Kanye West’s Fantasy Tops Charts With 495K in Sales

As expected, Kanye West has done it again. The Louis Vuitton Don’s new, critically-acclaimed album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy debuted at the No. 1 position on the Billboard Top 200 sales charts this morning (December 1), making it his fourth No. 1 LP.

According to the Nielsen SoundScan report, released today, the Chicago rapper/producer sold about 495,800 copies of his XXL rated disc in his first week on store shelves. The numbers, though impressive, fall short of the projections, which estimated that Yeezy would sell around 525,000 to 575,000 units.

Landing one spot below ’Ye at No. 2 is Nicki Minaj with her highly anticipated debut disc, Pink Friday. Hits Daily Double were right on target with their predictions for the Young Money princess, who reached about 375,200 in sales, as forecasted last week.

Although hip-hop artists were able to score the two highest seats on this week’s charts, another rap act doesn’t show up until all the way down the scale at No. 25. Eminem slid down to that spot this week, as Recovery picked up another 48,000 units. After 23 weeks the Detroit lyricist has a total tally of 3,052,900.

Failing to best his former label boss in his debut week was Lloyd Banks, who entered the charts at No. 26. Nearly 44,400 fans bought the G-Unit soldier’s third solo LP, The Hunger for More 2 over the last seven days.

Rounding out the Top 40 is Lil Wayne and Nelly. Weezy’s I Am Not A Human Being slipped to the No. 31 position in his ninth week, with 36,900 in sales, but that was still enough juice to earn him another gold plaque, as his total tally now stands at 511,300. Meanwhile the St.Lunatic’s 5.0 plummeted from No. 10 to No. 39 this go-round with 30,800 in sales. Overall Nelly—who recently ranted on his Twitter account about Universal Motown’s lack of marketing for his disc—has 94,400 in stats, since hitting retail outlets two weeks ago.

Missing the Top 40 by two seats is Jay-Z’s new compilation, The Hits Collection, Vol. 1. The set earned about 27,700 units in week one.

Next week look for Soulja Boy’s third solo album, The DeAndre Way to impact the charts. —Elan Mancini

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  • jburg

    44k for Banks? Damn!!!

  • http://www.citysocialites.com jane

    Poor Banks

  • caino

    Damsn Banks, feell for the dude, tho he aint saying anything new from the first HFM.

    Nick Minaj – Well done, she doesnt do it for me, but she sold more than l thought she would.

    Kanye – Again impressive!! everyone knows albums dont sell no more!

  • nunya

    Everybody on this site and the other two main ones are pussies. Banks is a jack tard to me; but I’d love to sell 44k records in a week. Good for you Banks…everyone saying you floped is a queer. lol. You will go gold in like….er-6months. Doesn’t matter, you’re out there and we? Well we’re posting about how you failed….smmfh.


    Banks was convinced he was goona sell well…I keep saying, switch up your flow..same shit all the time homey..things could be worse. you a millionaire ni8gga…dont sweat the numbers

  • jonny bizness

    Can’t believe the best album since the Blueprint failed to go gold even though the critics hailed it as 1 of the best rap albums period .

  • Jay Cole

    44K copped the best album that dropped on Nov 22nd.
    its all good Banks. the album is hot

  • Hpno

    ppl forget that Banks is independent now so those 44K units he’s seein the majority of dat $ whereas nicki and kanye r both on MAJORS so of course der gona sell more den banks for the simple fact that they on a major label and the #’s dont dictate quality anyway cuz both Pink Friday and My beautiful dark twisted fantasy r both WACK H.F.M.2 is a classic ~_~

    • TonyStakz!!

      LOL..EMI is one of the top 4 Major Labels and Business group in the recording Idustry…Curren$y is independent Big L is definitely Independent…

      • http://www.getoffmynutts.com Official Fully

        Big L is dead yo. Fully.

  • Andres23SB

    wait,so what was the numbers for Big L’s cd???

  • reggee

    Jay Z don’t care. They can’t bootleg books and that’s where the money is at.

    • aus2022

      your an idiot. theres pdf copies all over the internets

  • pap3rchazer

    as far as banks, i’m more interested in his international sales since his cd drops this week in europe.

    how many independent artists have a demanding market out there???


    yea weres big ls numbers iam coping that friday. and west album is wack . and nicki and the hole young money can eat a dick we no wayne would love that he be shoveing nicki out the wayfor that shit fags lol
    get that new red dec 7th fake asss niggas
    fuck yall

  • Tre

    Banks put out a good record too. 44,000 aint bad on an independant level which is what type of deal he has

  • cody

    it wasnt really premoted an didnt hear his songs on radio also so it wasnt banks album cuz its tight….

  • Mutada mullah atari

    Ha ha, banks still using that outdated 1997 crack rap flow and look at those numbers lmfao, games bitch ass willnsell more

  • tumi

    wat a disaster 4 Kanye, dnt get me wrong, 495k are monster numbers bt considering the hype he has had & GOOD FRIDAY mixtapes, I expected him to be at least above Em’s numbers closer 2 a million bt he is closer to Drake lol.

  • IdleHandz803

    Where The Fuck Is Curren$y?????

  • Masoud

    Thank you, dear friend.