Soulja Boy Plans to Work With Lupe Fiasco

Soulja Boy may not want to be “super-Lupe-Fiasco-lyrical,” but in our recent interview with the young’n he said wants to get in the studio with the Chi-town wordsmith.

“Yeah, man, we was talkin’ about that,” SB told of a possible collaboration. “He was like, ‘Let’s do a song.’ I’m on this crazy, hectic schedule right now, and I really don’t like working through e-mail, I’d rather be in the studio and feel that energy. So, when I get time to get in the studio, we’ll make that happen.”

The initial quote surfaced in the cover story of the November issue of XXL, featuring Soulja Boy and 50 Cent. “I was telling them like, man, on songs like ‘Crank Dat’ and ‘Pretty Boy Swag,’ I don’t wanna be all lyrical,” he continued. “It’s a club song; I want to just keep it simple so people know what I’m sayin’. I was just using Lupe as a reference because he was a good lyricist. But I wasn’t talking about all my music, I was talking about one song that I wasn’t lyrical on.”

Soulja says Lupe, who soon after the quote surfaced released a track called “Super Lupe Rap,” reached out to the young star to discuss the reference. “He hit me up,” Soulja said. “We chopped it up on the Twitter, on [Direct Message]. We chopped it up over the phone. It was nothin’. He already know how the media get; controversy sells. It’s nothin’ but love.”

Soulja Boy’s third solo album, The DeAndre Way, hit stores and iTunes yesterday. —Adam Fleischer

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  • entertainment

    this should get some of the hip hop purists all heated.

  • Don mcCaine


    I gotta admit, shawty is growing up. maybe Lupe can give son a book to read to upgrade his subject matter.

    • these posts are racist

      Real talk…if SB hooks up with Lupe, I think the youngin’ will see a positive growth.

  • No Name

    Lupe’s leniant enough to go into the studio with just about anyone, so this comes as no surprise. And say what you will about Soulja’s music, be he has a strong work ethic when it comes to making it. Save the slave masters comment, I don’t see why so many folks hate him as much as they do. Purist bias, I suppose.

  • T

    Lmao. That track would make Lupe seem even BETTER.

  • fuckpurists

    what the fuck is a hip hop purist?! is that a like an old dude that still listens to rap music from the “golden era” like a golden girls episode?!! put yo old ass to sleep!

  • DW

    Lupe and Soulja… never thought i would ever see the day. *sigh*

  • Atlanta Is Full Of Fruits

    Dumb it down Pt 2!

    • nigga


  • jtm

    lol lupe is gonna embarrass him more than andre 3000 did to unk and jim jones in walk it out.


    on some real shit, Soulja Boy sounds like he’s at least trying to put some thought in to some of his raps. Still not what I would call a lyricist but he gets an E for effort. Plus, working with Lupe I believe actually give him an idea of how to structure his content…Bottomline, KRS ONE gave the lil dude a pass and said he appreciates what he brings to the table, so the purist shit shouldn’t even be a factor…Give the lil nigga a chance to improve…..I’m from NY and I remember when FAT JOE wasn’t that dope of an emcee. But, damn near 10 yrs later, the nigga stepped his game up. Soulja Boy may end up on that same shit…

  • Dub

    Soulja boy can’t rap pennies, but you’d be surprised by who he produces for. I wish he’d just stick to beat-making, that’s where dude shines at. Listen to the Lil Dre freestyle, you’ll be wishing your favorite rapper put a verse over it