Real Rick Ross Speaks on Appeal Against Rapper

Former drug kingpin “Freeway” Ricky Ross spoke to today(December 14) about his decision to appeal the recent ruling on a lawsuit he filed against rapper Rick Ross, Jay-Z, Def Jam and Universal Music amongst others for the commercial use of his name.

While on the way to a meeting with BET, where he is in talks to star in his own reality television show tentatively titled Freeway’s House, the real Ross talked about his decision to go back to court.

“They made enough money off my name, “ he told XXL. “Anybody with enough decency and respect for the game would have thrown me something. Rick Ross and Def Jam have all been eating off my brand. I feel it’s time they stop and I won’t stop until they do. I already filed my appeal. They tried to wear out my lawyers with money and they feel they can do whatever they want to do. “

As previously reported, a federal judge dismissed Ricky Donell Ross’  initial $10 million lawsuit in November ruling that “Freeway” could not win on the trademark infringement claim or the grounds of unfair competition because he was unable to show valid trademark rights to his name.

Despite the prior ruling the Ross remains positive. “It’s like going against a giant but I was a little guy all my life and I am ready for this,” he said. “When they started this, they knew I was in jail with my hands tied. I am no longer in jail and now they will have to deal with me. They will have to see me soon enough. I’ll be at the award shows. I’ll be everywhere.”

When contacted by the Miami rapper remained confident that he would win the case. “We gon’ let everything take it’s course,” he said. “It’s gonna be a beautiful thing real soon.” —Nicole LoPresti

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  • these posts are racist

    how embarressing. def jam should have just settled. if Rick Ross the rapper were smart, he would have reached out to dude…

    That said, Freeway Ricky’s “brand” was that of a community destroyer…whether or not his claim is valid (which I actually think is…ie. he has a valid claim), I have no sympathy for him.

  • Sha

    Hmmmm. So I guess Jay-Z should pay Jaz for his name. How about Scarface paying the directors for using that name? How about Gnarls Barkley paying Charles Barkley? How about Jermaine Dupri (JD) paying Dilla (The original Jay Dee) for his name? How about Q-Tip paying Q-Tip (the cotton swab company) for that name? How about 50 Cent paying the original 50 Cent for his name?

    I could go on and on. Bottom line. This dude killed the community with drugs. Rick Ross The Rapper IS profiting. But how this dude can say someone is ruining his name is beyond me. The only thing worse than a drug dealer is a child molester. The Original Ricky Ross iced his own rep. Def Jam owes him? More like he owes Def Jam. The Rapper Rick Ross has been giving him positive fame. More than he did for himself.

    • pap3rchazer

      true but Freeway Rick actually wants to change n try to make a difference. while he was serving his debt to society, Bawse n def jam profited off his name by FURTHER destroying the urban communities with their super fabricated-fairytale rap on Freeway Rick’s legacy!

    • kjj

      the only thing worse than a drug dealer is a child molester? i think thats a bit far fetched.

    • oscar

      bull shit

  • black jesus

    he wont win. no judge/jury/etc. is going to sympathize with a man who pumped poison into his own community, negatively affecting countless peoples lives.

    plus, rick ross (rapper) just has to point out that rick ross (crack dealer) isnt taking any form of legal action against freeway for using the dealers nick name. after all, more people know the dealer as “freeway ricky ross” then just rick ross.

  • tefflondon

    what the fuck. this lazy ass dirty stinking nigga need to get a job or go back to being a drug dealer. you bum

    • pap3rchazer

      how bout you go hook Freeway Rick up with a position at Carol City Correctional Facility???

  • K H

    I agree the real rick ross should get paid cuz the fat boy from miami would have nothing if it weren’t for the real ricky ross’s street cred!! Real street niggas know where I’m comin from.. It’s all about respect!

  • Don mcCaine

    yo Sha…

    50 threw 50 Cents’ family some cash…appeared in the doc about him…and Freeway BEEN hollered at the civilian Rick Ross black…now we’re back to if you’re gonna take someone’s name and style at least give them some credit.

    “The Rapper Rick Ross has been giving him positive fame.”

    ^ how is that when the rapper continuously raps about coke, and being a boss of the “Carol City Cartel”?

    Question: would the Gotti’s have a case against Yo Gotti? Him using the family name and getting into trouble is bringing heat to them, like he’s affiliated with them?

    • pap3rchazer

      yo gotti isnt as successful as Bawse

    • Sha


      I don’t know about you….. But where I’m from there’s a HUGE difference between TALKING IT and LIVING IT.

      Gettin’ angry at The Rapper Rick Ross is the equivalent of getting mad at some dude that cursed in front of your kid in public. Yeah, you could get mad. Or you could educate your kid before the uncontrollable public does.

      The Real Ricky Ross sold drugs. Skum of the earth shit. Destroyed countless lives. ON SOME REAL SHIT.

      The Rapper Rick Ross says some shit in songs that your kid shouldn’t be listening to anyway (if you are a real parent). Pure fiction.

      To the people that try to use Curtis as an example. Ok. This may be the case where he properly compensated the original 50. But for every “on the level” case, I can show you a million cats that did exactly what The Rapper Ross did. How many songs have you heard about Nas and Esco. Niggas ain’t sayin’ nothing about that. Nas didn’t compensate shit.

      Bottom line. Saying “I sell drugs and fuck hoes” is waaaay different than having a federal record that says THIS NIGGA SOLD DRUGS AND FUCKED UP HIS COMMUNITY.

