E-40 & Too Short Prep Collabo Album, The History Channel

West Coast legends E-40 and Too Short have been making records together for years, but the two have finally decided to work together on an entire album. XXLMag.com recently spoke to 40 Water to find out the details on the disc.

“We’ve been pretty successful every time we do a song,” the Ambassador of the Bay Area told XXL. “So we been trying to do it. We both off of Jive records. He’s free and clear; I’m free and clear. No disrespect to Jive, we got love for them, [but]we wanted to do it years ago. For some strange reason they didn’t want to do it. We never could figure it out, but now we’re ready.”

“Me and Short, that’s my rapping partner,” he continued. “We really friends. That’s my dude. We got a lot of respect for each other. He was before me, and I pay homage to him. A lot of new artists don’t pay homage to people before them, but I do.”

40 told XXL that the LP, titled The History Channel, will be coming out in the summer time, through Sick Wid It/Up All Night/EMI Records. —Jesse Gissen

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  • Q461

    Thats whats up 2 Bay Area pioneers puttin it down…you young niggaz respect the architects!

    *Turns Rapper’s Ball way the fuck up.*…..

  • LEEK

    Very monumental, what he said about Jive says alot about the direction they are taking with black artist. I hope and pray Mystikal get a fair shake when it’s time for LP to drop.

  • Mutada Al Sader The King

    Jive records is one of the very few labels that supported bay area artists on a national level. Case and point, I bought my first E-40 album “The Mail Man” on vacation at my cousins in Erie PA, at a small mall in like 94.

    This album should be dope, it will have the alltime record for using the word “bitch” beee-atch, batch etc the most on a hip hop album LOL Good shit

  • No Name

    I’m not huge fan of either, but I respect the hell outta their contributions to the game. I approve.

  • http://www.youtube.com/amsamuel DownSouth

    This is exciting. I gotta cop this one.