Dr. Dre: “I’ve Actually had Tests on my Body, & the Doctor Said I’m 31”

By now you’ve probably watched Dr. Dre’s new video with Snoop Dogg and Akon for Detox’s lead single, “Kush” and noticed that the Doc is in good shape.

Well he’s in much better shape than you think. In our in-depth cover story with Dre, from the forthcoming Dec/Jan 2011 issue of XXL, the 45-year-old West Coast legend told our EIC, Vanessa Satten, that he might have to change his birth certificate due to his work in the gym. “I make sure that I take care of myself,” he said. “I feel like, now I feel much better—and actually look better, to me—than I did when I was in my early 20s or 30s. I’m definitely healthier now. That has a big part to do with it, just staying healthy. It definitely keeps your confidence up. I’ve actually had tests on my body, and the doctor said I’m 31. [Laughs] So I’m riding with that shit. [Laughs]”

For more from Dre be sure to pick up XXL’s Dec/Jan 2011 issue hitting newstands nationwide on Tuesday, December 14. —XXL Staff

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    Suge wasnt talkin smack for once,..DRE. is a weirdo…freak..close your mouth and make those beats..

  • zayzkidd

    Yeah, 31 in dogg years. DPG.

  • audio tech

    negro please

  • truth

    This nigga got cancer or aids and is taking the cocktail and lifting weights to cover it up. The face dont lie…. same with eminem, when you catch him without photoshop its clear that one side of his face is smaller than the other. Only a matter of time for most of these rappers that smoked blunts and did drugs and in Dre’s case fucked men and women without condoms for 10-15-20 years This nigga got like 12 Kids should have been his cross dressing ass instead of Easy-e.

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  • diz

    He was trying to be funny. It’s cool to be in shape, but no way in hell he looks 31! I’d assume the guy who told him that was as much of a doctor as he is. fukk outta here. lol

  • Spitta


  • Dead President

    dont go hate on dre fools. no this is xxl fault. this wat they gotta write about.? they trip on single comment dre made bout him hittin the gym.? …fuck outta here. guarantee that not all he said these sad fucks gotta make a scene bout it

  • Dead President

    EAZY – rest in piece

  • http://myownwebsite.com DaWestIsBack

    I swear man most of you niggas that comment be blown lil shit up Dre was just playing god dam relax bitches.. WESTCOAST BEST COAST 707 BAY AREA STAND UP YEEEEEE!

  • http://xxlmag sipho aka sam

    stay in gud shape dre

  • Jhon da Analyst


  • eddy

    why hate on dre u bitches dre i feel u locc keep doing ur thing keep grindin for that that paper