      Sorry. No love for the Real Ricky Ross.

      • Don mcCaine

        Nas came in the door as Nas. Esco is a nickname, his albums don’t have the name Esco on them. He doesn’t rap about the life of Pablo Escobar.

        50 he wanted that name because of the ruthlessness the original displayed. He raps about HIS life, not 50 Cents.

        Freeway took the name and went thru the proper channeling to even speak him, but he raps about Leslie’s Philly life (and he said it was more of HOW he was getting street $, less the man and STILL paid homage).

        Correct me if I’m wrong, but Ross’ name was TEFLON, and changed it to RICK ROSS, a WELL-KNOWN dealer who has been documented on ’60 Minutes’ & ‘American Gangster’. It maybe “somewhat” up for debate, but WILLIAM raps about Ross’ life, the BOSS of a CARTEL, not WILLIAM. Got him down to the BEARD & BALDY.

        If he was still TEFLON, rapping “I’m like RICK ROSS in the streets”, there’s NO PROBLEM.

        • that nigga

          50 he wanted that name because of the ruthlessness the original displayed. He raps about HIS life, not 50 Cents.
          The REAL 50 cent was robbin everything and everybody, rappers especially. So, why the FAKE 50 cent come out the door with the song “How to Rob”? He was rappin’ bout the REAL 50 cents life. Sorry.

          • Don mcCaine

            1 song yo…i left that out on purpose…90% of these cats didn’t even know 50 existed until ‘Wanksta’ and ‘In The Club’. Then you should know G-Unit left WAY more songs out there before the deal where 50 Cent wasn’t rapping about 50 Cents’ life.

  • Kid Cashier

    Dude is wasting his time and little bit of money he has on lawyers and bullshit… its too late homie!

    He shoulda went a different route from the get go… spoke to the rapper ricky face to face first… let him know how u felt like a man. made some cameos on an album or something as like a mentor or something, got a little bread and kept movin… but nope u had to pull the i’m broke and going to try and and sue mutha fuckas who even kept u relevant card. If rick ross the rapper never came out the real rick ross woulda got out of jail and went straight to the shadows a forgotten man. he should be thankin the rapper ross for allowin him to get the little 15 min that he gettin now.

  • http://Xxxmag Otriz all..embarrasin..aftr Rich Ross tha rapper s whl effort

  • Hood

    i think he is claim is valid… its like not like rick ross borrowed a nickname or moniker he stole dudes actually first n last gov… wat he did for a living is a mute point.. dude just wants something for he name being stolen…. how long is officer ricky gonna profit off others ppls name sake… ie big meech and larry hoover… heres a thought make a name for yourself


    Where the hell is Kendrick Lamar…. A.Dd+…. Sore Losers…. School Boy Q ……… New wave music


    I hope the real rr wins this case, so we can start callin the rapper big mac attack or lobster killa or some shit.

  • caino

    Hmmm, l must admit l think l back Sha in this one! everyone knows the difference betweent he ‘real rick ross’ and ‘Rosay’, and kids shouldnt even be listenign to Rick Ross’s cd’s.

    If he is succesful, just wait for the floodgates to open. l also hate the way people hold up the real rick ross like he is some sort of messiah, the dude sold crack , and ruined whole communities, he aint no hero !! peeps should remember that……he should of stuck to tennis !

    • Don mcCaine

      it’s not about the civilian RR being a hero or none of that. Take out all of the intangibles like I did and weigh them out.

      “because he was unable to show valid trademark rights to his name”

      ^ if cats didn’t OVERLOOK this, the system isn’t saying the civilian RR DOESN’T have a case, it’s saying he needs to find something WITHIN the legalese to PROCEED. The same legalese that would stop ANYONE from handling an identity theft situation.

  • j

    I can’t believe it’s not butter!

  • http://n/a the Change

    The real rick ross is the ish, now ricky rozay is lame. Honestly he has never sold coke or done things with big meech. He is a gimmick just for a minstrel show, sorry to say it. Don’t get a twisted once you was a cop it’s hard to really say you anything else but a fake. I wish the real rick ross would get at that man. I’m on the freeway Ross side, who do you stand with?

  • Peach

    Freeway Ricky Ross built that name and should be paid! The first time I heard one of Rick Ross’s songs on the radio I thought it was Freeway Ricky Ross because the name and content. People may not like what Freeway did to earn notoriety but he is the one who made the name recognized. It seems the rapper Rick Ross may just be a poser, singing about someone else’s life!!!! Jay Z needs to step up his game if he wants to keep his reputation, supporting posers is a hater move. They need to pay Freeway Ricky Ross, or change his name and build his own reputation, in the game your reputation is everything.

  • Matt

    Rick Ross the rapper needs to understand this man aint no studio rapper who he can jab and have beef with..The real Rick Ross also is no 50 cent…If I am ross the rapper I call the man and say I never meant to take your name out of disrespect..It was my honor to you and that is it..Officer Ricky needs to know this man is a real OG and one of the most powerful gangsters at one time..The man spent yrs in prison and he is hungry and probally has nothing to lose..Officer RIcky why play this game..Just do right by the man

  • pito974

    the real rick ross paid for what he done. its not right for the rapper to make money off and his life. the rapper might of been ok to use his name. but no he wanted his hole life. i think thats Identity theft.