G. Dep Should Not Have Confessed, Victim’s Kin Says

For the first time since G. Dep shockingly confessed to shooting a man 17 years ago, a member of the victim’s family has finally spoken out, and he has some choice words for the ex-Diddy protégé.

“I think [G. Dep is] an idiot.” Robert Henkel, stepbrother to murder victim John Henkel, told the New York Post.

“[John] has three kids and a wife,” Henkel continued. “It was years and years and years ago. Finally, we’re not always thinking about it . . . and now it has to be dug up all again.”

As previously reported, Dep surprisingly walked into the 25th precinct in New York City on December 15 and admitted to police that he shot Henkel three times during a botched robbery attempt on October 19, 1993. Although he claims that he did not know the man died after the incident, the former Bad Boy rapper was still indicted on murder charges last week by a grand jury. He faces 25 years to life.

“[Dep’s] mother told him, ‘Don’t turn yourself in,’ ” Henkel said. “She was right . . . After all this time, yes, he just should have shut up.”

G. Dep is currently being held, without bail, in the Manhattan Detention Complex. —Elan Mancini

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  • schmarr

    that nigga is an idiot for real lmaoo even his mom said
    i hope that dumb nigga can read dis rite now and c how stupid he is lmaoooo *silly nigga*

  • soy yo

    What you all don’t realize is what he was living inside. You all talk, he is dumb, that was already buried, but a man’s soul cannot rest upon the fact that he took someone’s life. He should have done it even if it’d been during his last breath on this earth. I send my prayers to you because you are truly the bravest out of all these rappers who pretend to be.

    • bliz

      here’s another dumb nigga ! keep turning yourselves in , it’s too

      • bliz

        too crowded out here anyway

      • soy yo

        you seem not to see beyond the pimple on your nose…keep up kiddo just make sure you pop it before it is too late cause as of now, it only lets you hear and ”live” hip hop lyrics.

  • sway-z

    It’s called having a conscience. “Most” niggas aren’t the homicidal maniacs they portray in rap music, very few could live with the burden of knowing they took someone’s life, which is why I don’t buy G. dep’s story about him not knowing if dude survived or not. You don’t confess after 17 years if your not sure you murdered somebody or not

  • yeah Right!

    Give me a break with this confessed because of consience bull shit. he did it to get a buzz because he thought dude was alive. So why didn’t he confess when he was on bad boy and had an album coming out? I guess life wasnt so bad when u were making money and on TV. Now that he’s broke and jobless now all of sudden it’s eating him inside?

  • teddy

    its not called having a concious its called being high as hell

  • http://ww.youtube.com/greatrastar82 ImMe

    G-Dep had a guilty conscience that was eating him alive. HOWEVER, SOMETIMES IN LIFE YOU HAVE TO TAKE THINGS TO THE GRAVE WITH YOU. I appluad him for manning up to the situation, but what about his own kids and family? I beleive it was the drugs that helped eat at his conscience. G-DEP just brought back ill memories to the victim’s family. It makes the family feel like their love one was murdered twice. Both families lost on this one.

  • e

    The Bible Says Judge your self and You will not be Judged. Smart Move Dep!

  • caino

    ^^^^ the bible says a lot of crazy shit!! dont live your life by it fam!!

  • these posts are racist

    I think it’s interesting to juxtapose this next to most rappers’ lyrics…how many people get merked in a record/an album? To have them tell it, killing to a rapper is nothing…but in real life…one can see the real consequences. Think brothers, think.