Former drug kingpin “Freeway” Ricky Ross spoke to today(December 14) about his decision to appeal the recent ruling on a lawsuit he filed against rapper Rick Ross, Jay-Z, Def Jam and Universal Music amongst others for the commercial use of his name.

While on the way to a meeting with BET, where he is in talks to star in his own reality television show tentatively titled Freeway’s House, the real Ross talked about his decision to go back to court.

“They made enough money off my name, “ he told XXL. “Anybody with enough decency and respect for the game would have thrown me something. Rick Ross and Def Jam have all been eating off my brand. I feel it’s time they stop and I won’t stop until they do. I already filed my appeal. They tried to wear out my lawyers with money and they feel they can do whatever they want to do. “

As previously reported, a federal judge dismissed Ricky Donell Ross’  initial $10 million lawsuit in November ruling that “Freeway” could not win on the trademark infringement claim or the grounds of unfair competition because he was unable to show valid trademark rights to his name.

Despite the prior ruling the Ross remains positive. “It’s like going against a giant but I was a little guy all my life and I am ready for this,” he said. “When they started this, they knew I was in jail with my hands tied. I am no longer in jail and now they will have to deal with me. They will have to see me soon enough. I’ll be at the award shows. I’ll be everywhere.”

When contacted by the Miami rapper remained confident that he would win the case. “We gon’ let everything take it’s course,” he said. “It’s gonna be a beautiful thing real soon.” —Nicole LoPresti