Kurtis Blow Caught With Marijuana

I guess they allow pot smoking in the Hip Hop Church. Rap pioneer turned reverend Kurtis Blow was found with a small amount of marijuana earlier today (December 2) at LAX airport.

According to tmz.com LAX officials found the drug on Blow during a routine body scan this morning. The Harlem MC was issued a ticket since he had less than an ounce and allowed to travel.

As of press time he did now release a comment about the incident.

Several years ago the old school star—the first rapper to sign a record deal with a major label—co-founded the Hip Hop Church. —Elan Mancini

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  • Trend

    This is NO big deal. If pastors, reverends, priest and nuns can drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes they should be allowed to smoke marijuana which is healthier than both alcohol and cigarettes. LEGALIZE MARIJUANA!

  • anutha_level

    this shit is too funny

  • ri067953

    Is this guy trying to be like Wiz Khalifa?????

  • J R33$Y

    I Guess These Are The Breaks Smoke It Smoke It Up Now

  • stuckfresh

    Man when I went to Cali I wanted to bring some back with me also! That shit is damn near legal out there anyway!!

  • http://kemomusic.com kemo

    What idiot goes through a TSA scan with weed on them? If any thing put in your bag and check it. Or just pick some up at your destination. Like Curtis Blow cant find a weed connect…