit makes a good point, money is not made by selling albums. Obvs SB is not having a hard time with money he bought the background, sidebar and top banner ad of XXL Mag, that is not cheap. Even though Curren$y has a better number currently he can’t do that, the cash flow or internet savvy just isn’t there.

    • Kid Cashier

      i dont know if what your saying is a good thing…. He has a major label backing, money, and advertising skills of a top artist yet u cant buy respect and true fans. His name seems to ring bells but is anyone really listening anymore? SB was a gimmick who is only staying a float because other rappers are still giving him a chance and shout outs. if kanye 50 and other dudes didnt have his back he wouldnt be relevant… truth hurts sometime but i’m speakin it. i respect his hustle and what he does as an entertainer… but u cant seriously say the kid has done anything to really push the genre forward with any lasting effect… just my opinion tho

  • Kid Cashier

    In my opinion this should prove that in order to last in the rap game u need to make timeless music… gimmicks come and go… so i guess its on to the next one… it was only a matter of time…

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  • thetruth

    REAL recognize REAL

  • YOM

    Hot Spitta!!
    That shows me folk are starting to wake up. Soulja was on 106 & Park with co-signs all over the place and good music still rose to the top.

    And S.B. isn’t a great producer.

  • LouisTaylored

    Nice shit $pitta!! People fail to realize that Curren$y is on an indie label and Solja Boy is on Interscope. Soulja was getting a shitload of promotion for this album [TV, Ads, Radio, etc.] Curren$y got very little promotion mainly from blogs and not many people know about him from the beginning because he isnt Mainstream. So just imagine if they witched roles…..I guarantee that $pitta would have sold at least 100,000. But hey. I also think that Soulja Boy is a terrible rapper and since he’s trying to shy away from the SB of old and focus more on rap I think he’s lost fans cause this isnt his strong point

  • why do you care

    I agree with Allen York. If the hood doesn’t accept who you are, then fuck ‘em.

  • why do you care

    I agree with Allen York. If the hood doesn’t accept who you are, then fuck ‘em.

  • blame

    i blame his low sales on him putting on lip gloss talking bout he mean mugging

  • HU

    I commend this garbage gimmick for making it to release 3 albums. He pushed gimmickry farther than it typically goes. Now, he needs to get off drugs, stop buying dumb shit like chains and clothes, and invest in something truly wise with whatever money he actually has because no more will be coming in. However, he’s not smart and no one around him is either so his life’s about to get pretty damn bad.

  • paperplanes

    Why is Curren$y tagged in this?

  • Don mcCaine

    Soulja wasn’t gonna sell, he never had great opening weeks. He’s a SINGLES artist, straight up. He would still be a better indie rapper than Cuirren$y would be on a major.

    ‘Airborne Aquarium’, ‘A Gee’, ‘Michael Knight’ & ‘Flight Briefing’ are good songs on ‘Pilot Talk 2′. Ski Beatz gave son some good music. I’ve seen Curren$y on the ‘net just as much as SB, so let’s drop that excuse. A lot of y’all don’t buy music ANYWAY to push Curren$y’s #s up even if he had a J.Cole press machine behind him.

  • Q461

    I don’t know why niggaz are comparing Spitta to Soulja Boy,,,nothing about their music or situations is similar at all.

    First off i’m not a Soulja Boy hater. I respect dudes grind to make it where he is and his music isn’t the worst, even though it lacks substance. Cats need to realize hip-hop has always balanced dance and poppy music with shit of more substance. Public Enemy and Kid N Play co-existed as did NWA and Hammer. So Soulja Boy and lets just say for arguement sake, Nas can both exit in hip-hop imo.

    I think if dude put that song with Justin Bieber on the album he woulda sold more. Dude was def trying, he knows he needs to grow with his audience, hence the attempt at the harder-edged sound on the joint with his homey 50. But not for nothin, its his 3rd album. Hip-hop fans are fickle. Kids that were fuckin with Crank that are now a few years older and into Drake and Nicki. it’s just the way it goes no hate.And even though he had the major label behind him, its probably just his time to slip a bit in popularity.

    Now Spitta on the other hand is on an indy with that DD172 situation. They press and distribute less albums. Dame and him arent expecting to push a shitload of units. He makes records for his fan base: internet heads, New Orleans niggaz and artsy pothead NYC hipsters. The only song that even remotely resembled a single on Pilot Talk 2 is Michael Knight. But It’s dope music. Lazy smoked out vibe and rolling music. Some tracks barely reach the three minute mark. Spitta likes being able to put out whatever he wants without answering to anyone. He also pretty much has his own in-house producer with Ski Beatz, who’s shit is dope as fuck by the way. And the nigga is eating a bit off tours and putting out music frequently, ( next year they are supposed to drop Muscle Car Chronicles and Pilot Talk 3). I think what him and Dame are doing is revoluntionary, they are going against the grain, against the whole music industry model and I can see them being real succesful for it by taking those chances. After all Dame is a risk-taker ( any good business-man is) and it paid off when they started Rocafella unconventionally. Niggaz need to watch these dudes make moves.

    Shoutouts to both Spitta and Soulja Boy but yea considering they sold the same, would you rather be wit Interscope who had some kind of marketing push and advertsing behind Soulja Boy’s shit or Dame and Curren$y who put that record out pretty quick, are going to make $$ off shows and who really just have to cut Def Jam some guap for the distribution, before they make a profit?

    Easy decision to me.

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  • kedordu



    BE CLEAR, I’M NOT A SB FAN! i’m just not a hater. sb is hip hop…period! he was made popular by the people. dude has like 3 huge hits under his belt that he not only wrote, but also produced. Rap started as party music, so this theory that rap always has to be lyrical is crazy. every heard rappers delight or shimmy shimmy ya? to ignore his talent is just some hater shit tho…this nigga came from nothing.

  • jtm

    time to move on to something else soulija boy.

  • ms_spittuh

    Wow. I guess gimmicks do die….hell he’s always wanted to do video games, why don’t he invest in that? Obviously he’s good with the internet and computers. He can go extremely far with that. Hell thank u lord for letting people grow up! Now,if only folks will out grow Wakka Flakka lol..(that name still kills me!)…

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  • bowwow

    hey soulja boy you want to use my gun your album sales look like my followers count on twitter

  • ceezy4sheezy

    R.I.P soulja boy the wackest most garbage nigga in hip hop if it wasnt for 50 backing him he wouldn’t even be relevant. And Currency is a way better Mc he did 10,000 independently with no radio play or on T.v Soula boy is all over Tv and radio so really if you look at all the money they spent on promotion with soulja boy his album is complete fail and currency came out on top

  • C-DOGG

    i eat plumbs on Christmas. :o)