G. Dep Confesses to Murder, Surrenders to Police

G. Dep is currently being held by authorities after shockingly admitting to a murder that happened 17 years ago.

According to the New York Post, on Wednesday (December 15), the former Bad Boy rapper walked into a police precinct in Manhattan and confessed to killing John Henkel on October 19,1993, during a botched robbery attempt outside of a Harlem project building. Detailing the incident, Dep, who was 18 at the time, admitted to tossing his .40 caliber gun in the East River after using it on his victim. Cops checked his story with their file on the unsolved case and it apparently matched up.

“It was just eating away at him,” a police source told the Post about Dep’s motive behind the surprising confession.

The rapper was charged with murder and is currently being held without bail.

“My client is presumed innocent, and the case is going to grand jury,” Dep’s lawyer, Michael Alperstein, commented to the paper.

Dep has a long criminal history, beginning in 2003, that includes over 25 arrests for drugs, burglary and grand larceny. During an interview with XXLMag.com back in September, the rapper opened up about his longtime struggle with angel dust. He said that his problems with the drug got so bad he had to go to rehab earlier this year. “Sometimes it takes you to get really hit by a car…to go to the garage,” he said at the time. [Watch here]

He recently released his first independent album, Ghetto Legend, his first disc since his 2001 debut on Bad Boy, Child of the Ghetto.

Stay tuned to XXLMag.com as the story develops.—Elan Mancini

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  • Mitch 3K

    Damn, Kinda feel bad for him in a way, it seems like after years of Being a Dusthead, he finally got clean and realised how many bad things he’d done…….

    Nothing excuses what he did but it takes a real dude to stand up and accept the consequences, they would have never solved the case had he not walked in there and announced himself, gotta get some kind of props for that

  • rynerich

    the guilt from GOD made him turn himself in he did the right thing. good for him, his repentance and healing process is just begining, sucks he’ll be in jail for a long minute. and his lawyer is still trying to get him off when he admitted to it smh

  • youngfella

    G-Dep giving a man his death..thats what i a call a SPECIAL DELIVERY!!!! lol

    • audio tech

      u laughing at ur own corny joke is whats funny

  • Midas Touch

    eh..He should’ve made peace with god not with a system that incentivates young black males to exterminate each other..

    He’s gonna be another soul trapped behind bars when he could’ve used the guilt of that mistake to fuel him into changing his life around and try to positively impact the people around him..

    A repented soul out helping others is better than a guilty/looking for forgiveness soul trapped behind bars.

    • Sean Izzle

      Thats a good thought and opinion fam, he will just be another lost soul behind bars, i most def agree. What about his own people who will miss him while hes in prison? did he think about them? i know you should do whats best for yourself but you should always consider and give the people around you a thought before doing decisions like these.

      • ctcsme

        You are an idiot!

    • that nigga

      Nicely put.

  • http://www.bboycult.com Don mcCaine


    when you take a life, you actually take 2…you and the victim…G-Dep BEEN dead…

    • http://www.trpmuzik.blogspot.com abdulnasir


    • @EtiennedeParis


  • Face Phoenix

    Sorry to hear this news but, I am proud that he handled this matter like a man. No one wants to go to jail but carrying the burden of guilt that he must of felt was probably far worse. It’s like having a weight on your chest. I hope this serves as warning to others on a path similar to his to think about every move you make. Sometimes what seems likes the only option is just the mind accepting the easiest option. I was unemployed and unable to receive unemployment and after a year I just had to just pray that Jehovah had something planned for me. He may not come when you want him to but he is always there when you need him most… you need only be trust in him and the true opportunities he provides.

    • west coast

      G-dep is an idiot, I dont know if he got sober and felt guilty, I thin he just got to high to control him self and did some dumb shit. U dont never turn yourself in for that L, especially when the case has gone cold and you can live your life, this fool deserves what ever he get.


        I felt the same way you did homie! but after reading how g dep felt, until you kill someone and know you killed someone you will never know how it feels, that mans ghost is chasing him! (if you did kill someone) I dont expect you to admit it on this blogg! but you have to think about that shit for a minute playa! as in the words of “denzel washington” in training day, ” Its not like steping on ants”..

  • sealsaa


    Hard as I tried, I couldn’t help but laugh. Damn fool.

    @Don mcCaine

    ^I was thinking the same thing. He’s been fucked up for a while now. Probably feels like he has nothing to live for. Sad shit.


    Damm !! thats fucked up!! he was a good m.c too!! no matter if this dude tried to walk a straight life, that killing will always be eating him away inside, those of us (myself included) like too talk alot of shit on xxl. com, those of us with a soul know that we could talk alot of shit, but actually killing someone and then trying to enjoy music and live a productive life, it aint happening, that mans soul you took will always haunt any good person!! its fucked up for g dep, he tried to keep it to real and in the end hes going to be in a box till he drops! one love kid ! keep your head up! get that monkkey off your back!

  • Q461

    Wow. That shit is crazy… I bet that shit was haunting dude…They would have never solved that shit if he didnt come forward. Still remember that “Lets Get it’ joint dude was like I was already on fish and spaghetti lol….

    Funny how niggaz that fucked with Puff ended up.

    Big- dead
    Ma$e-turned pastor
    Shyne-went to jail, turned religious Jew
    Loon-turned Muslim
    G-dep-most likely going to prison where maybe he too will find religion?

    More and More I’m thinking Jay Elec did the right thing by not signing with dude lol.

  • Worley

    My man, I feel a lot better living in the free world with a guilty conscience than being in prison for life with a free conscience.

    @Heltah Sinsay: that wasn’t the victim’s ghost. That was the dust. A dusthead is liable to see any damn thing. Trust me. I once unknowingly blazed a dusted L. I got on the train and thought the lights were lasers. It became too much. I had to walk. Even then, I thought I was seeing little purple elephants around my feet. The dude I was with knew that antidote though. We drank about a gallon of milk and came down quick. I would never do that again nor would I believe anything a dusthead said he/she saw.

    • Midas Touch


    • http://www.bboycult.com Don mcCaine

      seals whaddup? Q! Worley went there huh?

      I ain’t NEVER went there…a 40 and a blunt is efficient enuff for me…

      thinking about this episode w/G Dep had me think of another rapper who COULD be going through the same thing now, before our eyes…

      GUCCI MANE…think about it, seriously…


    I feel fo ya , bwoy…

  • Q461

    ‘I ain’t NEVER went there…a 40 and a blunt is efficient enuff for me’

    Co-sign nigga. I’ve fucked with other shit but never dust. That shit scares me.

    Fucked up week for hip-hop. First Ja, then DMX now G-Dep. Yall hear Charles Hamilton punched a cop??? Crazy!

    Knicks got rocked in the second half bro. I was disappointed.

    • http://www.bboycult.com Don mcCaine

      what’s ill is many cats lost perspective of their lives hitting that dust…Ghost, Rae & Rza made classic albums off the same product…X was basically an orphan who was gettin’ high off his own supply…the only thing that moved the “leaners” out of the way were the crackheads…

  • caino

    Angel dust !! now thats gangsta.

    Shit, leave me with ma weed n rum and l’mm all good, used to hit X and acid back in the day, but you cant do that shit forever.

  • @EtiennedeParis

    nigga broke
    prison is a way for him to eat everyday

    nah but seriously his story is deep

  • J. Ali

    God be with u G-Dep, you came clean. You took ownership of what you did, ready for the serious consequences and I believe with in my heart Allah will forgive you. I know you suffered and its time to heal. However, you took a man’s life and that man’s family’s peace of mind. It was a hellish experience for them because they never knew who did it, nor did they know how it really happened. I feel Allah is using you as an example for all those thinking about committing murder to refrain from the act and/or to confess. Please don’t think your life is in vain, you have touched more people than u know. God keep you safe and provide you and that man’s family closure.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com Moneybaggz

    I respect this guy for being a human being. All these idiots on this blog talking shit abou haunted by his actions and at this point in his life he couldn’t handle it anymore. The guilt was eating him up for years. It tat him. Yes he has a drug problem, yes he was another victim in the music industry. This shit is bigger than diddy and bad boy. This man shot and killed someone brother, and son. Imagine if your loved on got killed, you would want to know who was the killer correct? I think over the years he waskes a real man to turn himself in for taking someone life. He’s human at the end of the day. It’s a bad situation because he’s facing life in prison but this is what guilt does to you. There’s a ton of rappers who talk shit all day about how they murk niggas and they never shot a gun a day in their life. Think about the victim family also, im glad they know he turned himself in and he’s taking responsibility for his own actions. At the end of the day im still a fan of g-dep music. He’s still a great emcee.

  • bulelani

    the dude made amistake.confession is ajoke which i never find it funny.

  • http://twitter.com/jamal7mile Jamal7Mile

    G-Dep found out that the guy died AFTER he turned himself in! He didn’t confess to murder, he confess to an assault with a deadly weapon. This is fucked up in so many ways. There are ways to atone for one’s sins OUTSIDE of prison walls too. He should’ve thought about the kids he had at home too. smh…

    • ctcsme

      Take this trash out and give him the death penalty! You take a life you give your life. One less rapper to brainwash young black males into thinking they must solve their problems with violence.

      Enough with this ignorant blaming The System for everything. You have a brain and freewil, so use both and be a man, no a rap punk ass!!!!!!!!!!

  • marc

    stupid motherfucker

  • Jesus Fan

    I think dude decided that the only way he was going to escape drugs was to go to prison….All he needed was deliverance.

  • Mestizo

    this situation reminds me of the movie “the machinist” somehow. that dude hit a lil boy with his car and killed him. he couldnt sleep andeat for years. killing somebody will hunt you sooner or later. you cant block something like that out of your mind. g dep made a big mistake and now he will pay the price.

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  • LuvlyRose

    I’m 28 and I’ve done plenty of phucked up, immoral, criminal things in my day. Some of the things I’ve done I wish I could take back, it does eat at my conscience every now and then. But OMFG… I would never EVER turn myself in to the pigs. G-Dep is an idiot. He should be making more albums, not rotting in prison. Sometimes you gotta rob somebody, and sometimes you gotta shoot somebody. You do it, cover your tracks, and forget it like it never happened. Some hardcore thug rapper G-Dep turned out to be. Phuckin wanksta!!!